She feels a butterfly in her stomach;

B-Complex doesn't fix it - her heart aches when she thinks of him!

She experiences anxiety and breathing hard;

17-Sep-2007 (10 comments)
I just got off the phone. It has happened again! It's not new anymore and I am not surprised! She dumped him since she decided she doesn't want to share him with another woman! Tough decision though as she likes him very much!It seems like a trend these days: Iranian men have lost their place, they don't have the role of a provider anymore, they don't have the power of a family man. They have lost their place in the society! Iranian men are confused! Those with money have found a way out: polygamy - Iranian Style!>>>
01-Sep-2007 (8 comments)
Once again I met one of those Iranian women who couldn’t stop talking about all the difficult times she had with her ex-husband and how she suffered being married to an Iranian pig! I know there are lots of flaws with our men (and women, sorry ladies ;-)) but these type of women who live in western countries and came all the way by their ex-husbands’ support (and still living off the money they provided to them), should shut up! >>>