Islam and latest technology; marriage made in heaven

by nozarmahallati

Saudi Arabia, the only true representation of an Islamic nation on earth has started using wireless technology to send unsolicitated text messages to husbands of travelling women.  This very smart and Islamic applocation of technology to everyday life will soon extend to sending text to fathers and borthers of adult women who are not married and are travelling.


I think they should extend this application even further; send text to men regarding all activities of their slaves (sorry I meant women) including visits to toilet and monitoring which foot was first used to enter the toilet.

Saudi's, you have made me proud.  Thank you. 


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by nozarmahallati on

The problem people like you have is that they cannot focus on the subject matter. Whether this is a genetic issue or brought about by heavy drug use I don't know.

What I posted has to do with enslavement of WOMEN.  You know, the type of human that gave birth to you, nursed you  etc.  Its about a government systematically oppressing 50% of a population.

It's not about imperlialism, WWII and the atomic bomb, homeless vets, whether or not I wear "shorte mamam dooz" or any other subject.

Whether or not I am found of a nation called the United States of America, you bet.  This nation is home to some of the best people on earth.  No question, some of the worst can also be found in this population. 


Good one ;o)

by Rea on

By the same token, when will people stop putting birds into cages ?


WOW I guess I just outed a closet USA-CheerLeader. Nosey

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

As deranged as the concept of celebrating the USA is for me.  After what the USA in practice represents, having a lazy and unintellectual iranian see only the good in the USA is not surprising to me.  Hiroshima for some was a good act after all.  Nosey here is a book written by people that are struggling against the enslavement I speak about, // read it if you care to know how your world is being affected. 

Freedom for who Nosey?  "The U.S. is doing whats best for it and Americans,"  Do members of the US Armed forces Count as Human Beings For You Nosey?  For example if the majority of people who live on the streets in the USA (as a result of mental illness and no help) are veterans of foreign wars, would you say this was the best thing for American people?  Which American People, the University Professors of an Intellectually dishonest society, yes I agree University Professors do alright?  If you are employed by the Controlled Industries "Controlled Media, Controlled Hollywood, Controlled Stock Market or Controlled Real Estate" you are doing well too, but as big as those controlled groups are that is not the American People Nosey.

You never comment on my blog, please share a thought before you read the book I listed for you above and have a Happy American Genocide Week or Month, A Day is too short for you. //


salman farsi

Brother Nozar

by salman farsi on

  You should not confuse ISLAM with the Iranian regime or Saudi regime.  These regimes are insults to the holy ISLAM.

For an Islamic democracy



by nozarmahallati on

Are you for real?!  The U.S. is enslaving humanity using the internet?

Would you mind sharing with the rest of the humanity how this has been achieved?  How the F your answer has ANYTHING to do with Saudi women?

Are the women in the U.S. tracked by the U.S. government the results of which is texted to their husbands?!!!!!!!

What are you smoking dude?  It's messed up your mind.

The U.S. is doing whats best for it and Americans.  If the Iranians in specific and Muslims in general try and enter the 21st century and give the thought of unity as a nation a try, they'd be in better shape.

Please, next time you respond to a post, do it without the help of mind altering chemicals; it'll keep you on the subject. 




Don't worry,The USA is also using the entire Internet to enslave

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Humanity.  Supporting the USA is the problem, and usually done by the deceived or unaware.  Neither Hiroshima nor Khomeini enlightened many humans as to how the USA's Narcisism is harming humanity more than those the USA opposed.  If the USA were the better side, would humanity not see more peace and freedom?