Why do Iranian Muslims support Jews?

by nozarmahallati

According to published stats from Nokia, there were 33 million mobile phones in Iran in 2007. Let’s say that in the last almost 6 years there has been a 20% increase; that brings the current total to about 40 million users.

It’s safe to say that 98% of Iran's population is either Muslim or call themselves Muslim. All these Muslims are supporting Jews to the tune of at least $100 a cell phone. How you ask?

Despite their small population, Jews are inventors of an overwhelming % of technologies used and patents issued for mobile phones. As a matter of fact, the family who owns the CDMA technology used in all mobile phones is Jewish; and a avid supporter of the State of Israel.

The main architects and software developers of Android based phones and iPhones are Jews. Again, supporters of Israel.

Hell, owners of Google and FaceBook; Java.......the list is long and it continues.

So why is it that Iranians who hate Israel and Jews don't stop using these devices despite so much Jew content?


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re: We're not supporting them, we're using them

by easycake on


re: We're not supporting them, we're using them...


forgot Missile fire on Civilians, from Civilian-Streets in Gaza?


so, you forgot that many, many Missiles are being Fired from &
within where people live (Civilian Sites) & Streets within Gaza City to the
other site specifically on the other-side Civilians ?
and really expect no one do anything about it because they happened to have a
different belief system than you, which they practice such belief & keep at
Home !

huh !! Now, go and pray for the Gaza people to gain the strength
to unite & move-up to get rid of Hamas and other Terror groups out of their

if Saddam Khar'eh did that kind of missile shooting at Peoples
house's, or even if Mujahidin in Iraq did as such today,  wouldn't you
Volunteer and go to the front-line & shoot back at every single missile
fire location, even if it was being shot from Mujahidin’s or Iraqi
Civilian-streets and parking sites-- Well, Yes, Hamas Stopped Shooting from
Mosque’s this year- Gaza People got that right Not to allow Hamas to shoot form
Schools & Mosque’s ! 

or you think because they are Muslims too, ... then you would let
them kill Iran's civilians first -- maybe God would intervene, right after the
first few-thousand of Iran civilians would dye, and it would be resolved and no
need to react!  ...  yea ?  

just wondering -- how it came for your life to remain a Blind Dumb
Ass !

you should care about the Gaza, and promote to encourage them to
Kick Hamas's ASS and other terror groups out of there !  

why have you forgotten that Hamas been shooting from streets in Civilian
areas... ?
is that mainly because of the Hate concept some Mullah’s thought you to make
you strong to handle their molesting and not erupt ?!

anyone with Satellites, could see & Accurately locate exact location of a
Missile-shoot that takes place! ... and if People of Gaza, do not stop Hamas
from shooting out missiles within their City Streets, and do not patrol their
City from Hamas & Other Terrorists & get rid of them & all their
Terrors,  something bad happens to them! 
at least Syrian people are doing the Job right against a Terror Ruler group.
look how much blood they are paying for it because they let the Terror-regime gain
so much power…
I Guess, you are happy with people of Syria being vanished in such numbers –
you moron !

Now, go and pray for the Gaza people to gain the strength to
move-up & get rid of Hamas and other Terror groups out of their Land. 
You see, they rather Die, and not get rid of their hates …  just like




Iranian Muslims don't hate Jews

by asadabad on

A lot of Iranian Muslims and many Jews themselves (don't play dumb, you know this) are opposed to Israeli occupation, theft and killing of Palestinians.  That is all.   


you have retarded logic

by asadabad on

what the hell do "jewish inventions/inventors" have to do with israeli war crimes against the palestinians?