Ideal Woman

by Rendd

Rushing blood over the wire
Whipped my childhood tear

The warmth of her kind whisper
Pulled me out the dark, by ear

She says hi my son
I see your severed face

Said my mom I’ll be ok,
You take care of yourself

Could‘ve I ever endured what she’s been through?
Pink cherry blossoms, greens, and leering jail crew

Nightly rapes of mornings’ thoughts,
Nazri to bribe, the gods of the Tsars

The soaked praying rug
Laying down on the moaning sun

It was her prison cell
God had her to be chained on

A following shadow of a jailed husband
To parents-teacher conference

The shame of the loneliness
Scratching her young face

How could have I ever endured, if I was you
While the corner voyeurs were sneering you

I screamed if it wasn’t for your love of that soil
I’d sold my soul, had chased them all, down in their holes

This mama, is what I can do for you
I could’ve never endured what you’ve been through…


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by Latina on

Wow! I can't believe I missed your post. Man I am going to have to really work on my poetry now.

It pales in comparison to yours.