Iran's Four Faati Palins


Iran's Four Faati Palins
by Shifteh Ansari

Three sorry excuses for women (make that human beings) were nominated by Fake President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for ministerial positions in his cabinet.  Two of them were so bad, the Iranian Parliament could not approve them.  Considering they had received instructions from the Supreme Murderer to approve the lot of the thieves, liars, plagiarists, criminals, and the inept, this was no small event.  All of these women are Faati Kommandos with histories of suggesting asinine plans for gender segregation in public places, more intensive shoving down of Islam down Iranian people’s throats through appalling legislation, and intimidating and harassing other women in their Basiji capacities.  The lastest Faati Kommando on the horizion is Fatemeh Alia who is said to be the new nominee for the Minister of Education position.  Alia is a known supporter and advocate of polygamy in Iran.

I am sick and tired of listening to stupid American reporters expressing “surprise” and being “impressed” by the “women nominations" and Dastjerdi’s eventual appointment to a Ministerial position in Iran, albeit the first since the revolution.  These folks know nothing about Iran and they know even less about Iranian women.  Iranian women inside Iran are humiliated and disgusted with these four women as they are with the rest of Sepaahi, Basiji, and Ahmadinejad clan.  Dastjerdi has been a disgrace to Iranian women for years in all capacities in which she has worked.  She is going to a job for which she is not qualified and that makes nobody proud, just like Sarah Palin’s Vice Presidential candidacy didn’t make most women worth their salt happy. 

To bring these worthless women forward as the first women nominees to ministerial positions was a cruel and calculated insult to the women’s movement in Iran; a movement which has fought for gender equality, integration, and human rights for three decades.  Just as Shadi Sadr is being imprisoned and harassed for her role in legal defense of women’s rights and Shirin Ebadi is being labeled as a traitor for defending the defenseless prisoners of conscience in Iran, Fake President Ahmadinejad chose to suggest four of the least respected and qualified Hezbollahi women to his cabinet.

Alas, the joke is on Ahmadinejad and his supporters.  A decent, qualified woman would have had no place in a cabinet of crooks, cheats, and murderers.  What he has managed to get approved as his cabinet are excellent matches of ineptitude and incompetence, collectively ill-equipped and poised for the even worse disaster that his second term in office will be.  They all deserve each other.  Iranian people should just stand back and let this army of ghouls and goblins make international spectacles of themselves, following the tradition of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his master, the merciless and murderer Ali Khamenei.  Bon voyage to hell!


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Dear Shifteh

by Abarmard on

I agree with you. These women are dictatorial and similar to many other pro government ministers, anti (woman) Rights. I listen to their speeches at Majlis and was not impressed. If they were woman, and pro women then it would be another story. In this case, they are extremist men with hejab.



by timothyfloyd on



Ms. Ansari

by capt_ayhab on

Love your analogy[Fati Palin] a classic to say the least and so true.

Thanks for the blog


Anahid Hojjati

Calling these women "Faati Palin" is hilarious

by Anahid Hojjati on

Dear Shifteh, Thanks for your article.  Whoever came up with "Faati Palin" did good.  This is hilarious.  You also have a good point.  Women ministers who might implement worse policies than a man are nothing to be proud of.