IranAir's Art

IranAir's Art
by Shifteh Ansari

Writing on an IranAir poster: Our Art Is Flying With Tied Wings

I am heartsick for the new tragedy that led to another set of lost lives aboard another Iranian airplane.

I assume the above poster was designed to demonstrate IranAir's resolve to fly despite sanctions which have kept Iran from being able to buy parts to maintain its commercial aviation fleet.

Do you see the arrogance in this poster? Can you read the complete and utter lack of regard for human life in that slogan? Why can't IranAir's art be telling the Iranian people the truth about the dilapidated state of the old and aging airplanes in IranAir's fleet? Why insist on flying airplanes which keep crashing? Sanctions against Iran are not limited to recent years and around its nuclear program.  Why can't the Islamic Republic of Iran's "art" be figuring out a way to live peacefully among the rest of the countries of the world, where it does not have to be sanctioned for 30+ years, endangering the lives of its innocent citizens in numerous ways?



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Shifteh Ansari

Thanks all!

by Shifteh Ansari on

Thank you all for the lively discussion.

Sargord, there have been quite a number of airplane crashes in Iran over the past 30 years.  If you check under "IranAir Tours," you would definitely see more than one IranAir flight that has crashed during that time.  Even though it may appear that Iran has privately-owned airlines, such as Asseman Airlines or Mahan Airlines, indeed those airlines, too, are owned by government authorities directly or by proxy. 

The Iranian government has overall responsibility for providing both airplane safety, and the regulations which govern air travel.  They should stop air travel, and instead of boasting "flying with tied wings" to spite those who placed sanctions on Iran, they should explain to Iranian people why they have not been able to act in a peaceful way towards the rest of the world for the past 30 years so that they could buy anything they need/want in order to provide the best possible resources and services to the Iranian people.



انا لله و انا الیه راجعون


انا لله و انا الیه راجعون، همانا بازگشت همه به سوی اوست، ... هواپیمایی‌ ملی‌ ایران در خدمت شماست.



Anahid Hojjati

Dear Shifteh, Thanks. Your blog gave me idea for a blog about

by Anahid Hojjati on

what if people see more and more of these kind of idiotic sayings in Iran. I wrote a blog about this with the following link;


Shifteh jan, thanks for giving me the idea and also thanks for all your writing about important news in Iran.


I thought IRI could  build

by vildemose on

I thought IRI could  build spae satellites, submarines, precision-guided missiles, airplanes,nuclear plants, automobiles, engines, flying boats, refinaries, etc.? Why not build spare part?

Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

The good news is that with the current rate of regress

by Everybody Loves Somebody ... on

IRR is making in a not very distant future (10 to 20 years) Iran will have to retire all of its air transportation fleet due to old age, structure fatigue, obsolete technology, etc. And since, the West is not going to sell the mullahs new planes for the right reason I predict that Iranians will have to resort to ancient forms of transportation (e.g., shotor, khar, and mule!) Not bad for for one of the oldest civilizations on the planet Earth!



The "Art" of Hezbollahis

by Fair on

and other terrorists is to hide behind the skirts of innocent civilians, let them become victims, and then declare "victory" after their demise.  This mentality is obvious at every level, including unfortunately this latest crash.

A professional and well managed civil aviation authority would put safety first, if a plane and the conditions are not safe FOR WHATEVER REASON- sanctions, weather, both- the flight should not occur.

Stateless terrorists, what can I say.


Hey, dont complain, "it's God's will"

by Fesenjoon on

They actually said it: read for yourself.


با بالهای بسته پرواز کردن، هنر ایران عیر(*) است؛


یاوه گویی و بدون منطق استدلال کردن، هنر سرگرد پی, پی, پیروز, است


(*) عیر. [ ع َ ] (ع مص ) رها شدن و رفتن اسب و سگ این سوی و آن سوی، ویا سرگردان شدن آنها آنچنانکه چیزی آنها را بازنگرداند

hamsade ghadimi

anahid, thank you for

by hamsade ghadimi on

anahid, thank you for bringing up the sanctions of airplane parts in a cogent manner. 

i believe that a responsible aviation professional would not allow an airplane to fly based on its unsafe condition, and would not alter his standards based on whether there are sanctions (of airplane parts) or not.  therefore, the sanctions argument is indeed a red herring.

if we were to believe that the sanctions of airplane parts have an affect on domestic aviation in iran, then we should see more planes grounded, we should not see stupid posters as displayed in this blog by shifteh, and we should observe an increase in travel by cars and buses.  but then again, iran leads the world in accidents by cars and buses (per capita).  could that also be caused by the "outsiders?"  is there a sanction on car parts or is it a total disregard of human life in iran by the gov't and its regulatory agencies?  you be the judge.

Anahid Hojjati

Regarding Avionics, sanctioned plane parts...

by Anahid Hojjati on

I worked in late 80s and early 90s as an Avionics engineer. I do not want to write elaborate comment about cause of this crash since the inquiry team to look into accident has just been formerd. But there are several points to consider:

Flying an airplane in bad weather and landing in snow is not the easiest thing to do even under best circumstances and when you have an airline run by IRI and attempting to fly airplanes that you are under sanctions to buy parts for,  this is really predictable that results will not be great.

Also as sad that i am that these crashes happen, I can understand US logic in having airplane parts subject to sanctions. These commercial parts or at least technology related to them can be used in military planes. US does not have good relationship with Iranian government so they have no interest to help Iranian military by giving them access to these parts. I also want to make a point that when I worked as an Avionics engineer, once I had a discussion about Avionics with my friend's father who had worked as Avionics Engineer in IranAir during Shah's time. His knowledge of Avionics was second to none in my opinion. I hope a day comes that we see better news from IranAir.


Framarz jaan, priceless

by Bavafa on

SP: the question is if you can read any thing? For crying out loud will you try to learn a bit before putting pen to paper?

I would hate to second guess the pilot's ability or the actual condition on the ground but those reports you have put does not indicate a horrific condition for an instrument approach, specially for an airliner.

I am only an armature pilot and still would not have much concern about flying an approach with those condition, and in fact have flown many with much lower ceiling.

There are many question/reason and I would not want to speculate at all about the cause.



مردم بیگناه را کشتن جنایت ماست


تقصیر دیگران انداختن حکایت ماست

هواپیمای فرسوده را پروندن حماقت ماست

از درخت چنار آویختن لیاقت ماست

و یاوه گویی روزانه عادت ماست (مقصود سرگرد پی زور است!)  

hamsade ghadimi

با کلهٔ پوک

hamsade ghadimi

با کلهٔ پوک استدلال کردن هنر سرگرد است.

Sargord Pirouz

You guys apparently can't

by Sargord Pirouz on

You guys apparently can't read English. I wrote this is the first fatal accident for Iran Air since 1980.

And, this accident appears to be due to pilot error. Bavafa, you can read airport flying condition reports:

OITR 091800Z 29004KT 0500 +SN SCT015 SCT020 OVC060 00/00 Q1016

OITR 091750Z 29004KT 0500 +SN SCT015 SCT020 OVC060 00/00 Q1016

OITR 091700Z 33004KT 0600 +SN SCT015 SCT020 OVC060 00/00 Q1016

OITR 091650Z 33004KT 0600 +SN SCT015 SCT020 OVC060 00/00 Q1016

OITR 091600Z 26004KT 0800 SN SCT015 SCT020 OVC060 00/00 Q1016

OITR 091550Z 26004KT 0800 SN SCT015 SCT020 OVC060 00/00 Q1016

OITR 091500Z 24006KT 0800 +SN SCT015 SCT020 OVC060 00/00 Q1015



OITR 090500Z 0906/1012 20004MPS 2000 SN BR BKN020 OVC090 

TEMPO 0906/0921 27006MPS 0800 SN BR FEW030CB SCT035 OVC080 

BECMG 0918/0920 2000 BR BKN010 

BECMG 1006/1008 6000 FEW035 SCT100

Would you have flown under such conditions? I think not. 


Iran has the worst record in avaiation safety

by mahmoudg on

In the Iran of dictatorship, the lines between Iran air, and other Mullah-run airlines are blur to non-existant.  It does no good to exonorate Iran from having the worst aviation safety record.  we are at the bottom of the pile and no one else is to blame but the regime who thinks it can send man to the moon, but does not have the knowledge, manpower, or parts to keep its National airlines afloat.  As i have said many times,  when I worked at Boeing, the company did get many calls and attempts by the engineers at Iran Air, begging them to send parts.  So the US knows Iran is in dire straits and with heavy sanctions and a bit of strategic bombardment(s), this regime will fall.

Kamran Ramyar

Khak to saretoon!

by Kamran Ramyar on

Recently heard a speech by Ayatolah Jannati - same asshole who used to kiss Farah's hand while on payroll of the imperial court - lauding Islamic Rep. of Iran in its self sufficiency and tremendous progress she has made in various technologies......"WE ARE ON THE VERGE OF SENDING ASTRONAUTS INTO SPACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????"  I tell you what....First chance I get I am going to put both Jannati and his co-conspirator Khamenei on an old/ dilapidated Iran Air plane, strap their balls to the seats and send them flying!!   You have a problem with that Sargord????!!!!!!




Total disregard for human life

by Cost-of-Progress on

is the hallmark of this anti iranian regime. And now, the apologsist are trying to blame everything on sanctions. Sure, they have an impact, but it is the regime's choice to operate these pieces-of-hardly-flying junk.  

How is it that the sanctions have not affected regimes unending apetite for weaponry?

Who do the apologists think they are kidding?





You are barking at the wrong tree

by Bavafa on

There is no question about IRI incompetence, mismanagement and lack of respect for human life. But one can not go and blame every thing squarely first and foremost on IRI and turn the blind eye on the other side.

The fact of matters remains there has been a sanction on airplane parts and newer aircraft technologies and those are definitely a contributing factor in the increased airline accidents in Iran. Now if you are suggesting that all the sanctions are justified and IRI should just submit to the will of the West, then that is a different story and one in which I don't agree with. I am not defending IRI by the slightest bit but I think the West wants Iran submission irregardless of IRI or not and that I am not just ready to throw in the towel.

I believe this is the case that all would be just itching to condemn such sanction and polices towards another nation if it were not IRI or worse if it was implemented by IRI and that is a shame. This collective punishment is a form of war crime and need to be condemned by all.



koshtan-e mardom honar-e shomaast!

by Fesenjoon on

Still flying Boeing 727s that were made in the Carter era? Arent they supposedly "self sufficient" in producing light to midsize passenger aircraft?

Sanctions my ass. They could buy aircraft from China, their beloved economic icon. Why dont they? Oh, wait! Theyre too busy buying anti-riot gear from Dalian Eagle Industries in China. Never mind. 

And why is it that Russian planes in Russia dont have such dismal record as that in Iran?

Could it be that IRI is simply BEE ORZEH, relying on salam salavaat and Imam Zamaan insurance, instead of logic and technology?

Could it be that Iranian authorities are more concerned with saraan-e fetneh and Holocaust and Marg bar Amrikaa than with the safety of their own people?

Please, the "sanctions" kos-sher is waaaaaaay outdated. Nobody buys that bahaaneh anymore.


In sum:

by Hajminator on

1 crash in 30 years from 1950-1980

And 26 crashes under Mullah's reign in 30 years (doesn't counting the shot down by US missiles on 3 July 1988), merely 1 per year!

That's a good comparison between the inefficiency of this regime and the late Shah's one.


Wrong sargord


much more iranair accidents before today: //

Sargord Pirouz

Look, it's a sad thing. But

by Sargord Pirouz on

Look, it's a sad thing. But it was IranAir's first fatal accident since 1980. (Not counting the deliberate USN shootdown of IR655.)

Preliminary guesses are pointing to pilot error, not maintenance.

It's always the same with you, Shifteh, isn't it: ditzin' the old country whenever you can. We get it. you don't like Iran. Our young people here used to feel the same way about America back in the 60s and 70s. It was a shame back then to see that happening, and it's a shame today.