Iranian.Com Sourcewatched

Iranian.Com Sourcewatched
by NUR

Here it is, the Iranian.Com Sourcewatch article.

I find it quite amusing that according to the site's own statistics 70-80% of the users come from North America. What is more interesting is that one of the advisors of this site is the Asia Society which was set-up by John Rockefeller and is tied to the Rockefeller foundation.

No wonder (besides other closer to home reasons) that there is a pronounced pro-Baha'i spin here on this site. The Rockefellers and Rockefeller money is the nexus. Go figure...


See articles Bill Gates, Philanthropy and Social Engineering 



The Project For A New American Humanitarianism: Olympian Ambitions from Darfur to Tibet and Beijing



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Nur, Why are you ignoring me

by Nur'sfan (not verified) on


What's up with you? Why are you ignoring me!
I left you several messages. Come on, please don't break my heart.

Del Shekastan Honar Nist.

If you provide me with your name. I will google you and post the links as well..

that will excite you babe..

rosie is roxy is roshan

Q Nur

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

Q, Nur iis only blind when it ccomes to Jahanshah and the Bahai. He's perfectly fine with anything else. .

Whatever you may think of Sufism or white magic, you have to admit it's not crazy and it was meant to be constructive.


As for the deletions, two out of three were mine. The other one I don't know. I didn't look down the thread.



Qoor, qoor, khar khodeti

by NUR on

I've run searches through google every which way and a Sunday, and I've gotten well over 13 links. Try more like 13 pages+!

Don't be a gullible MORON, or if you are, don't assume others are MORONs like you!

BTW why have there been comments deleted from this thread? There were 195 comments yesterday and now there are 192. Obviously JJ has been busy censoring!

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Nur nur, cheshmet koor!

by Q on

I can't believe how brainwashed you really are. You honestly can't recorgnize reality anymore can you?

First, you have to put the phrases in QUOTES. When you do that you see that there are only 13 links.

and except for the one in this blog, none of them even allege that JJ is part of NED or had anything to do with NED. The NED is part of some other discussion somewhere else in the page. There is no link period, let alone anything "credible".

Now do the same for hitler and National Endowment for Democracy and see how many hits you get. G'head!!!


Yes, it's all in your head.

You really need help. Please see a psychologist.

Also, don't forget this one:


don't be SO STUPID!!!


To sayanim ARI/Iranian.Com = Southpark

by NUR on

Google Jahanshah Javid and National Endowment for Democracy and see how many hits you get. G'head!


Now do the same for and National Endowment for Democracy. G'head!


As you can see - that is, so long as your sayanim ski-goggles of up being down and down being up are off - my pointing out possible connections of this site to the NED is decisively not out of left field nor is it the first time this has all come up. Others have also pointed it out in the past. So, brother, DENIAL still does not become a river in Misraim!

BTW anyone else notice that this whole site together with many of its regular contributors is like a huge Southpark caricature of the Iranian community of North America. Go figure... 

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Rosie I saw a program on

by Pawn (not verified) on

Rosie I saw a program on pubic TV today about the cold war, early 20th century and late 20th century. The proxy wars and the genocides and ethnic cleansing on the borders of world powers.

They said USSR and China both had to change. USSR during Gorbachov changed with both political and economical reforms and it collapsed. China on the other hand made the economical reforms but stood fast in their political control ala Tianamen square. I also watched Milk this weekend which brings everything home with gay rights movement which goes on to this day but started with Harvey Milk.

So every country has its own timetable and agenda. You can't pick A movement and rally behind it. You pick whatever movement has the momentum at the moment and try to get something out of it. Osanloo in fact got momentum. He really did. The political reform in Iran is difficult, so is economical reforms. One step forward two steps back.

Khatami's reforms silenced by Ahmadinejad's firebrand loonacy. Then come's Ahmadinejad's cold turkey (trying anyway) distance of Govt subsidies of gas rationing and tax reforms followed by immediate riots.

So nothing is absolute and we should just go with the flow. I suggest you pick up topics that are in "style". Whatever the topic, don't be choosy. I liked your little bird blog. Serious heavy subjects are a bore and some pick wild off base policitcal topics just to get attention and the other side is eager enough to give them respect and attention they don't deserve.

Just go with the flow.


ARi is a common Kurdish name

by googleisyourfriend (not verified) on

ARi is a common Kurdish name also.


Nur, I respect you and Commend you

by Non-Bahai (not verified) on

You r fantastic Man, I respect you and commend your efforts in exposing this cult.


Rosie I don't think you'll

by Pawn (not verified) on

Rosie I don't think you'll ever get tired of leading the dance. Maybe you're tired now but the moment a blog or article sparks your interest or sparks some interest you'll be at it again. It is just you, the rest of us are in fact tired.

Many of us went through the revolution and more or less talked ourselves out. All we're left to do is to "analyze", as in analyze this, analyze that, (DeNiro;).

The reason some of your blogs don't get comments (not attention) for example the worker's blog, is because well we know workers are screwed in Iran. They took the bus driver's union leader to jail and workers continue to get screwed.

Anyway, just because people comment on a blog or article or a photo essay, it doesn't mean they are discussing that particular blog or article or that photo essay. They are "commenting" because they want to communicate with each other, to talk to each other, not necessarily talk about that subject.

So continue to be happy and keep us on our toes regardless of what we do or say. I think you've earned that right and your stripes here. We are all nut cases! Really, we are, one way or another and you some how seem to know how to keep us in line ;o) Okee dokee?!



by ahvazi on

Change ur name to Koor :-)

Volek waaghan Bikari.... 



rosie is roxy is roshan

my long post below /jj biased / rosie lead dance../marge-ari

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

The post of mine which really matters here is the first one to sam BELOW my second very long one to him. But I see the second one is virtually unreadable, so many mistakes because I was so upset. I am going back now to correct it.

JJ is biased because that is human nature. He tries hard to be as fair as possible but it's impossible for anyone to be completely fair. Impossible. There are mechanisms provided within the website to ensure the fairness factor be as high as possible, primary among them blogging. If people don't use them enough to effect change, that's on them, not JJ..

dance: Rosie's getting tired of leading the dance. There are several reasons why I am able to see things and call things which at least carry important PARTIAL truths and if anyone wants me to I wiill say what they are and elaborate on them. I have thought about it a lot. But I will now post here what I've been posting around quite  a bit these past couple of days which explains why I am tired of leading the dance. I spent a month reseraching the very serious labor purges that have been occuring in IRI. If I had not written many people to ask them to comment there would've been exactly two posts, links from two human rights activists, one an organization, with absolutely no comment.

So the conversaton on the thread was between three people and me, three people INVITED by me by e-mail (among many others who did not RSVP)worse still, three people chronically accused of being "right-wingers" on a blog about Labor! Not one single person from this (pseudo) Left on this website even bothered to stop and piss on this blog. The issue was not even important enough to serve as a toilet. Wouldn't you get sick of leading or even participating in a dance where with all your hard work on important and critical issues u don't even get the same respect as a toilet on really important things? This isn't the first time   it's happened and it won't be the last. Regardless of how important the are, my blogs are among the most undercommented. here.

. //

The Nur issue is important but he is someone who needs to be dialgoued with so he can overcome his basic illogicality, as I explained to Ari below, and he finally understood--not to have lofty debates on whatever. So siily. True, it is admirable that so many people rally to the defense of the Bahai, but if you think about it do these people ever generate submissions on the Bahai. Almost all of these submissios come from the Bahai themelvers or jj. Think about it.

Re Ari: Ari is a very common Israeli name. And as you know, I know these things due to my upbringing.


Does this mean commentators are whatched!?!

by Marchild (not verified) on

The fact is that JJ is BIASED. His bias is anti-Islam, but you can not brand him pro-Bahai. If you feel he is pro-Bahai, it is because he uses Bahai to lash Islam.

The fact is that many pro Islam comments do not get published.

Shayad in kaar JJ ra az noon khordan mindazeh? Man keh nemidoonam!

We all hope this comment gets posted.


To Samsam IIII

by jimzbund on


These Omati viruses usually come in as  TROJANS , pretending to be something different thanwhat they are and start acting like WORMS which is bottom feeding and multiplying ,. But forget that their PORTs!!!! are wide open and are exposed throgh our PINGing.Please apply the next patch to him !!! it might lead him to DENIAL OF SERVICE attack.


Bund, Jimz Bund


It's not that funny. More

by Pawn (not verified) on

It's not that funny. More importantly Leili was a woman. NUR has these opinions that we've read here in this blog so Ari's reference is not that far off. Actually he's been "soft" on him.

It is not just our resident Haifan Bahais that go Mettalica on him, everyone who has ghahr with his/her aunt jumps at him and call hims a looney. In the name of freedom and anti-bigotry of course ;o)

By the way here's a tarot card for you as you are one of us;


I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Oh and I think I see where you think I "couldn't resist"

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

I quoted Jahanshah Javid in calling him "miserably moron". As a joke off of my previous comment. I think what JJ called him was wrong. I was actually shocked to see JJ get so defensive and angry. Name calling wasn't usually his tactic. I was also surprised that as an internet occupation man, JJ didn't see that this guy had been watching lots of Zeitgeist and conspiracy videos for too many uninterrupted hours. 

I thank you for following my previous statement about NUR's mental instability and how wrong it was to engage him in an argument. However, I did not mean to call him a moron. That quote was meant as a satire itself on jewish conspiracies, not NUR. It was also related to Ari and what I speculate he might experience because of his name. It was a dumb joke, like all of my jokes actually, which tend to get people here thinking I'm either an IRI prostitute trying to work my way up, OR just a toxic asset. More seeming value than actual value. Sianara. 

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Of course it's funny? Do you not have a pulse?

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

He is assuming that Ari's name is the Jewish Ari therefore a conspiracy. I think a lot of people assume this about Our Ari. Our Dear Ari I should say. He's a wonderful writer and thinker. With or without illness, people make this mistake a lot I'm sure. Anyway it doesn't matter. It must be hard for ARI because unfortunately there are people who probably think of him as part of the vast jewish conspiracy if he disagrees with them IF they are conspiracy subscribers. NUR might be one, but he is also mentally ill in my non-medical, internet trolling dolling opinion. I think what some of the Bahais here have done to him is unhelpful, but typical of religious people who get knotted panties.


Dearest Marge

by Pawn (not verified) on

Yes I've been reading Rosie's dissertation in this blog. You are right about but no one other than Rosie has the hoseleh to bang head as much as she does. So she IS the person to lead the dance.

On the other hand I thought you started very good and pointed out that if someone is mentally instable you don't push him by more ridicule. You also didn't text LOL left and right which I noted. But then you couldn't resist and took a shot (LOL;) about Ari Fleischer. We are all the same sugar.

So do you want to lead the dance honey?! I can think of you and Rosie as the only legit "lead prayer" as we say in Iran's Friday prayers in the you-niver-city. Now it is Good Friday so it is espechial!


I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Are you kidding? YOu want Rosie to dance?

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Did you not read what she has written? It is long, but it is interesting and worthwhile. 

Basically, it goes to the heart of what's wrong with MEMBERS, not the site itself. I have been quite sh*tty about making this distinction. The concept = fantastic. The practice = less than fantastic. The result = it's ok. Rosie please don't reel. It's a process. It's going to take many more decades. Why are you trying to speed up our backward Iranian donkey evolution? Without this kind of treatment of NUR, people here won't feel as if they have "done something to help."  


Happy Easter everyone!

by Pawn (not verified) on

I can see all of us dancing to this tune:


Rosie you lead the dance this morning will 'ya?!

rosie is roxy is roshan

thanks for reply, sam, i apologize but..(edited for clarity)

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

Sam, I'm not an apolgist. click me and track me to my blog featured last weekend, striking iran, and read it and then read my later comments on the thread on that peudopleft scum. i've never been an apologist. not since the first week i came here and some center right zionist and rightwing shaahi called me on it and i realized they were right and it never happened again. Since then I have always decried human rights issues as loudly as geopolitical ones.

My reply to you was not a cheap shot, it was something I've been thinking about for several days, but. you took cheap shots at Nur and yeah his blog here is not lovely, but how different is Nur from MOST people here (in ESSENCE, not magnitute)  if you scratch the surface? And you now when i realized it. Sam, on Jaleho's blog about drafting the letter to obama on foreign policy, when he said IRI is a democracy, and Azadeh said no, and it all started with the refendum of 79, IRIi or monarchy. and then they debated so tarofly.and agreed to diagree. THAT WAS NOT THE REFERENDUM, it was IRI yes no. And i called them on it, four words i said four words and it takes it thirty years and you still can't remember the wording of the referendum (...and as for Jaleho, Apologist Supremo, forget him. He claims never to have written a post he wrote to me that has since been deleted. And these two people want to write a letter to ANYONE suggesting ANYTHING about foreign or any policy? And I'm the only one who actually denounce how RIDiCULOUS that is?

And the ONLY reason they made any progress on that letter to Obama is because Obama is the new strong man, he's the great white/black hope, he's the foreign Shahmeini this time, just a new twist, they are seeing Obama's face on the moon--and funny, David ET yesterday posted a blog implicitly claiming the same thing--and I realized that these people (meaning you people..) are continually creating these world views based on premises which are false and serve your perceived interests...Most of you people see only what you WANT to see because of this paranoia you construct whatever world view you think will "protect you".And then along came Nur, your mirror, but you don't want to see in his reflection..

And i''m puke sick tired of it all. If i couldn't make a dent on anyone with that blog about the labor persecutions and no one from the regular blogging community even bothered to piss on it except for three people ("rightwingers" ha ha ha)  i'd asked to by e-mail who then absconded in mid-converation without giving even the simplest reason, not even a good-bye...what's the point...

And something else that's so funny (read, so sad) here is that this is the most commented thread and it has so much entertainment value becaue Nr's the monkey in the zoo, is that quite a few people from Trenton to Tahiti are actually reading this...and they're either laughing or crying...because they came here to learn because they care about Iran, and this is what they get to see..

Well click on the striking iran blog--remember that all the posts were from three "right wingers" I INVITED, save two single posts from human rights activists with links, NO COMMENTS--why? because that blog served no one's paranoiac agenda...No Sam, I'm not hallucinating, I'm just reeling

but Sam something i meant to tell you for a long time but I didn't, and maybe it's because i was embarrassed. But in the aftermath of my writing that blog on fair moderation issues two months ago, I felt so disgraced (unjustly so because I found out later that all the points I'd raised were true).. I ex'd out so many comments from so many places, so many, and the one about you called The Heart (you see, I think you have a great heart too..) it was just one of so many, so many..

Anyway it's true Sam, you never bash Islam but your fixation on these "Ommatis" is still indicative of the same mechanism as Nur's with the Bahai, Jaleho's with his fantasy democratic IRI, our brilliant well-rounded intellectual Azadeh's failure to learn a four word referendum's wording after thirty years--it's all the SAME--distorted world views based on false premises invented in serving personal fear-based..

and the fate of my poor blog on the Labor purges,has made me so despair about what the hell am I doing here that I did come down to hard on you--because you are a really good guy--but please don't call me an apologist even in jest. The reason this pseudo-:eft ignores my writings (my  blogs are alwaysseverely undercommented) is because what I say doesn't fit their agenda--check out my blog What is Hamas?" with no comments if you want to see what I mean


and maybe you will understand....

you people see what you want to see because of this fear, just like Nur, except he's a hundred times worse, which makes him a thousand times BETTER, if only people would use him as the mirror that he provides you with... 

persecuted persecutros--paranoia and its warped perceptions--paranoia, the Iranian national disease.. 


Rosie jaan

by SamSamIIII on

"So with him it's Bahai and with you it's Muslims. Isn't that a joke? Hahaha. It's so sad."

My very dear rosie ,you know  when the joker runs outta jokes , he usualy grab a hold of audience and thats when the show gets nasty . Now you in the midst of your epic essays(comments) while running outta juice just made an off the cuff Analysis & attributed some thing to me which is at best an abdookhiari(shallow) observation & at worst a cheap shot . Now I give you time to go and do a search on me trying to find one line or quote among thousands in which I have bashed Islam as a religion or Muslims as an individuals . Later if time suffice, please read my blog on the subject of Ommatism and what I mean by that term on my personal blog called "True Iran & virus of Ommatism"

Once you have proven to yourself that you were hellucinating , please feel free to come back and appologize to me since you are a good appologist (now this was a cheap shot by see ...just kidding Rosie jaan) . it,s okay, you just made a boo boo but I still dig your honesty & good heart .

Cheers Missy !!!

ahhh btw* I just read this part    "this new generation MAY, just MAY, forgive you and share with you THEIR new Iran." .

My dear , I left Iran @ age 16 by myself , $2000 cash & never returned , I owe F*** all to any generation unlike Hezbollahi or shahollahi thieves . Ommaties always speak on behalf of the nation and if I didn,t know you , would think you are Fatemeh Rajabi.. Now I think it,s rubbing off :)





rosie is roxy is roshan

He's no different from you Sam, nor two thirds of your

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

hamvatans here, because he elaborates byzantine arguments based on false premiawa just likw you do, lethal ones.. He's just more severe and that's why he's such a good mirror.

In Nur's case, the premise is that the Bahai are o evil they must be stopped. And he builds his arguments around it and forms and ideology. In your case it is that the glory of Persia was so glorious that someone stole it and it is so glorious that after 1400 years you can get it back. And then you elaborate arguments to prove all this, and it's the Ommaties. So with him it's Bahai and with you it's Muslims. Isn't that a joke? Hahaha. It's so sad.

And they justify their apolgism and those human rights attrocities in the name of anti-Colonialssm, and so forth. And there are various premises and various arguments but they always serve the perceived interests of the arguers who then congregate in groups and prfect the arguments and then argue with others with different premises and perfect the arguments even more and it all gets nowhere but so incensed and then it explodes in a ridiculous war that you all caused with your own sophisms, and frozen ideologies, including the Shah, the biggest paranoiac of all, because obviously such a tactic, to construct such worldviews, is a survival technique based on fear.

The character type in a certain branch of psychology is called the persecuted persecutor. It is pervasive althgh not universal within certain cultures, and I know it well because the Jewish people are the same. That's why the Israelis detest the Palestinians. I think the Iranian thing started with the Mongols although naturally you'd say the Arabs, that doesn't matter much. The point is you're persecuted persecutors and you all do it to each other out of fear, .

Look at him Persecuting the Bahai? They're harmless at worst, encouraging peace at best. And so perseccuted. Look at you. Persecuting him, taunting him on the same website where you contantly complain you're a persecuted minority bathed in Persian glory.

And Sam if SOME of you could grasp this and give it up and spread the word, when the new Iran emerges, and it will, because this generation sees right through you and they'll make damn sure they don't make the same mistakes as you did, with--this ViRUS, as you aptly call it-- this new generation MAY, just MAY, forgive you and share with you THEIR new Iran.

Otherwise the future, and it's a good future, belongs to them and them alone. .

Cheers pilgram



I think the "Norton anti Ommatie virus" is working :)

by SamSamIIII on

"BS by your rootless, corrupted, dumbed down and sanitized North American fad-consumerist infected, loser, retro, stuck in the 1970s mentality, pseudo-Iranian, jingoistic, crypto-fascistic, self-hating moronic culture of materialistic driven, greedy, stupid, shallow, kha'en sefat and myopically clueless dweebs,"

AO & Jimmy , as you see , the intitial routin, violent reaction is considered normal for Ommatie virus bearers when 1st treated by Norton . The average healing time is per individual and how far the Ommatie virus has ˈshē-ətocized their brain . As for him , uhmm..I say 1400 hours ,,,an hour for every shaikhak year ;:)) 

btw* Standby for the next phase when white foam will pour out his mouth & his head will rotate 360 degree as in Exorcist  ... heeehaw

Cheers bros !!!





Rosie I don't know much

by Pawn (not verified) on

Rosie I don't know much about Tarot cards other then rudimentary interest which lead me buy a stack of them for family (due to their interest) and now I don't know even know where it is!

I don't see defeat in your's:

A strong young man carries two swords on his shoulder, and a third ported to the ground. Two other swords lie on the empty battlefield behind him, left by his defeated enemies. He is the master in possession of the field.

I see perseverence which in reality it is true about you.

As for NUR:

A youthful figure meditates upon a golden pentacle which hovers above his hand.

I see actually the pentacle, see his avatar? now he has to elaborate more himself.

As for being NUR's friend I think NUR is just like any other blogger here. Like you said a mirror. So come one come all, come as you are. We all pile on him like we're not really supposed to (bullying the "mentally ill"; as some call him) and LOL at his expense! Typical! Real macho and scholarly!@

Anyway, since you didn't answer me I'll as NUR.

NUR why did you call Zion a mendel? What is a mendel?

rosie is roxy is roshan

Not Iranian style LOL, Iranian EXPAT essence today,

by rosie is roxy is roshan on


Style is a superficial means and choice of conveying essence; essence is intrinsic.


cry in silence.

But if only people would understand what I mean, I would JFJ.. Jump for joy. And eventually, I think, the Bahai and the Sufis and all of you would too. This is the truth: Nur is your mirror and the truth shall set you free.



by Anonymous77 (not verified) on

It's "Zeitgeist, The Movie" Iranian style with serious bikari thrown in..

rosie is roxy is roshan

pawn, i don't understand the one about nur, and it's a shame PS

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

because the links only give the meanings for yours and mine. mine is completely correctl, another one sheds light on mine, yours is correct, you're very swift and that's probably the reason why it was so hard for me to keep up with your commuinication, you must have a lot of gemini in your chart somewhere. doesn't mean you're a gemini though in particular. maybe you could find one with a meaning for nur's.

and i think pawn that nur has a friend in you. and if he wants to stay here i think you better remember that. becaue even though obviously he enjoys the attention (or perhaps enjoys is not the right word, let's say he needs it, it's a compulsion, i doubt nur takes much pleasure in much unfortunately), but anyway if he's going to stay he's gonna need all the friends he can get. and maybe...if you were a little less "swift" in your communications, it would be more helpful for you as a mediator, because most people aren't that quick you know, including me. you need to slow down when you write. quite a bit.

ps pawn here's the bibliomancy: rivalry, ruin, to be beaten to a pulp (that's me, the defeat part..). we were talking amongst ourselves, that's us, of course. I'll see if i can get some individual ones not for me, but it'll be hard, my energy's so fouced on myelf right now. but i'll try.

okay so here's more: to be blind from birth, relegate someone to a positon of second importance, to be dropping like flies, saint, to receive the last sacrements, i told you it's full of my energy but i'll try fall down dead, frail vessels on the waters of fate..that last one, i never got it before..i'm sure it's for me but it might be for all of us, i'm not sure.

oh yes and as for the knight of swords, well you know for the knight life is a battle, and in the cards he's winning, but the clouds are always dark and threatening in the background. people who always win never win. you see how it works?

rosie is roxy is roshan

you are correct again pawn.

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

your cards revealed the nature of the defeat.

rosie is roxy is roshan

your tarot reading was correct, pawn.

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

i am completely and utterly defeated and i just fully admitted it to myself now.

but nur i'll come back and and continue our conversation in a little while.but please bear in mind what i just said. i'm not in such a good mood.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

LOL!!! NUR thinks Ari = Ari Fleischer da Jew??

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

His name doesn't even have anything to do with Jews. "miserably moron" begoleh JJ :(