What do you think about Russia? (2)

What do you think about Russia? (2)
by Shifteh Ansari

You may remember that in October, I posted a blog, linking a RIA Novosti-Persian poll which asked Iranians about their perceptions of Russia's image.  The poll results are now available.  I thought you might find them interesting. 

Of the 1,882 people who have so far participated in the poll, only 110 or 5.8% say they have a good image of Russia.  Twenty nine people, or 1.5% have no opinion, and 1,743 or 92.6% say they have a bad image of Russia. 

Another poll done by the same website in August of this year, asking people whether they think Russia was involved in Iran's recent events had another set of shocking results.  Of the 3,559 people who took the poll, 3,133 or 88% believed that Russia was involved, with 335 or 9.4% believing Russia did not have a role and 91, 2.6%, saying that they couldn't give an exact opinion.

These days Iranians don't think too highly of Russia, that's for sure.  Is that something new?  I don't think so, but certainly the recent events and Russia's support of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and participation in further suppression of Iranian people through sales of surveillance and signal jamming technology to Iran, and providing "consulting" services on "crowd control" (read how to beat and arrest peaceful protesters), has not endeared Russians to Iranians.


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Ali9 Akbar

by pedro on

Thanks for spell checking my comment.

BTW, did you wanted to contribute any thing to the topic?  Don't let my misspellings stop you.

Ali9 Akbar

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by Ali9 Akbar on

Pedro   it is HURT  not heart    


Their sattelite jamming device is [hurting] people of Tehran and mainly pregnant women, infants and childrens. Shame on you Russia, putin and medveadoff. 


just FYI.... 

Maryam Hojjat

The Bastards! Very Appropiate!

by Maryam Hojjat on

Besides they have taken more than 600,000 Km of our land in the past.  They are no 1 enemy of IRAN & Iranians.  They are indeed BASTARDS like Mullahs!

Payandeh Iran &b Iranians


Disliking Russia, one thing many of us agree about!

by kharmagas on

Dislike/Disgust with Russia is one of the few things we all agree about. A drunken, corrupt to the root country.... specialized in extortion.


got to love them

by MRX1 on

just the way they exploit Iran by working on never ending nuclear powerplant (How much they got so far for this piece of junk with 1970's technology)  selling crapy planes, garbage technology, major "chapidan", influencing liberla idiots with their so called anti U.S and Anti imprealism policy while sucking you dry!  Like them or not, you got  to  give them credit for being smart!.


Russia is not wise

by Abarmard on

Russia has not shown any intelligence when it comes to decision making or running a political show. They are incompetent ruling system that can't decide their overall objective and their policies are based on how they feel that day.

The capability of Russia is much larger than what they have been able to leverage. The results of this poll, perhaps is correct to assume that most Iranians, and I go further, most people don't trust Russian policy makers. That is a huge negative when it comes to anything political.

All this translates to one major factor that the US government should be more concern about China and continue playing Russia by giviing them world class political status, in other words, pat them on the back and let them think that they matter.


Every country

by Cost-of-Progress on

looks out for its own interest as I have said many many times. The Russians sell Iran their junk airplanes because some two bid regime-backed douche bag is willing to buy them cheap and fly them to make money in Iran. People's welfare in countries like Iran is the last thing (if at all) anyone cares about. We need to blame ourselves first before blaming those who have no interest in our wellfare and prosperity.

Until we Iranians start caring about each other, until we put dignity and integrity in front of quick profits and gains, we will remain the way we are. This is independent of who's in charge and who's running the country.

Ever bought a car from an Iranian dealer (new or used)? It is an eye opening experience.





The Bastards.

by pedro on

Russians are somewhat retarded when it comes to world politics and manupilations, being and still are the Britains student in politics who seldem gets a good grade. Nevertheless their invovements in Irans politics goes back ways even before discovery of oil. I am so happy that many contries that were occupied by Russia are now independent and kicked their ass out of their land. I do not like Russians, they are cheap, stingy and oportunist, their products are big, bulky, worthless and its bloody hands are deep in the pockets of Mullahs in Iran. selling us all the junk air planes that are no longer permitted to fly to Europian and western airports due to safety concerns and age related wear and tear. Their sattelite jamming device is hearting people of Tehran and mainly pregnant women, infants and childrens. Shame on you Russia, putin and medveadoff.