Who is attacking Trita Parsi?


Who is attacking Trita Parsi?
by Q

The email is part of the expose by Foreign Policy magazine.

Here Hassan Daioleslam admits to a campaign of character assassination and defamation on Trita Parsi and sells it to known pro-War conservative Ken Timmerman, so he can use it against Obama and Clinton!

Timmerman is the author of "The coming nuclear showdown with Iran", who predicted that Iran will be testing a nuclear weapon by the end of the year in 2006. He also writes for such bastions of objective journalism as "NewsMax".

Read all about him here:

I don't know who is using who anymore. Maybe mutual to some degree: Hassan Dai and his MEK connections using Neocons to get rid of the only credible Iranian voice in Washington by "destroying" Parsi, or Neocons like Timmerman using Dai "Chalabi style" so they can push for a war with Iran. Both sides have ties to Israel. But the law of the jungle says that the more powerful (Neocons) are probably running the show.

Update 11/16/2009 : As promised I will include some of the more substantive comments made by visitors. Thanks Everyone for your participation.

Why they hate Parsi you may ask?
by Mola Nasredeen on Mon Nov 16, 2009 08:50 AM PST

Because he asks the right questions from the right people, the ones who are residing in the centers of power.

And he lets them know immediately that he's nobody's fool, you can't fool Mr parsi. He stands his own ground while coalition building. He with the help of NIAC advanced the interests of the Iranian American Community on civic, cultural and political issues

Trita Parsi and NIAC supplied the resources, knowledge and tools to enable civic participation and informed decision making. They provided the infrastructure for bridge-building across the network of Iranian American organizations and the peoples of America and Iran.

In 2008, NIAC defeated a Congressional resolution that would have paved the way for a US-Iran war.

-- In 2009, NIAC launched a successful campaign seeking a retraction from California Representative Jane Harman, whose controversial statement regarding the "separation" of Iran's ethnic groups offended many. In response to NIAC's efforts, Rep. Harman quickly retracted her comment and expressed regret for the concern it caused.

-- NIAC successfully compelled the National Geographic Society to correct their 8th edition maps to read "Persian Gulf" instead of "Arabian Gulf."

-- NIAC successfully challenged Monster.com's discrimination against Iranian Americans, compelling the company to give Iranian Americans a fair chance to compete in the job market.

-- NIAC sought and obtained an apology from MSNBC's Don Imus for a derogatory comment he made in 2004 about an Iranian airliner crash that killed 43 passengers.

-- NIAC worked with writer/director Wayne Kramer and the Weinstein Company to make changes to the screenplay for Crossing Over (2007). The film originally depicted Iranian Americans committing an "honor killing." Had the script not changed, the movie would have had similar effects for the Iranian-American community as the film Not Without My Daughter (1991)

--NIAC has registered thousands of Iranian-American voters.

--NIAC published the first-ever IranCensus, showing the make-up of our community.

There are those in the center of power who want to turn the cold war between US and Iran into a military war and they hate NIAC and Trita Parsi while Iranian Americans who lived during US Hostage Crisis hate to re-live that period.


Update. Dai was confronted about his false allegations and his personal connections to MEK on Persian TV.


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American Dream

Freedom5 & Nousha Arzu

by American Dream on


The goal is to liberate ethnic minorities in Iran.

The threat to seperate from the central government should be alarming.  It should lead to the central government attempting to alleviate the problems of ethnic minorities in Iran.  That is the goal of such an action.

I am for the liberation of ethnic minorities in Iran.

You on the other hand are for a dictatorship of your views. 

And your views are just plain nutty.

Nousha Arzu

Your insults will get you no where fast.

Nousha Arzu

The Ultimate Death Sentence

by Nousha Arzu on

for NIAC and Trita Parsi is when they receive the glowing endorsement of an amoral, anti-Iranian mercenary like "America Dream."

Enough said.




Look who is supposrting Mr, PARSI .....another vatanforoush

by Freedom5 on

Be aware American Dream is not IRANIAN , write and may be speaking farsi but he/she is not IRANIAN in fact he hates Iranian and IRAN , see below.


by American Dream on


You don't know anything about the Kurds.

The Kurds want an independant Kurdistan.  They have been fighting the Iranian central government for over 100 years.  One day they shall be free and they will break away from Iran once and for all.

As for the Baluchis, they too will get their independence.  They will break away from the Iranian central government and create greater Buluchistan.

And the great freedom loving Iranians of Khuzistan, The tomb Islands, Kish Island and Abu Musa Island will also break away and create Arabistan.  These people will all be free.

If you don't like the West or America go back to Iran freedom5.  No one is forcing you to stay here.  Stop using the english language to post stuff on this site.

freedom5, you are one sorry bad-bakht bee-char-eh who just happens to post on this site.

Here is another comment by AMERICAN DREAM about IRANIAN...

 I believe as an American, the best form of government in Iran is a democratic republic like the United States.  What types of social freedoms should a democratic republic of Iran have?  The same freedoms we see in Amsterdam. I know a lot of Iranians who are predominantly Shia Muslims and they drink like fish.  They drink so much alcohol.  And a lot of them smoke that opium stuff.  Many of the men are womanizers and their wives also carry on adulterous relationships.  unquote and here is American dreams final touch and his mighty opinion in regards to Mullah's rule in IRAN. You will be the judge. quote from American Dream Do I see the theocracy going away in Iran? No.  It will evolve with time.  The more pressure by Iranians the more the theocracy will change so they can stay in power.  The Iranian theocracy is willing to make pork and alcohol "Halal" if they can stay in power.  God knows the Revolutionary Guards help introduce satellite dishes into Iran and take in money for it. That being said, things will take time to change


American Dream

Trita Parsi is a Great American and human rights leader

by American Dream on

Mr. Trita Parsi is a Great American and human rights leader.  He has helped a lot of Iranians, Iranian Americans and Americans.  Without a shadow of a doubt NIAC is a great organization that helps many.  People who bash NIAC and Mr. Parsi are mean spirited individuals.  Mr. Parsi is a freedom fighter.  He is helping people in America achieve the American Dream.  And I endorse his movement.


Peace45, where is the evidence for "crook" ?

by Q on

you don't have any.

Non profit, religious, ethnic, all kinds of organizations can engage in political activity and have done so for ever. No registration is required unless that's all you're doing with most of your time.

Don't pretend you have any real argument. You don't. You're just using this suit to continue slandering as per the neocon instructional playbook.


Parsi is a crook! simple as that!

by peace45 on

This e-mail exchange shows not just the political radicalism of NIAC
and its advocacy of Iranian-regime interests but also the way the
organization skates blithely across some very thin ice. Here we have an
employee of NIAC acting in his official capacity and using his NIAC
e-mail address to help organize a campaign to undermine an
Obama-administration nominee. NIAC claims, and its tax status requires,
that it is not a lobby and spends zero percent of its time lobbying.
Yet Disney is joined by Amitay, a lobbyist, in organizing what is
clearly a lobbying campaign. Nowhere is there an attempt to distinguish
between the activities of the two groups or to assume roles consistent
with their legal statuses. In fact, just the opposite — it is Disney
who seeks to spearhead the campaign.

And this comes in the context of a litany of other incriminating
revelations — that Parsi set up meetings between U.S. congressmen and
the Iranian ambassador to the UN, that members of NIAC attended meetings
explicitly devoted to establishing lobbying agendas and tactics, and so
on. And all this, it must be added, in order to help the Iranian regime
get sanctions lifted and end American opposition to its nuclear

Mola Nasredeen

NIAC Strikes Back in Persian/Farsi

by Mola Nasredeen on

واشنگتن دی. سی. – «شورای ملی ایرانیان آمریکا» (نایک) به نتایج کوشش‌های خود در زمینۀ تحکیم امنیت ملی آمریکا از طریق سیاست‌های هوشمندانه و مؤثر خود در خصوص ایران افتخار می‌کند. اشارات ضمنی «واشنگتن تایمز» که فعالیت‌های این شورا را در جهت نقض قوانین مالیاتی، قانون ثبت نمایندگی‌های خارجی و قوانین آشکارسازی فعالیت‌های لابی می‌داند به‌شدت از سوی این شورا تکذیب می‌شود. 

این شورا در جریان دادخواهی و شکایت خود به دلیل افتراهای مطرح شده از سوی «حسن داعی‌‌الاسلام» در دادگاه ده‌ها هزار سند و کلیۀ مدارک مالی خود را در دسترس گذاشت. این مدارک ثابت می‌کند که اتهامات وارده به این شورا کاملا بی‌پایه است. قاضی درخواست «داعی‌‌الاسلام» را برای رد هیجده مورد از نوزده مورد اتهامات وارد شده نپذیرفت. با توجه به این امر متهمان تصمیم گرفتند با بدخواهی این مدارک را در اختیار «الی لیک»، یکی از خبرنگاران «واشنگتن تایمز» قرار دهند تا بتوانند این موضوع را به جای دادرسی در یک دادگاه قانونی، به یک رسانه بکشند.

شورای ملی ایرانیان آمریکا یک سازمان آموزشی است که نمایندۀ آمریکائیان ایرانی‌نژاد است. فعالیت‌های این سازمان در زمینه‌های آموزشی، ترویج و به‌طور محدود در امور لابی‌گری بر طبق قوانین و مقررات آمریکا انجام می‌شود. این شورا هیچ نوع فعالیت لابی‌گریی برای جمهوری اسلامی ندارد. پشتیبانی و حمایت‌های این شورا فقط متوجۀ جامعۀ ایرانی-آمریکائی است، جامعه‌ای که اکثریت قابل توجه آن با سیاست‌های حکومت ایران مخالف است.

مقالۀ آقای لیک فاقد شواهدی برای ادعاهای مطرح شده است و حتی به یک اتهام مستقیم نیز ختم نمی‌شود. به‌جای آن این مقاله به اشارات ضمنی بسنده می‌کند و به گمان‌زنی‌های توطئه‌آمیز می‌پردازد که احتمالا هدف آن کاشتن تخم شک و بدبینی در مورد این شورا در اذهان عمومی و ایجاد بحث و شبهه پیرامون این سازمان است.

این پدیده دنبال‌رویی از طرح شناخته شدۀ فعالان نومحافظه‌کار است که بر اساس آن آنان برای بدنام کردن این شورا به اتهام‌زنی، افترا و شایعه‌پراکنی پرداخته‌اند بدون آنکه کوچکترین مدرکی برای اثبات ادعاهای خود ارائه دهند. 

در واقع شواهد موجود کاملا بر خلاف این ادعاهاست. چرا باید سفیر وقت آقای جان لیمبرت و گروگان پیشین حکومت ایران، به هیئت مشاوران سازمانی ملحق شود که تصور می‌رود مدافع منافع همان حکومتی است که او را برای مدت 444 روز به گروگان گرفته بود؟ این ادعا در بهترین حالت غیرمنطقی، و در بدترین حالت مضحک جلوه می‌کند.

آقای لیک در مقالۀ خود بر ایمیل‌ها و اسنادی تمرکز کرده است که با حکم از پیش صادر شدۀ او بر علیه شورای ملی ایرانیان آمریکا (نایک) تناسب کامل دارد. اگرچه، اساس و پایۀ مقالۀ «لیک» اطلاعات نادرست دربارۀ این شوراست که توسط «حسن داعی‌‌الاسلام» فراهم شده است، اما در این مقاله حتی یک پرسش در مورد دادخواهی قانونی ما مطرح نمی‌شود، که این دعوی چرا به دادگاه برده شد، برداشت ما از محرک سیاسی «داعی‌‌الاسلام» چیست و ارتباط  او با سازمان تروریستی «مجاهدین خلق» چه می‌باشد؟ این شورا آقای «لیک» را تشویق کرد که شواهد مربوط به نقش «داعی‌‌الاسلام» را در سازمان «مجاهدین خلق» بررسی کند. اما «لیک» از هرگونه بررسی در مورد منابع اطلاعاتی خود سر باز زد.

به‌روشنی می‌توان دریافت که چگونه برخی از عناصر نومحافظه‌کار بر آنند که بین ایرانیان خارج از کشور در زمانی که بیش از همیشه به یگانگی آنان برای پیش‌برد آمال آزادی‌خواهی ملت ایران نیاز است تفرقه بیاندازند. در حالی‌که بعضی از اعضای برجستۀ جامعۀ ایرانیان خارج از کشور در مورد فعالیت‌های این شورا دچار پاره‌ای سوء‌تفاهمات شده‌اند، ما دستمان را بسوی‌ ایشان دراز می‌کنیم و در دامی که برای خصومت‌افکنی بین اعضای این جامعه پهن شده است پا نمی‌گذاریم.

شورای ملی ایرانیان آمریکا (نایک) در واشنگتن دی. سی. به صدائی پرطنین برای جامعۀ ایرانی - آمریکایی بدل گشته است که پیام آن تمرکز بیشتر بر موضوع حقوق بشر در ایران، مخالفت با جنگ بین آمریکا و ایران، و مخالفت با تحریم‌های گستردۀ اقتصادیی است که در عین آسیب زدن به مردم ایران، رژیم تندرو آن را قدرت می‌بخشد، و نیز حمایت از دیپلماسی بین دو کشور برای حل اختلافات خود به ‌روشی صلح‌آمیز است.


That was really convincing

by Zal on

Someone said it already. With friends like you and the rest of IRR supporters, niac and trita need no enemies.

And another point made earlier, it is a good way to id your gang and know what causes and orgs are suspicious

you sound like richards1052 or another member of the IRR


"The campaign against NIAC


"The campaign against NIAC should be seen for what it is — an attempt
to delegitimize any Iranian-American voices that are insufficiently
hawkish for the neocons’ liking. Hawks in Washington and Jerusalem are
faced with the inconvenient fact that few Iranians, even those harshly
critical of the regime, desire to see their country get bombed or
invaded, or for Iran’s most vulnerable citizens to die under the weight
of sanctions that do nothing to help the cause of the Green Movement.
Hence the attempt to portray any Iranian who opposes sanctions or war
as a stooge of the regime — and the hawks’ recent turn against the
Iranian opposition itself, for refusing to play Chalabi and tell them
what they want to hear. As the battle over Iran continues in
Washington, it is likely that the attacks on NIAC and other dovish
voices in the Iranian-American community are only going to get worse
rather than better," - Daniel Luban.

Mola Nasredeen

As I Said, We need Trita Parsi and

by Mola Nasredeen on

NIAC and ACLU to protect us from people like you. Emotionally disturbed rightwingers such as yourself are the most destructive ones. That's why it's all entertainment, game and fun for you when it comes to war and destruction. Of course you don't have any feelings for the young soldiers who die in these wars:

1. You are no ex marine or whatever but pose as one here.

2. You are devoid of any emotions and it has made you intellectually disable. One has to ask why you spend so much time on iranian dotcom?


Couldn't agree more about

by timothyfloyd on



Having a wonderful free day!

ex programmer craig


by ex programmer craig on

1. I don't believe you

I'm crushed!

It's a seriously wacky world you live in that you think an IRI supporter such as yourself can claim he has more sympathy and compassion for US troops than a former US Marine does, and anyone would believe you. 

For your next trick, maybe you should explain how your hatemongering against Israel is because you are so concerned for the poor unfortunate IDF soldiers and the hardships they must endure, eh?

Like I said earlier: the entertainment value is priceless :)

Nousha Arzu

Beautifully put, Samsam!

by Nousha Arzu on

Samsam writes: "In fact the biggest liability of NIAC is not so much what it claims to represent but hezbo majority who support it... It makes deciphering "what not to support items"  much easier & simpler."

Samsam, I could not have said it better! Whenever I see a supporter of the rapist mullah regime cheering someone or something or some cause, I BOLT the other way faster than you can say "No way, Jose!" No despicable Hezbollahi has EVER had the true interests of Iran at his or her heart -- none, no way, no how -- NEVER!

The ONLY thing a cunning supporter of the IRI cares about is the very survival of the ugly beast we've all come to know as the kleptocratric-serial rapist-mafia-mullacracy (read: IRI), which is hell-bent on abusing and using Iran's natural resources for its own anti-Iranian perverted gains until she's 100% broken! 

Rule of thumb: Whenever you see a shameless IRI apologist support a cause or an organization or its leader, a huge RED FLAG should go up immediately, for you MUST know that the cause or its leader is 100% BAD NEWS for Iran, and even worse for its citizens and their quest for freedom.


Mola Nasredeen

xpc, are you receiving disablity check from US government?

by Mola Nasredeen on

You sure talk like somebody who lives in his delusions, creating imaginary enemies and then fighting them in his imagination. That's why I said you're emotionally blocked and intellectualy disable for a serious dialogue. You can claim whatever you want about who you are or where you served and all that but you don't give a damn about American soldiers who are dying in stupid wars that people like you voted for. 

1. I don't believe you

2. It doesn't excuse your warmongering.

3. People like you are needed to remind us how living in US would've been for without the help and guidance of organizations such as NIAC and people like Trita Parsi.

4. Sara Palin your choice for the vice president has come out with a book. Go get it and read it, it may give peace of mind. 

ex programmer craig

btw ID

by ex programmer craig on

Because they’re an active, energetic Iranian-American group...

Whoever that guy is, he failed to make it past the second sentence without lying outright. The founder and president of NIAC is not an Iranian-American. 

This the best you can do? I guess I won't worry about staying up late tonight to refute all your brilliant responses! :p


ex programmer craig


by ex programmer craig on

This one's for you

Thanks! I guess! But what is that? A blog? You present the opinions of a blogger I've never even heard of as proof of something or other? To what purpose? Seems almost as bad as when you guys start referencing eachother's comments on here on IC as "evidence".

I get that y'all agree with eachother. And I get that you think that validating eachother's opinions is super-important. But what's that got to do with the real world, where people have to provide some evidence to back claims they are making? I mean, evidence besides the unsubstantiated personal opinions of other members of the click, of course.



by IRANdokht on

This one's for you:


"Why do Trita and NIAC get the right’s dander up?  Because they’re an active, energetic Iranian-American group with opposes the regime but does not support its violent overthrow as the Ledeen-Hoenlein-Aipac-Israel lobby crowd do.  For them Trita is an independent entity and they want to cut such figures down to size in order to render U.S. policy more pliant and malleable in their favor.

NIAC has sued an Iranian, Hassan Daioeslam, for slander.  The case just survived a ruling requiring discovery and depositions.  The defendant in the case is a member of the executive committee of Mujahadeen al-Khalq, an Iranian group named by the U.S. Treasury as a terrorist entity, because it seeks the violent overthrow of the Iranian regime.  Apparently, Daioeslam and his cohort have obtained documents from NIAC which prove…what, I’m not sure.  But neocons will tell you breathelessly that they prove that Trita Parsi is a pawn of the Iranian mullahs, doing their bidding in a valiant effort to allow Iran to develop a nuclear weapon." 


ex programmer craig


by ex programmer craig on

So after "getting back on topic" you are continuing to defend NIAC be defaming the people that NIAC has accused of defamation? lol.

Brilliant strategy! Much better than the "NIAC is not an IRI lobby and there's no evidence to suggest they are" tactic. Because, that really wasn't workingout very well for you at all, was it?


ex programmer craig


by ex programmer craig on

You can blab all you want. The policy you back caused all the casualties, not the one I backed.

So you just reaffirmed the fact that you just use the casualties as a talking point. Nothing more. Thanks for confirming that, but its been obvious for quite some time.


Take a look at their names and their age. Do you think they joined to be killed at such a young age?  

They joined for the same reasons I did. The 1983 barracxks bombing in Beirut was 3 days before my 20th birthday. Do you think my friends joined to be murdered by Iranians - whilst on a peacekeeping mission in Lebanon!? Your usage of American war dead as politcal pawns is despicable. Especially since you enthusiastically support the regime that has murdered so many American servicemen. If you want to use Iranian war dead as a talking point, you are free to do so and I won't say anything about it. But somebody who hates the US as much as you do has no business pretending sympathy for what have to be the equivalent of enemy combatants from your perspective. You insult the intelligence of every American on this website. 

And that gos for you too, IRANdokht, with your sly little back-patting of this opportunistic cretin. If you've got something to say then speak for yourself. You DO know how to do that, do you not? Enough with hiding behind regime internet-thugs while pretending to be a neutral.


Attacks orchestrated by a West Bank Settler

by IRANdokht on


"Ben-David ... a longtime AIPAC official, he now lives in the West Bank settlement of Efrat. (See MJ Rosenberg, a former AIPAC colleague of his, for background on this unpleasant-sounding man.) But Ben-David achieved special notoriety last month for his role in the smear campaign against the pro-Israel group J Street — a campaign that shared many of the hallmarks of the current one against NIAC. Ben-David published an attack on J Street that was sleazy even by the standards of that campaign; his main criticism was that the group had the temerity to mingle with, and even accept donations from, people with Arab names. Evidently such things are not done in the settlements. Unfortunately for Ben-David, one of his targets — the New American Foundation’s Rebecca Abou-Chedid, smeared as an anti-Semite apparently due solely to her last name — fought back, and Spencer Ackerman also wrote a memorable demolition of Ben-David’s transparent racism.

In any case, it seems that we now know who Michael Goldfarb is getting his talking points from. Between Daioleslam, Timmerman, and now Ben-David, NIAC appears to have the right choice of enemies."




Dear and wise Mola Nasredeen

by IRANdokht on

That was a great comment, true and complete.

Thank you!!! very well said!


Mola Nasredeen

xpc, Yes, American War Casualties

by Mola Nasredeen on

Do you give a damn about them? Watch NPR News Hour on Friday afternoons. On some Fridays at the end of the news they show the faces of dead American soldiers. Take a look at their faces, the twenty somthing war casualties looking back at you in silence. They are black /white and brown. Take a look at their names and their age. Do you think they joined to be killed at such a young age? 

People like you and the idiot from Texas you voted for are responsible for their death. I feel sorry for each and every one of them for being killed in senseless wars provoked and started by Republicans like you.

And now you and other warmongers want to start a war with Iran? You and your ilk will never get it because you are emotionally blocked and hence intellectualy disabled.

We Iranians are an Ancient people, we are Wise people, we see straight through your hatemongering and warmongering. We know who is standing for our rights in this country and it's not you, neocons, Mojahedins or monarchists. It's organizations like NIAC, ACLU (by the way many of Iranian Americans are members and leaders of ACLU too) and wise men like Trita Parsi who help us to grow and stand for our rights. Go and chew on that for a while.


For political/cultural directions,

by SamSamIIII on


newbie patriots must look for guidance upon the entities and personalities that hezboes/propagandists/shaik crowd/overnite-greens & ommaties support .

Once clear whom & what they support,  one  shall make sure to stay the hell away from what ever shady cause they support or propogate. The rule of thumb is simple & that includes NIAC .In fact the biggest liability of NIAC is not so much what it claimes to represent but hezbo majority who support it. So in this context ommaties who go cheering trita on are indeed singin his demise ..be my guest ;)

 & thats why a while back I asked for weekly editorials on this site by major ommaties . It makes deciphering "what not to support items"  much easier & simpler;:)) .


Path of Kiaan Resurrection of True Iran Hoisting Drafshe Kaviaan //iranianidentity.blogspot.com //www.youtube.com/user/samsamsia


Nope, Not really Craig,

by Q on

Q you must be getting pretty desperate to be trying to turn Mola's use of American war casualties as a talking point around on me.

Nah... I just see a phoney who is seeking the last refuge of the scoundral.

but do you really think I got tripped up

Yes, this is usually the rule with you. We have many examples!

You can blab all you want. The policy you back caused all the casualties, not the one I backed.

In absense of any real arguments you have to fantacize about me and what you imagine I would say or not say. First sign of losing grip on reality. It's tragic really. But I understand having to find a twisted psycho way of dealing with it, just so you can keep your sanity. It's OK!

ex programmer craig


by ex programmer craig on

Q you must be getting pretty desperate to be trying to turn Mola's use of American war casualties as a talking point around on me. 

Wait a minute, wouldn't I be for another war if that cheap talking point

was valid? (once again you didn't think this through, did you?)

I realize you aren't very bright but do you really think I got tripped up by the way you constantly bring up Iraqi and American deaths to demonize US foreign policy? Of course the bigger the numbers the better, when your intent is to demonize America. It's not complicated. I bet you were crying when the Iraqi Government released the offical count of 85,000 Iraqis killed by the war, rather than the 2 million number you like to use. You liked the 2 million number better. Admit it.


What are the DNC Puppet's going to say

by timothyfloyd on

When Obama sanctions Iran?

Oh well it's better than Bomb Bomb Bomb...or something dumb to excuse it...

They are facing a very large Irony..

Except they are really not facing it.

Instead they are just back to the DNC feeding trough to devour more Democrat B.S. they love it so much,which now includes acting like Iranian's problems are 'Necons attacking the NIAC' while they write up sanctions on Iran and press them thru congress..

Their followers are simply amazing to believe whatever they tell them!!

Like I said,as their 'party' draws up sanctions and pushes them thru congress,this day...Iranians are reading about the REAL STORY-- Necons attacking Trita parsi!!!

It's going to be unbelievable..

Because Next thing is those Iranian/American Democrat puppets that are so against sanctiions,will be supporting those Sanctions becuase Obama and a entire congress of Democrats will be doing them...And at a far worse intensity than Bush ever..

Yes Ironic indeed.


Have a wonderful free day!


Another good article just published

by Q on

I added it here:



it's tempting to suspect that lobbying isn't the real issue here, and that the that paper is rather more concerned with what it describes as the NIAC's "emergence as a major player in Washington and leading voice for engaging Iran and ultimately lifting U.S. sanctions". Indeed, it's easy to conclude from the tone of the piece and of the developing conversation surrounding it, that the real mission here is to paint Parsi as a tool of the Islamic Republic and therefore an enemy of America.

After all, the Washington Times - and  the voices that have lined up to support it on this issue - don't have a problem with lobbyists per se. (Or indeed with charismatic leaders. The Washington TImes was founded by  Sun Myung Moon and is funded by the Moonies.)


LOL! Craig, you never fail with the humor

by Q on

military casualties are just a cheap talking point for you,

As opposed to the way you used them against Molla just now?

I'm sure you wish the numbers were higher so your claims would have more of a bite.

Wait a minute, wouldn't I be for another war if that cheap talking point was valid? (once again you didn't think this through, did you?)

As always you're free to be as deluded as you wish.


Back to the subject of NIAC and the Neocon smear campaign

by IRANdokht on

Here's Andrew Sullivan of Daily Dish speaking of this email and the neocon's role:


"In all this, a figure like NIAC's Trita Parsi is dangerous. Charismatic, telegenic, close to the Obama administration and yet a man whose credentials during the Green Revolution are impeccable: he suggests that neocon Manicheanism is far too crude to understand let alone resolve this crisis. Parsi opposes sanctions, for example, as do Karroubi and Mousavi. And, more relevant with respect to the neocons, he opposes war. And so if you want to understand the motives behind the leaked documents behind Eli Lake's recent fair story, you need look no further. Smearing the non-neocon Green opposition as essentially pro-Khamenei solidifies the neoconservative war project.

This is pretty obvious but we now have some rare and clear proof of how the neocons operate."



ex programmer craig


by ex programmer craig on

And now you are the big lover of the US military!

US military casualties are just a cheap talking point for you, Q. I'm sure you wish the numbers were higher so your claims would have more of a bite. As such, I think it's pretty hilarious for you to be pretending to be concerned for the welfare of American troops.

Who knew that IRI stooges felt so much compassion for the American soldier!This just gets better and better! How long will it be before the rest of your crew shows up here to shed some crocodile tears over US casualties?