Freedom is not free!

Ralph Umana
by Ralph Umana

I just finished reading a piece involving other similare regimes spelled dick-tater-ships! Many other such systems are blocking news from Iran.  Iran has become a symbol of what people can do in the midst of opposition.  Others are wondering what it will take for their country to "wake up"!  Many repressed people want the same things-freedom of speech, freedom to vote for their country leaders, etc.. 

I am going to keep this short and close with a statement made from a man from Myramar:

 "Democracy won't come by the charity of the governing class," someone from the city of Suzhou, in the eastern province of Jiangsu, wrote about Agha Soltan on an online message board. "Fighting is the only way to gain democracy. . . . People are doomed to be slaves unless they are willing to sacrifice their blood."

There will come a time when the Iranian people MUST fight for their rights.  Freedom is not free-the cost is blood!


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