Larijani brothers—three stooges set to destroy Iran


Larijani brothers—three stooges set to destroy Iran
by Shifteh Ansari

They’ve got a nice little family business going, haven’t they? Their business is death and destruction, deceit, and duplicity. The three brothers now sit on the top seats of the most prominent organizations representing the Islamic Republic of Iran, heading its Judiciary, its Parliament, and its outside face in charge of covering up IRI’s darkest times of oppression, suppression, and murder. Who are these lying morons? How did they get to their positions and how have they managed to keep so much crime all in the family?

Ali Larijani has served in high government positions all through the 31 year life of the Islamic Republic of Iran. A former member of Sepaah (IRGC), he has served as head of state broadcasting organization (IRIB) where he worked hand and glove with Saeed Emami to produce televised confessions and programs to tarnish the names and achievements of Iranian intellectuals; as Minister of Islamic Culture and Guidance; as Secretary of Supreme National Security Council, and such IRI’s chief envoy on the nuclear issue; Speaker of the Islamic Parliament; and has run for presidency in the past. He is the man under whose direction, the Iranian Parliament made a lukewarm attempt at fact finding about the crimes committed at Kahrizak Detention Center. Did the "Special" fact finding commission find any facts? Not really, except to report that Saeed Mortazavi was the one who had ordered the dispatch of detainees to Kahrizak but that allegations of rape and murder, as were reported by a Karroubi/Mousavi fact finding committee were unfounded. He also has the perpetual shame of inadvertently having left the mic open during a vote casting session just after he had shrugged off the Kahrizak fiasco, heard by all as he and his other colleagues were joking around about “becoming Kahrizaki” if there were objections to the voting results, meaning the objectors could be raped and murdered.

His brother Mohammad Javad Larijani, who has safeguarded his academic position at Tehran University, heading a research center, all through these years, has also served as a Member of the Islamic Parliament and more recently as Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs within the Judiciary. He is currently head of the Human Rights Council in the Judiciary and a top adviser to the Supreme Leader. His foot in mouth remarks have amused and saddened Iranians for years. When you listen to this man talk, it is very hard to find a reason to respect him. A hard-core fundamentalist and an extremely rude man, one of his recent remarks in which he called Barack Obama a Kaka Siah is, unfortunately, still fresh in our minds. He has made many other insensitive, inaccurate, and plain stupid remarks in the past, too. But his most recent comments at the United Nations Human Rights Council in which he lied through his teeth about IRI’s recent violations of human rights are probably the icing on the stale cake that makes up this particular stooge.

The third brother is probably the most ridiculous choice for filling one of the most important positions in Iran. His one and only “claim to fame” has been his membership in the Guardian Council, where he must have been a very good boy, following orders and directions of his more senior colleagues and the Supreme Leader himself in order to be noticed. The out of nowhere appointment of Sadegh Larijani as Head of Judiciary simply goes to show how desperate Khamenei and his gang were to appoint someone to the position who would have absolutely no education, smarts, or guts to muster even a modicum of independence and integrity. The hapless chap has become the signature machine of the thugs who are now ruling Iran, issuing death sentences and threats to unarmed dissidents who continue a nation’s centuries old quest for justice.

The three brothers in Iran’s most sensitive positions at a monumentally important time in Iranian contemporary history, do not encourage any kind of trust or optimism in anyone that IRI might be coming to its senses anytime soon or that there is any hope of avoiding a confrontation between IRI and Iranian people and IRI and the rest of the world. Whoever these three musketeers are and however they got into their positions, it is increasingly clear that they are determined to destroy Iran. Let’s hope the Iranian people gain momentum on them and avoid this travesty before it is too late.


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There are More of Them

by zakarazi on

Brothers 4 and 5: Bagher Larijani (the chancellor of Tehran University Medical School), Fazel Larijiani (Iran's cultural in Ottawa). Also, son of Ayatollah Motahhari, a member of parliament, is brother of Ali Larijani's wife. They are pushing him forward as the clan's replacement to Mousavi as opposition leader. There is another one whose name I forget. he is married to their sister and ran (or still does) the Majless Library. And there's their first cousin, Ahmad Tavakkoli. Most intriguing is that the constitution, I think, says that the president is supposed to be a native of Iran. All brothers as far as I know were born in Najaf.


good premise

by Golinedairani on

"چون ايران نباشد تن من مباد" Dear Shifte I did not have a second to read the article but the picture and the title is EXACT merci!! I will read it the second I have a moment


three stooges amidst thousands

by mahmoudg on

Our problem(s) are not these three alone.  They are a product and symptom of a broken, 30 year old (more like 1400 old) system.  There are thousands like them, just look at the annals of the judiciary, the presidency, the parliament, the rahbari office, etc.  This system produces feeble simple minds like them.  Islam is to blame for what has transpired on this Nation to produce monsters in the last 30 years.  Only a Western style jursisprudence would rid this Nation of these vermins. 

Azadeh Azad

Brothers from Hell

by Azadeh Azad on

Thank you, dear Shifteh, for this informative article. Keep up the good work.



This Larijani character was just on CNN

by Cost-of-Progress on

These people have no shame, really. Smog SOB.

He said that the people (demonstrators) are NOT being killed and those punished are breaking the "law".

Audacious does not even begin to describe these cockroaches.




Multiple Personality Disorder

Dear Shifteh Ansari,

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

No doubt that crime and punishment means a different thing in the Islamic Republic of Iran, but still for the Majlis Special Commitee Report to admit that crimes against detainees were committed is yet another crack in the wall that will eventually bring this regime down.

Thank you for all your hard work. 


extent of nepotism & inbreeding in the IRI elite

by MM on

Shifteh Jaan,

Revealing info below is from your references.  

To be short: 


Ali agha' list of achievements:

Ali Larijani is a son of Ayatollah Hashem Amoli, a brother of Sadegh Larijani (President of the Judicature), Mohammad Javad Larijani, Bagher Larijani (chancellor of Tehran University of Medical Sciences), and Fazel Larijani (Iran's cultural attachée in Ottawa). He is also the son-in-law of Ayatollah Morteza Motahhari, having married his daughter Farideh, and also a cousin of Ahmad Tavakkoli (Larijani's and Tavakkoli's mothers are sisters).


Haj Sadegh's impecable CV:

According to leading Iranian human rights defense lawyer[5] Mohammad Seifzadeh, the head of the Judicial System of Iran is required to be a Mojtahed with significant experience in the field. Larijani, however, was neither an experienced jurist nor a highly ranked cleric and carried the title of "Hojjat-ol Eslam" up to a few months before his appointment to the post.[6]

Mammad Agha:


Shifteh Ansari

ناراحتی محمدجواد لاریجانی از طرح جنایت‌های کهریزک

Shifteh Ansari

ناراحتی محمدجواد لاریجانی از طرح جنایت‌های کهریزک: مجلس در ماجرای کهریزک گول خورد
"لاریجانی با بیان اینکه مجلس هم در ماجرای کهریزک گول خورد خاطر نشان کرد وقتی آقای کاتوزیان در مجلس چندین بار از کهریزک صحبت کردند، من به ایشان زنگ زدم و گفتم چقدر این مسأله را عنوان می‌کنید، در حالی که خیانت‌های بزرگ بعد از انتحابات در حد خیانت بنی صدر بود، حال عده ای چشمان را می‌بندند و فقط می‌گویند کهریزک و امروز در کشور ما گروهی هستند که می‌گویند هیچ اتفاقی نیافتاده است و تنها اتفاقی که افتاده مسأله کهریزک است. این در حالی است که ما باید باهوش‌تر از این حرفا باشیم.
محمدجواد لاریجانی در حالی می‌کوشد فجایع و جنایات پس از انتخابات، به خصوص فاجعه انسانی کهریزک، را کم اهمیت جلوه بدهد و آن را نادیده بگیرد، که انتشار اطلاعات جدیدی درباره یکی از شهدای کهریزک که تا کنون نام او اعلام نشده بود ابهامات تازه ای را درباره شفافیت، صداقت و جدیت مجلس در پرداختن به این جنایت و پیگیری آن به وجود آورده است. به نظر می‌رسد برخی افراد در مجموعه نظام، هم‌چون محمدجواد لاریجانی، علاقه ای به پاک شدن دستان نظام جمهوری اسلامی از خون جوانان این مملکت و پاسخ‌گویی شفاف و صریح به مردم درباره جنایات پس از انتخابات ندارند، و از این رو می‌کوشند با ساختن داستان‌های دیگری نظیر "خیانت‌های بزرگ بعد از انتخابات" ماجرای "جنایت‌های بزرگ بعد از انتخابات" و فجایع و توحش‌های ایادی حکومت را به دست فراموشی بسپارند."

Shifteh Ansari

Thank you MPD

by Shifteh Ansari on

The fact remains that the Parliament has not done anything and is not planning on doing anything to push for punishment of anyone related to the Kahrizak tragedy.  Take a look at this:

Let me also post in another comment what Mohammad Javad Larijani has said about his attempts at silencing the Majles inquiry.  

Multiple Personality Disorder

گزارش کمیته ویژه مجلس

Multiple Personality Disorder

گزارش کمیته ویژه مجلس

«... در خصوص كشته شدن سه تن از بازداشت‌شدگان آنچه تاكنون قابل توجه است اينكه آنان با توجه به عوامل متعدد از جمله كمبود مكان، ضعف امور بهداشتي، تغذيه نامناسب، گرما، فقدان كولر و … و در نتيجه ضرب و شتم و بي‌توجهي ماموران و مسوولان بازداشتگاه به وضعيت جسمي آنان بوده و اساسا طرح مساله‌اي با عنوان مننژيت رد شده است.»

برای مرور کامل گزارش کمیته ویژه مجلس به اینجا مراجعه کنید


Shiftehy nazanin: Don't

by vildemose on

Shiftehy nazanin: Don't worry. You are the best. Love you..

Shifteh Ansari

Vildemose Jan

by Shifteh Ansari on

LOL!  Did I sound too serious?!  You and I agree on many things and I really respect your opinions.  Sorry if I sounded too abrupt!  I guess the seriousness that made me write this piece is still with me.  I want these criminals tried and punished for what they have done to Iran.  I don't believe in capital punishment, so i look forward to the day that these morons have to sit in a corner and watch Iran thrive and do a whole lot better without them.  Here's to that day!


Shifteh jan: It was just an

by vildemose on

Shifteh jan: It was just an innocent question. I agree with the rest of your sentiment.

Shifteh Ansari


by Shifteh Ansari on

Hi!  Yes, they were all born in Najaf, Iraq.  But that doesn't necessarily make them Iraqis.  

Why do we need to make them Iraqis or non-Iranians to see how deliberately negligent they have been in helping to bring so much darkness and danger over Iran?

They are traitors to Iran and humanity and as with all their colleagues and affiliates, we must take the bitter truth on the chin that all of them, unfortunately, are Iranians.


Are they Iranian or Iraqi?

by vildemose on

Are they Iranian or Iraqi?


No analogy is too inane for the phony "Sargord"

by AMIR1973 on

Mark Pirooz,

The Bushes and Kennedys (neither of whom I am a fan of) were politicians in a democratic republic, not functionaries of a murderous theocracy run by a clerical Leader who is not popularly elected. But then again, an ignoramus IRI cyber groupie living in Ohio and who doesn't speak Persian can always be counted on to vomit up such gibberish (or as we say in Persian, "darivari" or "chert-o-pert"). Isn't it so, Mark?

Sargord Pirouz

The Larijani brothers are

by Sargord Pirouz on

The Larijani brothers are kind of like the Kennedys. Only a Larijani has not reached the Iranian presidency.

And unlike the Bushs, there have been no father and son Larijani presidents.

(Was someone here complaining of nepotism?)


excellent Shifteh- I hear there are more of these brothers clan!

by MM on

Nepotism, corruption and terror run deep in the divine cesspool



by benross on

As always.

Shifteh Ansari

Cartoon by Nikahang Kowsar

by Shifteh Ansari on