Why has this movement ended so quickly!?!

Ralph Umana
by Ralph Umana

Just a week ago, hundreds of thousands took to the streets to fight for their vote, their choice, their freedom to voice their opinion.  By trickery and deceit, the Reformers lost.  The powers that be only remain in power because they have the weapons, not because they are there as a result of the will of the people.  So what will be the next step.

Please tell me that even the people of Iran are NOT concerned with Michael Jackson!?! 

I cannot give numbers of how many in America support your people, but I do!  I would not want a dictator or someone who believes he is god, running my country, and ultimately, my life. 

The people need to fight back.  The regime makes arrests at night at your homes- Don't be there!  Be someplace else to set up your own tactics.  At some point this must change from being peaceful to being forceful.  You saw what happened to peaceful!

You know what you all must do.  Get creative. You don't have guns-confiscate them from every police officer you over-power! Run cable across the road, hip-level, to slow the motorcycle cops down.  When they bust their asses, you can grab their weapons, radios, and tear gas!  Then you can hear where they are going and what they are doing. 

Create large sling-shots with bicycle tire tubes.  Practice in an open field with no witnesses or those you cannot trust.  Try to get as much range as possible.  Create miniature catapults to launch larger items.  Fill water guns (cannons) with kerosene and shoot it from roof tops.  Have someone shoot a few bottle rockets from the ground.  Or light the kerosene as you squirt it down.  Remember to get out of the building immediately after your offensive.  They will attempt to capture you!

May God be with you!


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It ain't over till the fat lady sings...

by Mar bar Khamenei (not verified) on

The system is now beginning a wave of massive internal purges - purges that are going to backfire on it severly very soon. You will see. There are 3 verified and another 9 unverified senior IRGC (Sepaah) commanders reported to have been dismissed from their posts for refusing the Rahbar's orders as of this weekend. A couple of these apparently have also been imprisoned since their dismissals.

Khamenei can't trust his own military.The only security forces reliable to the regime are the Basijis, and once the money dries up, even these won't be reliable. He can't trust two-thirds of the majlis to stand behind his Malijak illegitimate president to even give a lipservice congratulation to him. Senior Ayatollahs in Qom with their supporters are sharpening their teeth and claws as we speak to walk with the people and pounce on the system. The rifts are becoming gaping by the day and more are deserting the cholaq Rahbar from every direction, and note there are still serious negotiations going on to commence a national strike. Meanwhile demonstrations and protests, although sporadic by the first week's standards, are still happening. The defiance is gaining momentum everywhere. For two straight weeks every night people have been chanting anti-regime slogans from their rooftops.

This thing is not over by a longshot. We've just concluded the opening stages. Actually if you compare the events in 2009 to 1978-79, we are moving far more rapidly than 30 years ago.

The Islamic Republic, as we have thus far known it, is finished. You can take that to the bank! It is not over until the ghost of Haydeh begins singing...


Dear Ralph,

by wonderer (not verified) on

Dear Ralph,
Thanks so much for showing solidarity, but perhaps you are not aware of the number(????????...)of Iranians killed post the 1979 revolution.
So much has happened that the World is not even aware of.


miniature catapults

by Iranyvaliazad on

In your instructional comments, you failed to tell people how they can fabricate "shamshir" and "separ" and even "nayzeh" ... how about chariotes ... don't you think people can use that to get away after using their water gun!

I have no doubt in my mind that moslem clerics will KILL to stay in power, however, encouraging untrained individuals to battle AKs with water gun is not a way to fight blood thirsty moslem thugs.   Srikes to paralize them economically will achieve far more ...


This is the beginning of the end

by alexarjomand on

The movement is by no means over and this is only the beginning.  Remember the first real protests against the Shah started early 78 and it took over a year for the government to fall.  The IRI is in serious trouble and I see no way out for them.  The fissure that has been created amongst their hierarchy is not going to go away.  Ahmadi and Rahbar are now going to start their process of cleansing the system.  The other side knows this and will strike back.  In addition their brutality has so shocked the people that any relationship that the IRI may have had with society has been damaged beyond repair.

As a suggestion, one of many approaches that may be better than playing Rambo, is to attack the information infrastructure of the regime.  Iran, along with China and Turkey, has some of the best hackers in the world, and once the regime reopens its internet channels, which it inevitably has to, they will strike.  If you and anyone else reading this blog want to help, please put the following addresses on any website that you think may be accessed by the tech savvy in Iran:

Remote-exploit.org, provides access to backtrack, a hacking tool

Milw0rm.org, helps identify the systems vulnerabilities of the IRI


Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez

For one they lack a true leader

by Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez on

to guide them towards change. Iranians have not given up on change, time will show them working towards it.



It hasn't!

by ramintork on

These uprisings have a cycles, those old enough to have lived through the revolution 30 years ago remember the cycle of protest,  rest and mourning period followed by strikes.

This time it would be a lot more violent. Shah was image savvy, these guys if it comes down to it don't give a damn and have no low bar, last time we faced the army ultimately part of the nation and not prepared to shed blood but this time we are facing beasts bred for thuggary and with no human values.


the movment has not ended

by azadi55 (not verified) on

the movement has not ended, it is morphing into new forms. no one should expect a quick turn around in Iran, this change that people desire is coming, as long as people like yourself don't lose hope, stay smart and informed about realities.


Ralph, how 'bout you go to

by desi on

Ralph, how 'bout you go to Iran and play Rambo.  Please make sure you twitter us and tell us what happened.

Multiple Personality Disorder

Stop advocating violence

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

Find a different way.