The darker side of Chaharshanbeh Souri

The darker side of Chaharshanbeh Souri
by Sargord Pirouz

Yes, many folks love to jump over bonfires and throw equivalent quarter sticks of dynamite on Chaharshanbeh Souri. And there are those who condemn Iranian authorities for their attempts to discourage these hazardous- albeit fun for the young- practices; including Supreme Leader Khamenei's appeal to Islamic sensibilities, however potentially unpopular, in the name of public safety.

Well, have a look at a few of the dozens of injuries treated every year in Iran for- let's face it- what is obviously an extremely risky practice in a modern metropolitan setting.


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You are as fake as your scars

by میرزاقلندر on

You are as dumb as any click-for-hire.    

Peter Pan

I want your response, if any, in FARSI

by Peter Pan on

Your anecdote, your father's cousin, and all the great story of your half-Iranian ancestry do not help you here.


Paidar Iran

Sargord ...

by Paidar Iran on

در چهار شنبه سورى اگر كسى هم زخمى ميشود در حال شادى و سرور است. من مطمئن هستم كه سر گرد پاسدار قمه زدن و زنجير زدن را بيشتر دوست ميدارد.

Sargord Pirouz

I've an anecdote to share.

by Sargord Pirouz on

I've an anecdote to share. When I was a teenager, I had to have a minor operation performed on one of my fingers, at a Tehran hospital. My father's cousins were Iranian doctors (one was a woman) and I was set up accordingly.

Back then, anesthesia and sterility procedures in Iran were not what they are today. Even so, I'm able to say I've encountered a fraction of the experience shown by the unfortunate young man in the top photo. And to this day, I carry around the scar from that operation.

Young and dumb- most of us have been there. 

Peter Pan

Major's blunder!

by Peter Pan on

The top photo seems photoshopped, the head's shadow on the pillow, the shape of the head, etc. look fake.

What forced you to relay a fake onto IC?

The same images can be used for glorification of heroism against some fictional enemies. Save 'em, Maj.



by yolanda on

 The bright side of Chaharshanbe-Soori

The dark Side of IRI: Stoning, hanging, hand amputation in one video, very very graphic:


Are you for real man?

by Cost-of-Progress on

You are not Persian so don't you dare post about 4 shanbeh soori.