The darker side of Chaharshanbeh Souri

The darker side of Chaharshanbeh Souri
by Sargord Pirouz

Yes, many folks love to jump over bonfires and throw equivalent quarter sticks of dynamite on Chaharshanbeh Souri. And there are those who condemn Iranian authorities for their attempts to discourage these hazardous- albeit fun for the young- practices; including Supreme Leader Khamenei's appeal to Islamic sensibilities, however potentially unpopular, in the name of public safety.

Well, have a look at a few of the dozens of injuries treated every year in Iran for- let's face it- what is obviously an extremely risky practice in a modern metropolitan setting.


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Khamenie fell for the trap-4shanbe souri celeb=referendum on him

by Monarchy_Forever on

BY issuing his fatwa, Khamenie is effect made 4 shanbe souri a referendum on his acceptance by Iranians.  And what a trap it was.

Assume if Dick Cheney states that Islam is a made up rubbish religion.  And AMericans in return decide to fast the first day of Ramadhan along with Muslims.

How will that be interpreted by IRNA and Press TV?



by fooladi on

So according to Islamic regime of Iran, Jumping over a fire and having some fun is a sign of "superstition", but:

praying five times a day in arabic towards a cube in desert, seeing the picture of khomeini in the moon, the belief in coming baack to life of a 12th imam who died centuries ago, (can go on forever...) are precise scientific facts!

Come on khamenei, give us a break!

Sargord Pirouz

Warning: Graphic Images

by Sargord Pirouz on

babak pirouzian

Sargord:Which Fatwa is approperiate; Torture,rape or ...

by babak pirouzian on

Sargord: Which Fatwa is more appropriate:Torture, rape or 4shanbeh- Souri? Why none of those so called Mullahs, and Ayatollahs and Hojat ol Eslam were shut up about Kahrizak and arrest of innocent prisoners who were beaten, humiliated, raped, and a few victims' bodies were put on fire, and now for an ancient tradition they have to issue Fatwa? last and previous years Chahr-Shanbeh Souri was kosher?,  reminds me Fatwa for Caviar ( was Haram and then all of sudden was Halal? because there was a good income fom it).  Fatwa du jour? .  Assuming you are right about Rahbar wanted to prevent personal injuries!!! ( I am sure that's not his the case, he had proven time and again he doesn't give a damn, an iota care about Iranian) but why he has to make it un-Islamic? Wouldn't the message is more effective if he simply said, be careful or do not use dangerous parapherenials, use fire for jumping and not "tarragheh and stuff" and ban selling these items?. So agianst your fals claim he and the regime are scared to death, they are getting crazier by day.     The more you write and defend IRI, the more you loose credibility.   


Sargord you should

by MRX1 on

advocate miniture golf instead of chahrshanbeh souri! no dangers in there, but you have to ask the authorities to build mini golf places all over Iran  instead of spending money in gaza, syaria  or where else they spend Iranian people's  money. 


Blue vs Red

by capt_ayhab on

Being a blue person[progressive] and living in a red state I am not familiar with states like California. But in big 10[football that is] area that I live there are no such laws. Even in these states the big shows such as church sponsored or company sponsored, they do have to get permit. But no permit is required for individual purchase and use of smaller fire work items even various sizes of Black Cats, which I personally love. ;-)

Sales stands MUST be located outside the city limits for safety purposes. As to my remarks about Gun Laws, I was making an analogy there.


I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

hold the phone captain!

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

isn't he referring to certain cities and states where fireworks are banned entirely? not firearms. in some states, especially nice blue ones, people aren't allowed to light fireworks. you have to get a permit to have a show. 


Sargord Pirouz

by capt_ayhab on

you note[But like Fourth of July festivities in the US where many state and local ordinances have been established prohibiting the sale and use of personal fireworks, Iranian public safety officials also struggle with Chaharshanbeh Souri.]

That statement could not be further from the truth. The only ordinance  cities and township enforce has to do with the proximity of sales stands and inhabited areas.

In an other words, you can not establish sales facilities within the city limits. They all must be located outside of city limits with adequate fire hydrants nearby in case of emergencies. Government does not forbid use and possession of fire arms in this country, how do you misinform to prohibition of safely produced and handled fire works?



Sargord Pirouz

I agree, it's quite the

by Sargord Pirouz on

I agree, it's quite the cultural dilemma. And for kids and young men, it's a lot of fun- the fires and the fireworks. But in the modern sense, it's awful hazardous.

What to do?

I'm sure if this were an Islamic event, many here would decry the event for its obvious danger, and by extension its sheer irrationality. I mean, come on- street bonfires set throughout a major metropolitan city? 

But like Fourth of July festivities in the US where many state and local ordinances have been established prohibiting the sale and use of personal fireworks, Iranian public safety officials also struggle with Chaharshanbeh Souri.

By some accounts, this year's festivities were actually a tamer than last year's, which is a good thing.


A Gov. controlled chaharshanbeh sori??

by KouroshS on

Holy crap!

Har dam az in baagh baree mirasad...

Niloufar Parsi

sargord khan

by Niloufar Parsi on

i agree with the actual content of your blog. but you do not discuss the implications. a bit like throwing bait. if so, it has worked!

the duty of a government is to facilitate the safe observance of important national celebrations as a service to the nation. fireworks are used all over the world for celebrations. while it is correct for the supreme leader - or some other well known public servant - to encourage safety, it was the leader's duty to oversee a concerted national effort to facilitate and regulate fireworks for the enjoyment of the people, like many countries do. that would reduce casualties as well as discontent. but the leader's decision to speak on the issue rather than a lower official doing this may have politicised the issue unnecessarily.

i saw your phrase 'live and let live' elsewhere (option 8, if i remember right. i would have voted for it too). the supreme leader could use a bit of it too, don't you think?

perplexed?! am only trying to see if i can get you to criticise the 'supreme leader'. judging by the casualty figures, the authorities could have done better for the people. 


Good catch Hamsade

by capt_ayhab on

Good catch Hamsade Ghadimi.

Same person different cloth before and after operation.


Holden Caulfield

You are one piece of pathetic employee

by Holden Caulfield on

I have been watching you for a while; seems you're hitting the bottom. Posting a fake photo, and writing some nonsensical words as a blog carries the trademark of a desperate pen for hire. 

Paidar Iran

Sure Arabmard ...

by Paidar Iran on

How about Nowrooz? Let's have the government control that too so the IRI can decide and approve what kind of pastry and Ajeel people can consume.

I don't think you have enough independent of mind so you need those bastards to tell you what to do.

Shame on those imposture Iranians who are lower than prostitutes and willing to simply sell their country, their ancestors and their heritage for money. Unfortunately, as we see, we have many of them among us.




Chahrshanbeh Souri must be controlled

by Abarmard on

Similar to 4th of July. Only government approved fire crackers and explosives must be allowed.


millions of people

by mahmoudg on

celebrate this momentous event evey year and we have three pictures with no proof of who and what thay are and we conclude that the festival of noor over ahriman, chaharsnbeh soori is bad!!!!!!!!!!  Yet another moron from the agency of the dis-informaiton ministry of the Islamic Republic to poision our airwaves.




by minadadvar on

Yes.  I am sure, a few got hurt.  But millions of our brave Hamvatans (not yours. Your are not Iranian) had a blast, dancing, chanting and showing their middle finger to your terrorist rahKHAR.  


waffen SS Major

by Fair on

Put a lid on it, and go to hell where you belong.  There you will find many more than 165 instances of fire, and you will deserve every one of them.  You and your anti Iranian fuehrer were completely shut up yesterday, as your scumbag leader openly said "GOH KHORDAM" and took his anti Iranian fatwa back. 

The only dark side of charshambeh soori is that an anti Iranian fascist is in power.  But the people of Iran gave him and you a big slap in the face and a huge finger, and both of you evil ahrimans deserved every bit of it.

If you were concerned one bit about public safety in Iran you would not support rapists and murderers in power in the SROI.




Paidar Iran

Chahar Shanbeh Soori has no dark side ...

by Paidar Iran on

هر كارى كه شما در زندگى ميكنيد ممكن است عاقبت هايى به هم راه داشته باشد. مثلا در هر گونه ورزش امكان مجروح شدن شما هست. اگر فوتبال بازى ميكنيد يا اسكى ميكنيد ممكن است كه زمين بخوريد و دست شما بشكند. اين دليل بر اين نمى شود كه ان ورزش بد است. چهار شنبه سورى روزى است براى شادى و رفتن به استقبال عيد و سال نو و چون چند نفر به علتِ بى توجهى مجروح ميشوند دليل بر سياه بودن و بدى چهار شنبه سورى نيست.

فرامرز - جواب تو بسيار زيبا بود.

Anonymous Observer

Thanks Marge

by Anonymous Observer on

but credit for that term actually goes to my dad.  :-))  

One must give credit when it's due! 

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek


by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

the supreme gooz. I'm sorry but that one was hilarious. so simple yet so funny. good work. i didn't think I was entertained by that kind of stuff anymore. good one. 

look coming from the supreme gooz, yes, this is stupid. however, it's true that people do stupid things, especially after drinking alcohol.  


Only an non-Iranian who has

by vildemose on

Only a non-Iranian who has never experienced Charshanbeh soori can talk about it with such irreverance. You can't even call him a quisling because he is not Iranian..




by yolanda on

Hi! Faramarz,

     Your post really cracked me up....Thank you for the good laugh!

It is funny that suddenly IRI is so compassionate after sentencing a guy to die for throwing rocks! I am soooooooo "touched"!

Anonymous Observer

Yes, phony American Sargord

by Anonymous Observer on

You are absolutely correct about "Islamic sensibilities" that the "supreme leader" refers too, such as for instance, self flagellation and slashing oneself's skull with machetes during Ashura....oh, wait, he actually encourages those things...oops!!

I'm sure that the supreme gooz's (look up the word in a dictionary SP, I'm sure you'll like it) concern (that he just remembered after being in power for 31 years) had nothing to do with him being scared shitless of the Iranian people (which you are not a part of) pouring onto the streets and once again embarrassing the shit out of this terrorist regime.  It was purely out of concern for the safety of the Iranian people, you know, the same people that you watched being run over by Khamenei's trucks on TV while you were having your evening beer.  

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

thank you Marge for being in a city like Tehran pop. 12000'000(more or less) those 165 incidents looks like a drop in a buucket.

where is our EYDI ?       Maziar


Sargord, The Compassionate Conservative!

by Faramarz on

You know, they accused you of all kinds of things, but deep down I knew that you cared about the people of Iran!

I knew that under that borrowed uniform there was a compassionate heart wanting to save us from ourselves! Why go out there and protest for some Western liberal value like human rights, freedom and democracy? Mahmoud and Khamenei are smart enough to know what’s good for us! They should decide.

You are right about the hazards of celebrating Char Shanbeh Souri too; all the burns and deformities. Please also tell us about the dangers of celebrating Norooz; all the tooth decay that comes from eating candies, the kids staying up late for some fat guy called Amoo Norooz to bring them presents. How harmful for the innocent youth! Norooz should be banned too.

And celebrating Yelda! Tell me about it. Eating watermelon, out of season and in the middle of winter that ought to be bad too.

Thanks for caring! 


Thank you Yolanda

by MM on

Your video responses in favor of 4shanbehsouri and against the dark side of IRI need no explanation.  I do not see a need to drag this Islamist any further under the ground than where he is right now.

Shame on you SP.  Change your avatar to the one I have suggested to match you demeanor on IC, i.e., the picture of the soldier in the front of the line in the link below.


I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Why are you dismissing it?

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Every year there are issues with Fourth of July. To say so doesn't make someone un-American. People are morons, whether they are Iranian or American. When they get involved with fire and firecrackers, terrible things are bound to happen. They just create work for doctors in the ER.

Sargord Pirouz

This year, Tehran Fire

by Sargord Pirouz on

This year, Tehran Fire Department reported 164 “incidents” or calls for “fire service” during Chaharshanbeh Souri.

You must admit, personal politics aside, that's huge by any standard.

hamsade ghadimi

yes, the pics are fake. 

by hamsade ghadimi on

yes, the pics are fake.  did they put on different street clothes on this guy after the surgery (belt and shirt changed from black to grey). 

i don't know why they censored cop's comment.  do you admins even know what pofuse means.  look it up.  it's the most innoccous word in persian insults.  it's even more tame than dumb; it means zaif, bikareh, papeh, tookhaaly.  it seems everything is sacred in this site.  in fact, if you look up the word pofuse in dehkhoda, it says refer to tahgord pirooz.  if you censor this word, then look below, someone used the word dumb.  sheesh. 

tahgord, here are some real pictures of rituals that is sponsored by your idols: //