We are all Majid

Shifteh Ansari
by Shifteh Ansari

Clip Description:  Majid Tavakoli, the prominent student leader at AKUT was arrested on December 7 (Students Day) after giving a courageous speech to a crowd of 1500 protesters at his school. He was severely beaten during his arrest and taken to jail, and is reported to be under pressure and subjected to torture.

Iran's state-sponsored media have allegedly reported that Tavakoli was disguised as a woman when he was detained and have widely published close-shots of Tavakoli wearing so-called women's clothing (as a means to undermine his courage and damage his reputation among his peers). Using women's clothing to demean Tavakoli is also an insult to all Iranian women who have bravely fought in the green movement and have struggled for equal rights in Iran for years.

Iranian students worldwide are reacting in outrage and while demanding the release of Majid Tavakoli, are asking the state media to put an end to this pattern of behavior. Iranian male bloggers have initiated a Campaign for men to wear women's clothing in support of Majid Tavakoli, as part of a greater movement reacting to the state's mistreatment of political prisoners and student activists.


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mostafa ghanbari

This is a wave of dignity

by mostafa ghanbari on


This a surge of dignity; this a wave coming from the ocean of wisdom and knowledge, kindled in the minds and hearts of our brave youths-those fabulous boys and girls of our great land.

I do homage to all those beautiful and young princes and princesses of my land who are going to shed light on our pale faces and make us proud and honoured once for good.

Dear Shifteh, this disgraced enemy will  be crashed  and wiped out by the amazingly wise and brave youths of our great land who have truly become aware of the magical power of thought and wisdom.

Majid and youths alike, are part of me, part of you; now we are a nation, united and assertive, with a clear quest. I respect Majids, I love the brave Majids of my land-with or without scarf. Our enemies are digging their own graves. Future is us.


Very Interesting :)

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Thank you for sharing!


bacheh irany


by bacheh irany on

grow the fuck up mr. SEPAH and mr. RAHBAR!!! you won't get anywhere with this bull shit....no one believes you!



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 Wow! Someone is so fast to make this video! Thank you sooo much for spreading the word!

Thank you!

Delaram Banafsheh (Yolanda)

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