The Case for Assassination

The Case for Assassination
by Shazde Asdola Mirza

Would you have assassinated Adolf Hitler in 1938, if you could? There was a movie made on that subject, which I am sure D.K. can find in a jiffy! Could you have the heart to blow up his plane on-route from Africa, before he could start WWII and kill 60 million people? Our home-made Hitler is currently visiting Zimbabwe, but do you know why?

Zim is a country at the edge of famine … Iran imports half its foodstuff. Zim doesn’t have a viable petroleum industry … Iran imports half its gasoline. Zim currency isn’t worth the paper it is printed on … Iran is on route to the same fate. So why the hell is Ahmadi visiting Zim? … U know!

Ah, Uranium, that mysterious heavy element which can be turned into the most powerful of bombs … the magic lamp of terrorists … the life saver for mullahs. Zim is full of that delicious yellow cake, and Ahmadi is just salivating to have a bite.

Now imagine that you are Barak Hussein Obama, playing hoops with a couple of your administration buddies in the White House backyard, when a top secret page arrives and dismounts from his horse, kisses the ground and hands you a rolled up parchment with the latest news on IRI … titled “I love U – U loves me”.

Would you have picked up the red phone and called the air force chief saying, “god damn it, get on one of them jet fighters, track that turban loving terrorist, and put two into his fucking airplane”? Would you? Should you? Could you?

I am not sure if I would’ve, could’ve, should’ve … but it sure sounds tempting! What would Jesus do? I know whom Mohammad would do, but that’s illegal here!


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Mardom Mazloom

Having Nuclear power at any COST

by Mardom Mazloom on

even at the one of all lifes living in Iran, except Mullahs and some rental passdars, is beyond my understanding. Mullahs' ammameh and hairy face are already a deterrent weapon to keep any human being far from them, it's no use to have any nuclear stuff for these clowns!

Moreover a hairy shepeshus face + one ammameh will never be under any human made sanctions. Don't catch why they don't confine on that freely available powerful weapon?


OnlyIran aptly writes:

by Spear on

"I am not a "citizen of the world".  I am an Iranian.  I would put the interests--and lives--of Iranian people over any other nation--any day of the week.   Unlike you, I am not some ideological gypsy who wants to use Iran and its people as some sort of a laboratory for your "anti-imperialist" ideas.  I have loyalty and love for one country and one people: Iran and Iranians."

If every Iranian thought this way, we wouldn't be so F'd up as a nation!

IRI represents political Islam, not Iran


Craven "Parsi"

by Spear on

You're so polluted with IRI propaganda! How do you live with yourself, knowing you support a regime that rapes and murders its own citizens? And how does it help the security of Iran and Iranians if there's a race for nuclear prolification in that region? Just as Pakistan got its nukes after India got hers, every freaking Arab country in that region will start their own nuclear program once the IRI gets its hands on nukes!

This is a natural course of events, and it will happen! How would that benefit Iran and its people if Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Iraq have nukes at their disposal? Maybe even Turkey? There's always a madman on the horizon in the middle-east. Would we want a future Saddam Hussein to have his hands on nukes? In the summer of 1982, when brave Iranian soldiers were successfully repelling Saddam's invasion and delivering serious blows to Iraq, do you think Saddam Hussein would've hesitated to use nukes against Iran if he had them? He used chemical weapons, why not nukes?

Again, do we want to live in a neighborhood that is armed to the teeth with nukes, all around us? Is that in the interest of Iran and Iranians? Or is it just in the interest of the IRI to have nukes, which is your agenda?

You're a cowardly sort and a traitor to the Iranian nation! You're probably not even Iranian! Just so you know, IRI does NOT represent the interest of Iran and Iranians! It never has, and it never will! It only serves its own twisted purposes, period! 

IRI represents political Islam, not Iran


Thanks benross

by Onlyiran on

I was going to respond to Ms. Parsi, but noticed that you did a wonderful job on rebutting her.  You are very correct in that her position goes even beyond IRI's stated policy.  And "deterrence"?!!!  Was that a Freudian Slip?  Now we know their real intention. :-))))

I would put her in the second category that I have set forth in my blog:



PS/ Ms. Parsi: I am not a "citizen of the world".  I am an Iranian.  I would put the interests--and lives--of Iranian people over any other nation--any day of the week.   Unlike you, I am not some stateless ideological gypsy who wants to use Iran and its people as some sort of a laboratory for your "anti-imperialist" ideas.  I have loyalty and love for one country and one people: Iran and Iranians.  That's my selective humanity--and that's the real "deterrence": Iranians who defend Iranian interests over any other.  Not some dubious nuclear program that is pushing our nation into another destructive war.



I can't pass on this

by benross on

I can't pass on this B.S.

First of all, the official position of IRI is that the nuclear project in Iran is all for peaceful purpose. Where did you base your argument, about the 'deterrence'?

Secondly, how do you see opposition develop in N. Korea? Is that what you promise the opposition to IRI? Even IRI doesn't do that.

Thirdly, what is your basis for the need to deterrence? Israel was a friend of Iran, and if it was not for IRI, 30 years later, we could have a total elimination of nuclear weapons for the entire region AND a sustainable peace settlement. Your basis for this need, can only be for the survival of IRI forever. Gee even IRI is not going as far as you do! I control myself from using words you so rightly deserve. But I couldn't pass on this one.

Niloufar Parsi


by Niloufar Parsi on

actually it is you who is showing 'selective humanity'. on top of that, you don't care much for the security of iranians. nuclear capability provides a stronger national deterrent to outside forces and brings greater security to iran while it has zero impact on the effectiveness of national political opposition to the regime. an opposition that actually aims to weaken iran against warmongers like israel is no opposition at all. it is just a sell-out.

maziar 58

KERESHME .......

by maziar 58 on

I'm all for : enegy/ haste-ee/ hagh- e/ mossallamme/ mast.


NOT FOR THE I.R. R.(islamic rapist republic)             Maziar


Niloufar Parsi's selective humanity shining through...AGAIN

by Onlyiran on

Here she says:

or are you actually against iran becoming a nuclear power? what on earth would justify wanting your country to not get stronger? is iran slaughtering people all over the middle east or is it the americans, israelis and wahhabi extremists? and who is threatening to attack whom right now?

Actually, Ms. Parsi, IRI IS "slaughtering" people who live in Middle East.  They're just not the type of people who have any "value" to you and your ilk.  That's because they are not Palestinians or Iraqis or Afghanis.  They are plain old "vanilla" know, the second class citizens of the Middle East...the ones who are allowed, and in fact, are required, to be raped, shot on the streets, imprisoned without charge for months and years and tortured.  

So, yes, let the IRI have nukes and more "power"...just like that it can abuse Iranians even more.  But, hey, may be the Palestinians would get something out of it. 

God, the audacity of you apologists never ceases to amaze me!!!!



VPK - this select group even plans a coup d'eta againt their own

by MM on

See my last news posting on:

اعتراف دو شیخ کودتاچی

کودتا کردیم، چون اختیارات رهبر در خطر بود: احمد جنتی و محمد یزدی



Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

Bugsy, thanks for the clarification!

by Everybody Loves Somebody ... on

Assassination, no! But, maybe taking down the plane with Khomeini, his advisers and entourage, and foreign reporters such as Peter Jennings would have sent a strong signal to the conspirators that the then government/Army of Iran wouldn't take s**t from them!? Of course, this is one of those ifs that if my aunt didn't have boobs she would be my uncle!?


It was Khosrowdad

by Bugsy on

Assassination didn't save Marcos.

Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

Was it General Rabii or Khosrowdad

by Everybody Loves Somebody ... on

who suggested taking down the Air France flight that was carrying that monster of all times, Khomeini, over the Iranian air space in 1979?

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

MM jan

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


you are absolutely right. This is a very good observation that many people miss. The power in Iran is not in one person's hand. In some ways this makes it more resilient. On the other hand if they start major in fighting it would seriously weaken the regime.


The real problem is not AhmadiNejad

by MM on

The real problem is not even Khamenei.  Khamanei was promoted, from a shaikh (hojjatol-eslam), to be the Velaayat-e Faghih and an Ayatollah based on an opinion of a group of power-brokers deep in the bowels of IRI, left over from a deeper group of ideologs that broke off later in the revolution.

You can find these people in various this and that councils in Iran.

PS, Most of these people are related thru intermarriages.


it is so stupid

by ahmad_ on

to print the comments in a reverse order. Newspapers such as Guardian, Independent and others start pasting the comments as they arrive. First one goes on top and the rest will follow.

How do you read your diary? Last day first? or first day first?

Here, in order to follow how comments have shaped up , one has to start from the end and come up to the latest comment.

It does not make sense at all.


joking aside, i agree

by humanbeing on

joking aside, i agree with vpk. it is not a real way out of this terrible situation, and will definitely create new unforseen problems.

i wish the iranian people freedom, unity and success.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Ali P is right

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


is right. AN is replacable and there is no point doing anything to him. Real power as we all know is in the hands of Khamenei and likely the military. So they just get another figurehead. Without fundamental change removing AN will not make any difference. In addition assassination is murder and no one should be murdered. People including AN deserve a trial and a chance to go through the legal process. There are many criminal leaders in the world and AN is hardly alone.



better yet, dk

by humanbeing on

better yet, if we're fantasizing, what about strapping ahmi to a chair and taking him through yad vashem holocaust memorial museum in jerusalem, with his eyes and ears open like in 'the clockwork orange'? there's a danger he'd enjoy the s/m.

Darius Kadivar

Operation Valkyrie was a Failure Vs Eicheman Kidnaping a Success

by Darius Kadivar on

Starring Tom Cruise, Kenneth Branagh, Bill Nighy & Eddie Izzard:


Besides It would turn Ahmadinejad into a Martyr and he is very easily replaceable ...

Personally I would suggest Kidnapping ...

We could then deliver the bastard to the La Hague Tribunal for War Crimes But only after seeing him raped by one of the Irish Bishop Child Molesters. I am sure Mahmoud would appreciate some S&M Sex before his Humiliating Trial ...  

In the hay days of the Mossad that is what they did successfully ( I mean Kidnapping ) with the Nazi Criminal Eicheman:


But that was before this espionage organization much praised for it's efficiency and professionalism became an incompetent one to be caught red handed on several secret operations as recently for using British Passports in off shore assassination operations :

U.K. Links Israel To Dubai Killing

So unless one is sure it would work ... I am afraid any of the two above suggestions are unrealistic ...

Too bad for the S&M Sex ... I would have loved to film it for Youtube ... LOL

Maybe I could even hire the Leverettes for some Doggy Style Sex Stunts ...

Hee Hee



by fozolie on

That is an Iranian failing and romanticism to think that a single act could fix things, or a saviour can be found who can provide leadership to fix things....

I wish Ahmadi and who is behind him as well as the Melli Mazhabi architects of IRI a long life so one day they can atone for their crimes.

Mr. Fozolie

Ali P.

Ahmadinejad is not the problem

by Ali P. on

"Ahmadinejad school of thought" is, I submit.


A very good point

by Raoul1955 on

Taking 'pre-emptive defensive action' against those opposed to personal liberty and freedom takes courage...

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

you don't kill the people you need in political theater

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

you're so amateur. Hahaha. Ahmadinejad is a dream come true for American politicians. They can deflect all their mischief (lol.... being kind here) on Ahmadinejad while they loot the country via Goldman and Monsanto (who is also dying to bring GMO and other chemicals into Iran)....... I can't wait for GMO ghorme sabzi!

Why is Bin Laden still "alive"? Well you can go ask Northrup Grumman that! See what they ask ya. Until then, USA citizens, PAY UP for these fun war games and defense contracts. 

Niloufar Parsi


by Niloufar Parsi on

this is just weird! you are saying it is fine to assassinate someone because they went shopping for a legally traded good? uranium is traded all over the world. or are you actually against iran becoming a nuclear power? what on earth would justify wanting your country to not get stronger? is iran slaughtering people all over the middle east or is it the americans, israelis and wahhabi extremists? and who is threatening to attack whom right now? why promote war in this way sam? assassinations lead to war too, e.g. WWI. israelis, palestinians and lebanese are on the brink of war right now. you want to bring iran into it directly?