My response to a disgraceful attack on Iranian female Human rights activists

by Roozbeh_Gilani

Today, we have yet another disgraceful attack on Iranian female democracy campaigners on this site, in form of a" blog", to which I posted an appropriately worded response which was flagged and removed before the idiot who flagged it could say: "nuke bomb is my undeniable right"!!!

I suggested and I mainatin that the blogger's hateful -islamist style- perception of Brave female Iranian demonstrators as some nude women, being man handled by a bunch of men, is merely a reflection of what he/she witnessed happening to his/her own female relatives, his/her own mother and sisters as a child. For which the blogger deserves a bit of sympathy and lots of pitty from the rest of us.

I want to take this opportunity of responding to a worthless trash of a blog by this particular cyber bassiji, to salute every single female political prisoner of the Fascist Islamist Regime. Every single Iranian woman who has lost her life fighting for the liberation of Iran from the vermin of Islamist Fascism.


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How low can one get?

by Truthseeker9 on

These people just lower themselves by posting shameful blogs about humiliating people fighting for freedom.  Let them show their true colours. I'm all for them being given the space on IC to show their depravity. Pity people give him attention, because they want a reaction.


the hozehi concubine with a major "oghdeh"!

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Dear Mona: A horrible video indeed, although I am sure that some sicko here would find it rather entertaining.

Faramarz Aziz, The thing is though , these same oghdehi crowd, would use any pseudo intellectual Bull Crap to justify their utter hatred of any voice of support for human rights in Iran, as so nicely portrayed in their indignant howlings with regards to the RP's support for Human rights demands for people of Iran. That was rather entertaining :) 


ملت عقده ای



Roozbeh Jaan,

Thanks for your follow up on that rather distasteful “blog” about the inhumane and savage treatment of a woman protester in Cairo.

When non-Iranians or people who have not lived in Iran and do not have an understanding of the culture ask me, “How could one live in the west, but be so supportive of the barbaric regime in Iran, without being on the payroll of that government (like some of the contributors on this site), I have a difficult time finding the right adjective to describe them. But in Iran we had a simple word for them, “Oghdeh-ei”

These are the people who used to touch women on the streets or buses, say vulgar things to them or do other ugly acts. And now that they are living in the west, their main concern is not to allow the women enjoy the relative freedom that they once enjoyed prior to this regime.

For them the “red line” or the bottom line is the opposition to the west and the western openness and way of life. They live here, but don’t want to see it there. That is called Oghdeh, or complex!

Mona 19


by Mona 19 on

Yeasterday I watched this horrible video that shows a brave female protester was brutally beaten by a bunch of low life sundis khor & Her Picture was published in New York Times.