Who is attacking Trita Parsi?


Who is attacking Trita Parsi?
by Q

The email is part of the expose by Foreign Policy magazine.

Here Hassan Daioleslam admits to a campaign of character assassination and defamation on Trita Parsi and sells it to known pro-War conservative Ken Timmerman, so he can use it against Obama and Clinton!

Timmerman is the author of "The coming nuclear showdown with Iran", who predicted that Iran will be testing a nuclear weapon by the end of the year in 2006. He also writes for such bastions of objective journalism as "NewsMax".

Read all about him here:

I don't know who is using who anymore. Maybe mutual to some degree: Hassan Dai and his MEK connections using Neocons to get rid of the only credible Iranian voice in Washington by "destroying" Parsi, or Neocons like Timmerman using Dai "Chalabi style" so they can push for a war with Iran. Both sides have ties to Israel. But the law of the jungle says that the more powerful (Neocons) are probably running the show.

Update 11/16/2009 : As promised I will include some of the more substantive comments made by visitors. Thanks Everyone for your participation.

Why they hate Parsi you may ask?
by Mola Nasredeen on Mon Nov 16, 2009 08:50 AM PST

Because he asks the right questions from the right people, the ones who are residing in the centers of power.

And he lets them know immediately that he's nobody's fool, you can't fool Mr parsi. He stands his own ground while coalition building. He with the help of NIAC advanced the interests of the Iranian American Community on civic, cultural and political issues

Trita Parsi and NIAC supplied the resources, knowledge and tools to enable civic participation and informed decision making. They provided the infrastructure for bridge-building across the network of Iranian American organizations and the peoples of America and Iran.

In 2008, NIAC defeated a Congressional resolution that would have paved the way for a US-Iran war.

-- In 2009, NIAC launched a successful campaign seeking a retraction from California Representative Jane Harman, whose controversial statement regarding the "separation" of Iran's ethnic groups offended many. In response to NIAC's efforts, Rep. Harman quickly retracted her comment and expressed regret for the concern it caused.

-- NIAC successfully compelled the National Geographic Society to correct their 8th edition maps to read "Persian Gulf" instead of "Arabian Gulf."

-- NIAC successfully challenged Monster.com's discrimination against Iranian Americans, compelling the company to give Iranian Americans a fair chance to compete in the job market.

-- NIAC sought and obtained an apology from MSNBC's Don Imus for a derogatory comment he made in 2004 about an Iranian airliner crash that killed 43 passengers.

-- NIAC worked with writer/director Wayne Kramer and the Weinstein Company to make changes to the screenplay for Crossing Over (2007). The film originally depicted Iranian Americans committing an "honor killing." Had the script not changed, the movie would have had similar effects for the Iranian-American community as the film Not Without My Daughter (1991)

--NIAC has registered thousands of Iranian-American voters.

--NIAC published the first-ever IranCensus, showing the make-up of our community.

There are those in the center of power who want to turn the cold war between US and Iran into a military war and they hate NIAC and Trita Parsi while Iranian Americans who lived during US Hostage Crisis hate to re-live that period.


Update. Dai was confronted about his false allegations and his personal connections to MEK on Persian TV.


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Mola Nasredeen

I do check people's background when they try to start a new war

by Mola Nasredeen on

Timmerman is another AIPAC operative and I have posted the links. Mr Timmerman and AIPAC are not friends of Iranian people or American people. Their mission in life is to protect Israel and I suggest you watch the report on iranian dotcom homepage title: "UK Israel Lobby". You may learn a few things about Israel Lobby in general. //iranian.com/main/2009/nov/inside-britains-israel-lobby


"Yes, it has. You can't

by timothyfloyd on

"Yes, it has. You can't simply make a claim and wait for it to be "disproven". It has to be proven first and it hasn't been."

Well Q you can make a presumption without being a called a Liar.At least civil people can..And no,I disagree,You can't say those claims are Lies because they are unproven.Lies are proven falsehoods.
Presumptions are unproven.
Those claims are Presumptions about Iran's Secret Nuclear program.Not even from Timmerman,but reported And your quick to call them Lies and Timmerman a liar but noone knows or knew in 2005 of Iran's secrets,and I very much doubt you do either.

In other words,you don't know if it's was a lie or not.

Iran may have had the capibility in 2006 it is a possibility and it's possible at this moment.

And Who know's about Iran,not everyone has the trust,well most noone has the trust in Iran that can be found here.

I am trying to find that quote,are you sure it is from him?It must be from his book?

I haven't read it.I've only really read his report's and I apologize,I am wrong about him making statements.Although they are hard to find in the media compared to his reporting.
I agree alot of those conservative writers stories have fear in them,mostly based from terrorism.On a Bi-polar level so do the other sites in the fear of the conservative's,more like hate... Myself I would rather read the fear about terrorists than the hate about conservatives..

Mole I don't have to check people background's to hear their opinions.

Have a wonderful free day!


Timothy, yea, I guess you're right

by Q on

Q they are not proven not to be facts
what you are claiming now that he 'reported as facts' could still be facts.

Yes, you're right. I guess IRI could still test a nuclear weapon by 2006!

To look at what we are talking about specifically I believe is the story -Iran has plans to bomb to the U.S. ' now that is NOT proven to be false yet is it?

Yes, it has. You can't simply make a claim and wait for it to be "disproven". It has to be proven first and it hasn't been. As is typical with Timmerman and other neoconservatives they simply substitute fear and ideology for facts and certainty. There is not a shortage of fantastic and sensationalist stories that have been written in rags like NewsMax with little credibility.


Shame on NIAC's self serving leaders

by Elvis on


 Why would NIAC want to silence VOA, and control all NGOs funding?

Read the article.  Truth will eventually come out, although many will choose to live in denial.      


the last paragraph says it all:

"Keep in mind, this is an organization that claims on its tax forms that it DOES NOT engage in lobbying. Moreover, all of the group's efforts seems focused on preventing additional sanctions, eliminating U.S. democracy funding initiatives, and destroying the Voice of America's Persian service and Radio Farda. The regime couldn't come up with a better set of priorities for NIAC, which may explain why so many people are wondering on behalf of whom NIAC is working." 



Mola Nasredeen

AIPAC's Timmerman is also on the Advisory board of Jewish

by Mola Nasredeen on

Institute for National Security Affairs.

And what is Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs you may ask? It

It's one of the core organizations of Israeli Lobby (AIPAC) in US. 

This is what they do:

"Many observers regard JINSA as a core element of the so-called Israel Lobby in the United States, including realist scholars Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer, who, in their controversial 2006 paper "The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy," highlighted JINSA as one of several influential policy institutes that constitute the "think tank" arm of the “Israel Lobby.” They wrote: "Over the past 25 years, pro-Israel forces have established a commanding presence at the American Enterprise Institute, the Brookings Institution, the Center for Security Policy, the Foreign Policy Research Institute, the Heritage Foundation, the Hudson Institute, the Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis, and the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA). These think tanks are decidedly pro-Israel, and include few, if any, critics of U.S. support for the Jewish state.


Mr Kenneth Timmerman is doing his job, not saving Iranian democracy but Israel's dominance. 



Q they are not proven not to be facts

by timothyfloyd on

I can agree on alot of what you said,but I appreciate he reported those stories Q and that people are not told to shut up just because the story involves 'bombing iran'.Yes he is a specialist on iran intelligence and that is part of his magneticism.And also what you are claiming now that he 'reported as facts' could still be facts.To look at what we are talking about specifically I believe is the story -Iran has plans to bomb to the U.S. ' now that is NOT proven to be false yet is it?

By the way Bush was the President at the time and this was his head of National Security.We still didn't bomb Iran..However the reporter who reported the story- WANTS TO FOR SURE!! Am I right?

No,I don't think so..

Have a wonderful free day!


Ok Timothy, let's say you're right,

by Q on

He doesn't make 'statement's,he just reports..

is it the sign of a good journalist or an unbaised one to report lies that other people may have told him? And to keep doing so, keep using the same sources and continue as if it is the truth?

That's not a journalist, that's a propagandist.

I have backed up the statements. "Someone else told me" is not an excuse. He reported them as facts, he make his headlines, he sold his books, and the damage they did is indisputable.

this, by the way, is the same exact kind of journalism that now everyone agrees led to the war in Iraq. The press didn't question and scrutinize (i.e. do their job) and in some cases they actively promoted the war.

Now it is a textbook case of bad journalism, according to all respected members of the profession. Timmerman hasn't gotten the memo.


Well Q  then one twist

by timothyfloyd on

Well Q  then one twist must deserve another to you because these statements you are trying to refer to as Timmerman's statement's or (facts) are from his reporting of other people's statements.

He doesn't make 'statement's,he just reports..

So I ask you again,back up your statement.

And Thanks for trying to make the impression of the Head of the National Security's statement's as Timmerman's.Thanks but they are not Timmerman's lies but he was only reporting what the National Security had said.As a favor to both our intelligence.

Thanks and yes one more Democrat for sanctions on the floor



Have a wonderful free day!


Timothy, don't twist my words

by Q on

I didn't say he "called" for it. That's not a fact. He didn't spell it out, but his facts could have easily led to nuclear war with Iran.

For example he has said Iran did 9/11:

Iranian government was “deeply, directly and materially involved” in the preparation, the planning, the execution “and the aftermath of the attack in helping Al Qaeda“.

and he has said:

Iran Plans Nuclear Strike on U.S.

and he has said:

Tehran is planning a nuclear weapons test before the Iranian New Year on March 20, 2006.

These statements are all lies, and have proven to be very thoroughly since he made them.

However, if a government like the Bush Administrations listened to his facts they would have no choice but to attack Iran.

Afghanistan was attacked for being complicit in 9/11, according to Timmerman, Iran was just as complicit.

Israel and US have said they will not let Iran achieve nuclear weapons status and had Timmerman been right, they would have had to attack Iran.

Any number of analysts have said that in such a scenario a war would escalate to a nuclear confrontation. Some (formerly) influential neocons were calling for it already:

Had all these things been true people like Bolton might have had the chance to implement their policy (nuclear attack on Iran.)

So, we conclude that if we listened to Timmerman, Iran could have been nuked by now.

I don't even care what he personally believes. Anybody can espouse any belief, that doesn't mean he's truthful and responsible with his "journalism."

This is the man who Hassan Dai was collaborating with against Parsi.


Q can you back that?

by timothyfloyd on

Q can you back that statement by telling me where Timmerman called for dropping Nuclear Bombs on Iran?

And I mean- Nuclear bombs..

Please defend your statement.

thank you

Have a wonderful free day!


One more Dem for ya Q!!



Timothy, thanks for the lecture

by Q on

if we listened to his facts Iran would be nuked by now.


Q on the email business

by timothyfloyd on

I hate to get into it because it's a email,another case of he said,she said.But even to back Timmerman again,its easy for what he supposedly said about ' the facts'..And he is a reporter and I like his reporting simply because he always does use facts,even if it is one sided.He is credible in most cases and breaks news that the left will not break sometimes due to their 'politics'.About news,I want to know,I don't care if it goes against a news organization's politic's or not.

Here's another Democrat (In power) pushing the sanctions while you've been worried about the Neocons forever now


Have a wonderful free day!


Hassan Dai responds

by Q on

Hassan Dai has responded (gave an "interview" to his own organization) to the specific allegations, some of which I have highlighted above, specifically the email to Kenneth Timmerman.

I posted it here, it's in Persian.

He's saying "I made a mistake using those words". What he says is that he didn't mean to say "Attack on Obama and Clinton", he meant attack on their Iran policies.

He also blames all the partisanship on Timmerman and says that he himself is closer to Obama.

Sounds a little cheesy of an excuse. Timmerman certainly didn't seem to take it that way (policies) and the distinction is almost moot. Of course an "attack" on the policies is also an attack on the candidate. What do you think attacks on candidates look like during crucial election years? Also, he's asking if Diane Feinstein is running for reelection which also suggests political motives.

Anyway, I read it as just a bit of damage control in Dai trying to distance himself from American partisan atmosphere. But given that a unabashed partisan with clear and stated electoral goals (Timmerman) was bankrolling him, I'm not sure it's very believable.


Q while you spent the last days worrying about

by timothyfloyd on

Timmerman and protecting Trita Parsi (who is under Democrat control now) Democrats were tightening up Sanctions in congress.

However,the public that says it is concerned about the Sanctions,are too busy attacking the 'Neocon's to notice.

Have a look and tell me if you think Timmerman and the Neocons were on the floor Tuesday.


Have a wonderful free day!

p.s. you shoulda voted for Ron Paul


Things to ponder about Timmerman

by Q on

Iranian nuclear weapons test
"United Press International carried a story last Thursday about a group called the Foundation for Democracy in Iran," William Rivers Pitt wrote January 22, 2006, in truthout. "This group, according to the UPI story, claims that, 'Tehran is planning a nuclear weapons test before the Iranian New Year on March 20, 2006.' FDI, according to the story, offered absolutely no proof to back this claim. But that's not three to five years. That's less than ten weeks. Scary stuff, right?

"Take a closer look, however," Pitt wrote, "and you can see the fingerprints of the architects of our current Iraq boondoggle all over this. The Foundation for Democracy in Iran is run by a man named Kenneth Timmerman. Timmerman is umbilically connected to the godfather of right-wing think tanks, the American Enterprise Institute. It was the American Enterprise Institute that spawned the Project for the New American Century, the think tank that gave us Cheney, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, the original noise about Iraqi WMD, and the idea that a military takeover of the entire Mideast is a bully idea. The same people that terrorized the American people into unnecessary war in Iraq are preparing to do the same with Iran, and all in time for the midterms.

"One must also note the irony of the suggested date for this Iranian nuclear test. March 20, 2006, for those not paying attention, is the three-year anniversary of our invasion of Iraq. And round and round we go," Pitt wrote.



"In 2008, NIAC defeated a

by timothyfloyd on

"In 2008, NIAC defeated a Congressional resolution that would have paved the way for a US-Iran war."

Like this statement,what is this? The NIAC defeated a congressional resolution? And just how did they do that?

This is a Falsehood (Lie)  and a Exaggeration in one sentence.

The LIE is that they were responsible for defeating a congressional resolution..Just how is that possible? Are they a 'congressional' party?

The Exaggeration is that the resolution would have paved the way for war.

I'm sure I could spend a lifetime correcting the B.S. like this but of course I cannot.So unfortunately the people who are not intelligent to sort it out,will be on the side of those taking advantage of them.

And by the way,I would never attack the NIAC,I would however attack a bunch of people going around lying about the situation.

Have a wonderful free day!


I answered the Question and Noone wants to know the truth

by timothyfloyd on

Now I went to NEWSMAX to find out what Kenneth Timmerman said about Trita Parsi after all the excitement and found out Kenneth timmerman (Warmonger) has only simply reported Trita Parsi's actions thruout the years.

I have posted the Articles where Kenneth Timmerman has mentioned Trita Parsi here so the TRUTH is at least available on this website.

However since noone will go read Kenneth Timmermans' reporting but continue to keep calling him a Warmonger,Slanderer etc without even having a clue as to what they are talking about,show's their real intelligence level.Especially when everthing is online and within seconds you can go prove these people wrong,.

However,after being proven wrong,it doesn't matter to them.

There is not one slander of the NIAC or Trita Parsi from Newsmax or Kenneth Timmerman,however the slander in Return from obvious individuals with biased reasons is far greater.

As far as Newsmax and Kenneth Timmerman,they have been around a long long time and not going anywhere.

If you don't like the news,don't shoot the messenger.There will just be another messenger to come..

Thanks for the tunnel visioned one sided biased closed minded views.

Have a wonderful free day!


they were allowed in 2006

by peace45 on

read the fact before jumping the gun.  I am amazed, how people can defend this guy who has not done anything for Iranan community and all his effort has been to score brownies for the regme.


Resend- Message id Nov 14 -837466578585858577

by oktaby on

The question is: who is defending Trita not-parsi? and why?

and why so vociferously and attacking any opposing view?

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Mola Nasredeen

NIAC was denied to open an office in Iran as early as a few

by Mola Nasredeen on

months ago. Stop misinforming and mis-translating.


Parsi: "NIAC Has a Good Name in Iran"

by peace45 on

Parsi reassures Mansouri -- "NIAC has a good name in Iran and your association with it will not harm you."

On 3/17/06, Trita Parsi wrote:

Re the Iran trip, I think it will be difficult to get out of this
one. Since nothing extraordinary has occurred since we submitted the
proposal (Ahmadinejad was already in office) we are going to have a
tough time with this one. Nevertheless, we have to be careful and not
put you in risk. I can tell you though that NIAC has a good name in
iran and your association with it will not harm you. In fact, I believe
two of our board members are in Iran as we speak!

How can NIAC have had a "good name in Iran" if it was working to
promote human rights, to foster democracy, and to undermine the
authoritarian regime? Simple: it couldn't, and it wasn't. While the
left screams about AIPAC and the "Israel Lobby," they rise to defend a
man who, by his own estimation, was in the good graces of the
Ahmadinejad regime as recently as two years ago. Surely that was
because the regime viewed NIAC as "sympathetic."

Mola Nasredeen

An excellent interview by Mr Parsi, read the complete text at

by Mola Nasredeen on


Thanks to Majid Zahrai for posting it under the News. Here is an excerpt

آقای پارسی از نایاک انتقاد می‌شود که پیگیر سیاست‌هایی‌ست که عملاً دولت ایران به دنبالش است. پاسخ شما به منتقدین‌تان در این حوزه چیست؟

سیاست‌هایی که سازمان نایاک از آن حمایت کرده، سیاست‌هایی‌ است که به نفع مردم ایران و به نفع مردم آمریکا است. ما ضد جنگ هستیم. ما نظرمان این است که اگر میان ایران و آمریکا جنگ شود، هم به ضرر مردم آمریکا خواهد بود و هم به ضرر مرد ایران و از همه مهم‌تر به ضرر مردمی می‌شود که در ایران از دموکراسی طرف‌داری می‌کنند.

به خاطر همین ما خیلی سفت و محکم از جنگ جلوگیری کرده‌ایم. متأسفانه به همین دلیل گروه‌هایی که طرف‌دار جنگ هستند، و گروه‌های تندرویی که در واشینگتن هستند، کمپین بسیار بزرگ ضد نایاک را شروع کرده‌اند و سعی می‌کنند صدای قوی ایرانیانی که در آمریکا هستند را کاملاً شکست دهند.

ex programmer craig


by ex programmer craig on

We'll see :)


ex programmer craig is wrong


NIAC or any other group you are blindly against is only damaged goods in YOUR eyes. and you are in the minority my friend.

ex programmer craig


by ex programmer craig on

And with connections like Dr. Limbert it is safe to say that NIAC is a permanent fixture in US-Iran politics.

NIAC is damaged goods now, no matter what happens. Same as what happened to CAIR.

American Dream


by American Dream on

NIAC has good friend like John Limbert.


Limbert was a diplomat that was held hostage in Iran for 444 days.

A U.S. diplomat in Iran for 444 days?  Dr. Limbert must have some connections.

Dr. Limbert even taught at the U.S. Naval Academy.  He has connections with liberals that stationed him in Tehran during President Carter's Administration and conservatives that stationed him in the U.S. Naval Academy.

NIAC is truly a group that is fighting for the rights of Iranian Americans.  And with connections like Dr. Limbert it is safe to say that NIAC is a permanent fixture in US-Iran politics.




And who is your PR firm, "peace45" ?

by Q on

because someone needs to explain "lose" versus "loose" to you.

Thanks for not backing up your charge of "crook" toward Trita Parsi. It makes perfect sense.


NIAc has hired the same PR firm as Qadaffi has.

by peace45 on

NIAC has hired Brown Lloyd James, a PR firm , to defend themselves. Why??

 Parsi has a lot to loose but where do they get the money to hire Brown LLoyd James, the most expensive PR firm 

American Dream

Freedom5, medicine? Are you in a padded room?

by American Dream on

"in fact we IRANIAN should be asking for the other Iranian to re join main land.. such as Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan."

Those countries are independant countries.  They were under Russian rule in the 1800s.  So much time has passed that those countries have more in common with modern Russia than with Iran. 

The rest of your last post is just one big rambling sentence of what you think about me.  Simply put, "Yek kami peech-haa-yat shol-eh!"

As for your knowledge of American history, it is as weak as you knowledge of Iranian history.

Better to keep your mouth closed and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt?


American Dream,taste your own medicine

by Freedom5 on

Do not patronize me by giving slogans, we are all IRANIAN. Kurd , balouch , Azari……in fact we IRANIAN should be asking for the other Iranian to re join main land.. such as Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan.What is your purpose on this site …..  sabotage. You are sick minded and everybody know. You are saying that you are IRANIAN but I am certain that you are lying. You are true enemy of IRANIAN and IRAN.Why don't you taste your own medicine, and speak on behalf of your beloved country the US. People are being exploited in the US, the black want independence so as the native and Mexican as well as the South as a wholelisten to me and listen good, there is no minority in IRAN, I know you don't know what IRAN means but we all are IRANIAN with different backgrounds.You me know Farsi but sir, you are not Iranian. My guess is that you either from Iraq or Afghanistan and you find this site to throw your obscured comments for simply the hate that you have for us.