Obama is a Muslim. I am 100% sure

by nozarmahallati

It's amazing what a wide cross section of Iranians, especially those living in the U.S. and Canada believe that President Barrack Hussein Obama is a Muslim.

Over the past few months, I sort of made mental notes about comments made by people involved in discussions I was also a part of.  Men, women, young, old, educated, lay, Muslim, non Muslim, rich, not so rich, you name it I have heard them say "Agha in Obama ke Mosalmooneh" or "Obama az khodemooneh".  I don't have any scientific or statistically significant data to back up what I am saying but it seems like a good % of Iranians shares this notion.

There are those that hate Obama (for whatever reason) and think he is a Muslim and therefore will never allow a regime change in Iran. God knows how a man who has publically declared that he is a Christian, a sitting president who has killed more Al Qada leaders than even Goerge Bush, has violated the air space of a Muslim country (Pakistan) more times than all other Presidents before him and a man who has placed the toughest sanctions on Iran could be called a Muslim.  Oh wait, his dad was a Muslim and his middle name is Hussein. Thats it.

There are also those who love Obama and think he is a Muslim; of the Shiite variety nontheless.  Again, because his middle name is Hussein.  These folks love him because they think he is the first Muslim President of the U.S. and has paved the way for many more.

What amazes me most is the poeple who have lived in the West for decades!  Have a college education.  Have been exposed to "logic" and the idea of basing decisions on facts.



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Dear COP

by nozarmahallati on

At least in this particular blog, I do not see any reference to wanting to be saved by Obama.

I think as a leader, he has kept his faith and politics separate as much as possible.

Having said that, since you brought up the subject, I don't think Iranians can rely on men between the ages of 45-65; the idiots who brought about the Islamic regime by pouring into the street and saying marg bar shah.  These people have been, are and will be useless as we have seen in the last 34 years.

IMHO, the young generation which is mostly without access to fire power needs help from outside sources. 


Ay baba

by Cost-of-Progress on

Nozar jaan,

If we expect Obama, Bush or anybody else to "free" us from what we have (apparently) gotten ourselves into, we will NEVER change our psyche and mentality. It will be hamoon aash-o hamoon kaase'. Much like now: we gave up a secular monarchy for a religious one: Shame on us (although I had no part in promoting one of the most dark and shameful regimes in Iran's long and bloody history called Islamic Re, I say republic). These people make the ghaajars look competent.......

It is NOT up to Obama to change us, it is up to us!


science came from muslims

by Fesenjoon2 on

اسحاق بن نيوتن زير درخت سیب در محضر امام محمد باقر نشسته بود و علوم پيشرفته‌اي همچون بول شناسی تحليلي، تكنيك‌هاي نوين استبرا، حيض‌شناسي فازي و غيره را از ايشان مي‌آموخت. ناگهان يك عدد سیب روي سر آنها افتاد. ابن نيوتن پرسيد: يا باقرالعلوم! چرا سیب به سمت زمين سقوط مي‌كند؟ امام فرمود: به اذن خدا! و سپس سیب را خورده ، بادی رها کرد و به ادامه‌ي تدريس خود پرداخت.


So What

by fullback on

Obama said he is not a Moslem , meaning he does not subscribe to ZER ZER by Mohamad The ARAB  Child Molester, That is good enough for me


Making Sense 100%

by Demo on

1. Yes, one could be an atheist in heart while calling himself/herself a muslim. Their real numbers are known to the ONE only;

2. No such judgment is allowed as one's true beliefs are hidden inside his/her heart;

3. Mohameed Ali the boxer has been a long time 'Muslim' for instance. But whether he is a real believer or not nobody knows except the same ONE alone;

4. And what if Romney is a Devil in disguise himself?

No more questions, please. 

Dr. Mohandes

demo joonam

by Dr. Mohandes on

But that does not make any sense.

Do you mean to imply that i can be a atheist in heart while calling myself a muslim?

as a fallible human being how am i , or you for that matter is in anyway authorized to make such judgement as to one's real and true beliefs?

How do know or can tell for sure whether khoda biamorz Michael ali (jackson) was only a muslim towards the end, or hassan ali jafar  was a true catholic? Do u live inside their heads? 

You may want to think about letting the romney campaign using that line about Obama being the devil in disguise. That oughta make those polls swing like a mule in romney's favor.

afarin...ahsant...Khoshemaan aamad. 


Michael Jackson Was A Muslim Too!

by Demo on

But only for his last years of his life! Be sure watching below to the end:


Being a 'Muslim' or 'Whatever' is an 'Outwardly Title' to cover up the 'Faith Within.' And the cotents of such 'Closet' is only & only known to the 'Closet Maker' i.e. GOD alone!

Yes, Obama, per the commentator below, could be too bright for any religion as he may well be the Devil in disguise himself like many of the so called religious leaders of any titles. And who did say that Atheism itself was not a religion? 



by nozarmahallati on

You could be right, but for now I will take the man for his word.

Ali P.

Too bright for any religion

by Ali P. on

Read his writings on separation of Church and State.
I think he is an atheist, in closet.