Vehicle Of "Transcendence" - My "Faith"

by Shaer

As The Butterflies Fly, Amid Forests and Meadows ..
Refreshing The Air, With Wonders and Excitement ..

The Brevity Of The Moment, Alas Too Quick To Pass ..
The Wonder Of Eternity, Evident For All to See ..

The Glory Of Creation, Its Pattern Not Yet Known ..
Its Moment Of Conception, Known To All ..

All There Is, There Was, and There Will Be ..
Consummated To this Place, All within ..

All Secrets Yet To Be Had, Known, Or Revealed ..
Converged From Eternity, To My Core ..

Come My Brother, Immerse Yourself In Your "Faith" ..
Yet Not That "Immersed", To Miss The "Divine" ..

My Faith, My Love, My Very Being ..
Yet Not Important, Than The Divine ..

As Though Eternity was A Moment, Passions Erupt ..
Come My Faith, You Are But A Vehicle ..

I Don't want To Become My Faith, But The Divine ..
Come My Faith, Let Me Use You To Get There ..

You Are My Faith, No More ..
Divine Is My Destination, No Less ..

Faith Is Your Vehicle, Not Your Destination ..
Divine Is Your Destination, By And By ..

As The Fires Of Heaven, Open My Eyes ..
Burning With Revelation, Passion At Hand ..

Come My Brother, Let's saddle Up for Eternity ..
Our Faith Is waiting, Divinity At hand ..

All that I Am, I Was, And I Will Be ..
Rolled In To My Faith, Heading For Divinity ..

Don't Hesitate, Saddle Up, Come With Me ..
Our Path Clear, Our strength Renewed ..

Come My Brother ..
"Let's" ..

"Saddle Up" ..
"For" ..

"Divinity" ..

Our "Faith" ..
"Is" ..

"Waiting" ..

Copyright ©2008 Shae'r


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Vehicle is Knowlege

by IAm (not verified) on

Transcendental experience is to experience Gods Divine Love, which is being at His Presence. If a faith provides for its followers to have that experience and feel closer to God, then they become more loving and they not only love God in rational ways but also they realize their love for their fellow human being and also learn to love themselves and love EXISTACNE as Gods creation.


This Poem Was Inspired

by Shaer on

.. By All the "Discussions"  That Took Place Within the Past 24 hours At "Mona 19"'s Last Blog On The Iranian Bahai'i School Children:


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