A question for Mr. Amin

by nozarmahallati

Dear Mr. Amin,

I am a thankful frequent visitor to i.com  I also post content in form of blog here and there.

Like majority of posters, I have more than 1 username.  But I can confidently say that overwhelming majority of what I post is under the name nozarmahallati.

There are some users (less than a handful) that have a minimum of 6 and possibly a lot more usernames at any one time.  These users generally carry a discussion between their various usernames so that comments to their posts are increased and the posts remain on the "most discussed" or "hot today" list.   Most blogs generate X comments for every Y views.  I think you have this statistic whatever it maybe.

But for posts from the people with dozens of usernames, statistics do not follow the norm.  The number of comments per view is much higher than it normally is; only indicating one thing.

These users have in the past targeted a particular group; namely Bahais.  I am not by any means recommending censorship or limitation of negative comments on Bahais or any other group be it religous, political, social etc by any individual.  But for 1 user to post vitriolic content against a particular group without any check as to how many usernames are used, for what seems to have been over 5-6 years, is somewhat unfair.

I believe my view is shared by many of your users, whether Bahai, Jew, Muslim, Zorastrian or Agnostic. 

Since you are making some changes to your site, I thought this maybe a good time to share my thoughts with you. 



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Artificial Intelligence

Dear Mr. Said Amin

by Artificial Intelligence on

You just recently blocked a seriously disturbed and hateful character by the name of "First Amendment". First Amendment is back with a brand new identity called "fate". Fate is a username that she ("first amendment")  registered over 50 weeks ago but just started using it in the past day because you rightfully blocked "First Amendment". Fate has 4 entries in the past 50 weeks and all are from the past 24 hours.

Why do you let her register and register again? She ("fate") has already started with her typical nonsense.  Please see Anonymous Observers comment below. 

Please advise if you will let this annoying, hateful and nonsensical character continue on with her useless comments. Please advise, why you would allow something like to to happen and go on as she has already been blocked multiple times under other names such as "Republican" "Pendarneek" and so on.......

Please see Fred's latest blog re Hezbollah and the drone today to see what I am talking about...



Fate! you said it my friend.

by anglophile on

We are more interested in quick fixes than a long lasting cure.


instead of allowing it to run its course?

by fate on

Maybe being impatient is also a characteristic of ours. I think it is. we have no tolerance for time, so to speak.


But gentlemen aren't we running away from realities?

by anglophile on

These are only some of the realities that we need to admit before we can find a solution to control or cure them:


  • We are an angry community. Sometimes rightfully angry, sometimes wrongfully angry but angry nonetheless.
  • We are an intolerant community, period!
  • We are a community with an incredible disposition to either canonise or demonise our past and present social, literary, political and religious figures. 
  • We are afraid of being challenged and want it the easy way. 
  • And we are unprincipled to the core. 


These were only a few of our communal characteristics. Why do we have to santise this mess artificially instead of allowing it to run its course?



Yes the first comment posted here

by Cost-of-Progress on

is an example of the kinds of poisonous, hateful and bigoted postings and all that is negative about us Iranians. He/she does it all the time and has the audacity to cite the first amendment as his excuse for hatered.

This person will need to either shape up, to ship out.


One user ID per user rule....

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

if implementd firmly, would certainly put an end to the thuggery, personal attacks , trolling and hate comments (as exmplified in the first commnt to this blog)  which has drivn out lots of good folks and I am sure has  reduced the readership  of this site.

Saïd Amin

@Anonymous noted, thanks.

by Saïd Amin on

@Anonymous noted, thanks. Please send me an email to said @ iranian dot com with this individual's (known) accounts and I will look into it. The new admin will offer more robust tools to address some of the questions/frustrations that you expressed.


Full support from unlisted category

by Rea on

"I am a thankful frequent visitor to i.com."  Although, I never post content in form of blog.

Unlisted X-atheist support to the blogger.

Anonymous Observer

And Mr. Amin, perhaps you can prevent habitual abusers

by Anonymous Observer on

from registering and re-registering again and again.  We all know who we're talking about.  This guy registers one week under a whole bunch of usernames and begins bashing Baha'is.  We all know his history, and the eventuality of what will happen to him (being blocked again).  But his blogs are featured, and he starts attacking everyone, threatening people and then gets blocked again, only for the cycle to repeat itself two months later (and sometimes much sooner).  It also reflects negatively on your site, because hateful material is posted on your site--and in fact, this guy has posted links on his own various websites (all of which advoacte hate in one way of the other) to his blogs on IDC, again, portraying this site as the source of hateful posts. 

In cases like this, why doesn's the person's IP get blocked?  Or if he uses proxies, etc., why doesn't he get blocked immediately at the first sign of his ususal hate postings?  Why the excercise in futility?



by stavackoli on

NM jaan, 

I just wanted to say I really like your wit in the response you gave to our resident Palestinian, FA.  He is very much in favor of our Baha'i "brethren" getting "their sacred land" freed.  The only problem is, these Baha'i brethren, I being one of them, have no interest in "freeing" "their sacred land".  As a matter of fact, they do not consider Isreal, occupied Palestine, Haifa, Akka, or whatever else part of that land you want to refer to, as belonging to them.  And oh by the way, to all parties concerned, we also do not consider Iran our rightful land which we would try to free either.  We consider the entire world our rightful, as well as the entire humanity's rightful land,we believe "The Earth is one country, and Mankind its citizens".  

Now, keep going with your poison FA. 

Saïd Amin

Thanks for sharing. I am

by Saïd Amin on

Thanks for sharing. I am not keen of folks creating multiple accounts for the sake of artificially boosting their stats/engagement. We'll certainly try to eliminate, as best we can, secondary accounts that are blatantly used for those purposes.


FA, thanks very much

by nozarmahallati on

for staying laser focused on the subject matter.

Since there has never been a blog on the filthy Zionists and their occupation of Palestine, I am so happy you decided to turn this blog into the first discussion of that subject.

Much obliged. 

First Amendment


by First Amendment on

Let's hope that by the time the new rules come along (remember that we've been hearing this kinda stories for more than two good years) our honorable Bahai hamvatans will have freed their sacred land........the filthy Zionist savages have to be punished for their crimes, and for their occupation of Haifa........