Was Israel behind the assasination of the iranian nuclear scientist?

by obama

Israel, as Iran's No. 1 enemy has been after Iran for a long time. Sanctions were all orchestrated by the israelis and their decoys in washington. Israel as the colonizer does not want to have the smart Iranians with vast land and a great culture be in their way of colonizing the region politically and financially. Nuclear power, even for peaceful purposes would bring Iran a huge progress in science and technology. Iran can be the lightning rod in west Asia, and Israel wants to make sure that won't happen.

Israel knows that realistically cannot invade or bomb Iran, that would be the stupidest thing they could do. Sanctions have been in place and more coming, but that's not enough for Israel. So, they go to the source - the brains behind the nuclear technology. After all, this is what Israel has been doing to all its enemies in Lebanon, Syria and many other places.

Let's not allow our hatred of IRI to be taken advantage of by the israelis against our country. When it comes to the nemies of Iran, we have to unite against them. Israel is the real cancer in the middle east that needs radiation. read the article below and start connecting the missing links and you decide for yourself if Israel was behind the assasination of our scientist and kidnapping of others. What do you think? 



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These Israelis make a nation of conflict and killing. 

They are probably against the latest fake documents to extradite an Iranian Scientist from France to the USA. Enhanced interrogation awaits you Mr. Majid Kakavand 37 year old scientist!!!!

Just tell them Iran has lots of nuclear bombs and yellow cake. Just let Iran become Iraq.