Delara's execution is postponed

Delara's execution is postponed
by SCE Campaign

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According to Committee of Human Rights Reporters of Iran, Delara Darabi's attorney, Abdolsamad Khoramshahi has confirmed that "Due to refusal of the victim's family to attend the execution by hanging and because the laws (of Islamic Republic of Iran) requires that the verdict can only be excercised in the presence of the family, for now the execution has been postponed. However the victim family have not changed their demand for execution"

It has been a long, emotional and exhausting weekend for SCE volunteers, supporters and so many of you around the world but Delara gets to live another day thanks to the efforts of her family, her attorney Mr. Khoramshahi , and many politicians, human rights organizations and activists and so many caring people like you in Iran and around the world.....

THANK YOU ALL wherever you are on this one planet that we all share together.

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Darabi's Execution Postponed for 2 months

by H. Nelson Goodson (not verified) on

Young artist Delara Darabi's execution in Iran postponed for 2 months //


Clarity of remit and objectives of the campaign


Thank you for the clarification regarding the campaign's positions.  It is essential that as people leave comments, these positions are made clear (just like now) to avoid confusion and misunderstanding about the remit and objectives of the campaign.

SCE Campaign

Article 37 CRC

by SCE Campaign on

As a matter of general policy Stop Child Executions does not take position on the guilt or innocence of the juveniles and only demands implementation of the UN conventions that Iran is a signatory to, which prohibits execution of those who were under 18 at the time of the alleged crime.

SCE also demands fair judicial procedures based on internationally agreed norms where all parties can legally present and appeal their cases versus the one day courts with rushed execution verdicts often given by Iran's judiciary which has resulted in government of Iran holding number one spot in the world for executing highest percentage its population and having executed more children than any other countries as well as holding more than 140 juveniles on the execution row, with Saudi Arabia in second position with 3 juveniles.

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by MiNeum71 on

After this weekend it´s ok to celebrate at least this one day, and I´m sure you could have also been waiting until tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. One must make hay when the sun shines. ;)



Dear Mineum-71


You may not have noticed but I actually left this discussion to now that the death sentence is suspended  because I did not wish to detract from the attempt to save Delara from execution.  However, I don't understand why now is not the right time.  An effective campaign must be based on truth and fastidious examination of facts, and in my view the contributors to this site who must view themselves as social agents (otherwise they would not bother leaving comments) have the capacity and the responsibility to examine facts before expressing this view and that view, this demand and that demand.  If not, not only will they will be viewed as silly and ineffective, but would be downright counter-productive.

 I agree with you regarding The Fly's comments that people make sweeping generalisations and absence of critical assessment.  However,  I reminded him of his own sweeping generalisations in relation to "Iranians".  



by MiNeum71 on

Maybe she is guilty, maybe she is innocent, I wasn´t there so I can´t know that; and I didn´t write that your point of view was wrong. I just think things should be done and said at the proper time, and to my opinion today is the wrong day for your words. But you´re right, and you also read the comment The Iranian Syndrome! (The Fly) yourself, which I liked a lot.

Btw, I didn´t insult you personally; I´ve never done this to anybody except as an answer to a bad insult.


anonymous fish


by anonymous fish on

there is so little information about the crime itself.  was she aware her boyfriend was going to kill the woman?  did she assist in any way?  was it a crime of passion or was it premeditated?  was it a particularly violent murder?  these things would at the very least make her an accomplice.  i'm a little hard pressed to consider a 17 year a child.  i know by legal definition she is, but was she just 17 or almost 18 or what.  an 18 year is old enough to serve his country and die for it... a 17 a few days or months short of 18?  i don't know.  to suggest that she be freed seems a little unreasonable given that she is not completely innocent.  but i can't argue with the fact that 17 is considered a child by legal definition.

has she made a plea to the victim's family herself for forgiveness?

no one deserves to die for a crime they did not commit.  of that there is no doubt.  but does anyone not expect her to serve some time for her participation?

i also agree with merhnaz.  her being a poet or an artist have NADA to do with justice.  from what i understand, jack the ripper was a nice guy too. 

could the family petion to have her sentence commuted?  could they accept a lesser charge or sentence? 

regardless... i hope that calmer voices will prevail and determine what is truly the right thing.

good luck to her!


Dear Mineum-71


With all your criticism of Iranians' absence of reflection, I ask you to please read what I said, instead of taunting and insulting. Thankfully, my point of view would not have the slightest impact (neither should it) on whether she is pronounced guilty or innocent, neither am I in a position to pass a judgement on that.  And that is the point I am making:

The point I am making is the irrelevant leap from the opposition to the execution of minors (which I support, as well as opposing adult executions anywhere) to pronouncing she is INNOCENT AND MUST BE FREED.  She may well be innocent but we do not know.  Do you?  You seem to also have a lot of respect for democracies of Europe.  Do you know of any case of a child accused of a crime, that is just pronounced innocent and freed?  No.  The issue here is EXECUTION OF MINORS.  The issue of INNOCENCE AND GUILT is a separate matter.  



by MiNeum71 on

this is a good day for a young girl, and the only thing you can do is starting a Mickey Mouse discussion about the question of guilt? Wow.


Ending child executions is right but ...


I am pleased and relieved that the execution of Delara has been suspended and hopefully may not be carried out.  Ending child executions (and adult execution, including in the United States!!!) is right and I fully agree with those who have genuinely conveyed this message with the hope of effecting change in the direction of respect for human rights.

 However, to assert that Delara Darabi is "innocent" and must "go free" as I repeatedly notice being said by some, is just nonsense. She may well be innocent and she may well deserve to be freed, but do you have evidence of her innocence, Do YOU KNOW THAT SHE IS INNOCENT?   Where in the world, if a minor has committed a crime, they are just allowed to go free?!!!

 I also hear references to Delara being an "artist", "poetess" and "beautiful", what have those attributes got to do with INNOCENCE? Or the justification that she should be freed?  What if she were untalented and ugly, would she deserve less of our attention and compassion?!!!   


Dear "SCE Campaign"

by MiNeum71 on

great news, I wish your campaign all the best and hope you can get the innocent Delara Darabi out of the prison as soon as possible.



Dear Friends

by A Believer (not verified) on

Let's hope and pray, that the family members of the slain woman, would find it within themselves to grant Delara forgiveness.

There is no question in my mind that Delara was involved in some capacity in this tragic thing. Nevertheless, as the Good Books say, it's Better to give mercy, than to receive one.

The family of the slain woman should hope, that by granting this forgiveness, that Delara would make a constructive use of her life, and contribute in a postive way to the society.

Again, Let's Hope and Pray For This,


Darius Kadivar

Great News !

by Darius Kadivar on

Hope she will be freed for good and that the legislation be revised for good so as no more childe offenders will be executed.



To: anonymous fish

by An Observer (not verified) on

If you read the very documents that SCE Campaign has provided, you would see that although Delara may not have actually committed the 'Murder Act', nevertheless, her hands are not completely clean either.

To seek 'Forgiveness' from the family of the murdered woman, is the very least that she should do about this. Otherwise, her fate may be quite sealed!!

Pure and simple ..... Hope you understand?!

anonymous fish

i agree with mr. clark

by anonymous fish on

while it's apparent that the IRI carries the larger burden of guilt for this injustice, it's inconceivable that the victim's family would insist on her murder.  how can you possibly expect change from the regime when certain people are just as unreasonable?

god bless her in her time of need.


Delara Darabi

by William Mark Clarke (not verified) on

I wish someone would sit down with the family that wants to see the young woman die for a crime that she may have not committed and simply talk.


Dear SCE Campaign


My hopes and prayers are that we can somehow manage to reach out to the children of the slain woman, and appeal to their sense of decency for a forgiveness.

I know that there are many people attempting to negotiate with them, nevertheless, I have a feeling that the only thing that could potentially work at this time, is their forgiveness in this situation.

Earlier today, I read this blog by Massoud which essentially says the same thing. Its title translates: Seeking Forgiveness - From The Deceased Woman's Children.

Let's hope that things happen in time. Thank you for all your efforts!




Delara Darabi's execution in Iran on Monday postponed

by H. Nelson Goodson (not verified) on

// Breaking World News: Short of a full miracle, Delara Darabi's execution in Iran on Monday postponed, //


Thank God for the good news!!

by yolanda (not verified) on

We all should live our lives to the fullest and cherish what we have!

yolanda from California


Free Delara

by Kurush (not verified) on

I emailed Ayatollah Khameni. They are aware of the outpouring of support for Delara. Let's hope for the best.

Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez


by Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez on

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