Hopefully the Palestenians appreciate it

by nozarmahallati

How did Iran and Israel get into the fight?  Did an attack by Israel cause the death of numerous Iranians?  Or was it an attack by Iran that almost made 30% of Israeli women widows?

Oh wait, it was selling of arms to Iraq during the Iran-Iraq war. Hmm, no, if memory serves me right, the Jews sold U.S. made weapons to the Iranians.

I was thinking how and why did Iran get into this mess.  For the people of Palestine?  Maybe these folks are our blood brothers and I am just too ignorant to have known this fact; we have to have their backs.  Or is it because the Palestinians are the one and only oppressed people in the world and we have to defend their rights.

Whether Iran gets into a war with Israel or U.S. or both is only known by God.  Even if no war, the sanctions are just as bad.  In 6-12 months a big part of Iran's middle class will be in pretty bad shape.  Shortage of everything.  Loss of 2/3 of asset value. Hyper inflation and a host of other problems.

34 years ago a very bad decision was made by a great majority of Iranians.  Most of the people who took to the streets are now repentant.  Around 7 years ago another bad decision was made and no one did anything about it.  Iran decided to pick a fight with Israel or for the lack of better expression, U.S.'s 51st State.

Sometimes family members, brothers and sisters and husbands and wives get into big fights without either knowing what exactly they are fighting for or in the hearts and minds they know the fight they are participating in is stupid.

This fight between Israel and Iran, in my humble opinion is one of those fights. 


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khodet fekr kon

by Peacock_Feather on



fekr kon

by Fesenjoon2 on

there is no "figuring" to be done, Sherlock.

Rich affluent Northern Tehranis didnt decide to go on a trip and go somewhere else (let alone another city) just to protest. That's just stupid. 


You misunderstand what I said

by Peacock_Feather on

Nor does the video you posted negate what I said. I'll let you figure that out.


PF doesnt know where Karimkhan Blvd is

by Fesenjoon2 on

Look again. The link I posted is not showing northern tehran. It's showing Karimkhan Blvd. Do you know where that is? I think not.

Oh, and by the way, here's another one that's not even in Tehran. It's in Gilan Province. See for yourself:




by Peacock_Feather on

I believe not having been to Iran recently may apply more to yourself than I. Furthermore, a small percentage of an affluent, Westocentric sample population living exclusively in north Tehran is hardly representative of the entire population of Iran and their views.

Dr. Mohandes


by Dr. Mohandes on


Mester...ferom US. de fonee of peecocks haz been diskonneketed beekaz he haz not payed de beeelssss ok?

The Ghabz came buutt he deedent pay eeet. 

And also, he is ouside his house, right by his front yard, watering the grass and yelling more anti-israeli slogans...

"Akhhhaaa baakkhhaaa GO HOME you Cartoon drawing, Wiley kyotee look alike!"



Earth calling peacock feather...come in peacock feather...

by Fesenjoon2 on

You lie. The overwhelming majority of Iranians DO NOT care about Palestine and Israeli issues:


You haven't been to Iran for a long time I see.



Most Palestinians i speak with don't know i am Iranian

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

and they dislike Iranians alot. I am not sure why, but they side with the Arabs squarely against Iranians.

Its an ironic situation and makes no sense to me, what is the root of it?


the angry, foul mouth peacock!!

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

is better go back to his old post as ali khamenei's low ranking cyber baha'i basher than spewing out pseudo intellectual nonsense!

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Is Jaleho

by vildemose on

Is Jaleho back?? 


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir



by Peacock_Feather on

A threat to justice anywhere, is a threat to justice everywhere - MLK

The fascism of the mullahs does not erase the fascism of the Zionists. You cannot balkanize or compartmentalize these two issues. The attempt to do so does no service to either cause. In fact, it muddles everything. The Iranian students who put their lives on the line in the streets of Iran in 2009 understood this very well. That is why the meme of brutality of the IRI = that of Israel was repeated verbatim over and over again by those warriors.

Putative leftists living in the West who have virtually no real connection to (and arguably no sympathy for) those protestors of 2009 are simply drumming for a different master altogether.

Dr. Mohandes


by Dr. Mohandes on


You know what your damn problem is?
Your sense of overconfidnece and this god - complex you have got going on here.

I have seen it in many of your postings and believe me, and take this as a constructive criticism you googoori magoori Anti-imperialist screamer/activist, mighty-mouse you.

Keep eating the brand of cereal you have been eating . it has made a champion out of you. A champion of lies.

BTW, please get with my secretary and arrange an appointment if you are planning on writing a long ass response, articulating your positions.

Me does no has no tyme LOOOOL. 


It's called creating Distraction from the main issue.

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

The main issue is the suffering of Iranian people at the hands of Islamo fascist rulers of our country. Nobody else is to blame for this suffering , but khamenei, ahmadinezhad and the entilre leadership of the islamist regime. 

Creating and fostering the image of a hate element in the shape of a  "foreign enemy" and it's "internal allies" is the signature mark of every single Fascist dictatorship. Nazi's "foreign enemy" were communists, who had "internal allies" in germany, in the form of German Jews. Islamo Fascists "foreign enemy" is Israel, with "internal allies" being our Baha'i compatriots.  

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Dr. Mohandes

Big Liars

by Dr. Mohandes on


what possessed you to lie through your teeth and lie so deceitfully and in such a big way? do you know the meaning of the word "overwhelming"? do ya? Did you even understand the slogans that were being chanted by the great majority of those on the street?

Are you so desperate and full of hatred, and anger towards israel that you resort to sheer and shameless lies???

I am not an exilee and I am telling you, whether  those dreamers such as yourself, want to believe or not that there is not such rediculous and non-sensical concept as there being a sense of support for the palestinians. the only ones who do that...well, i am sure that by now any idiot knows who they are. 

so keep your lies and misinformations to yourself.

There is no Unanimity towards anti-israelism. one more "fact: straight out of you know where.

Caring about the palestinan cause HAS BEEN stopped and discontinued for a long time and those who do not want to see it are just a bunch of fools. are you one of them? gosh, i hope not. 

Stop Bullshi...yourself and others. 


This elite group?

by Peacock_Feather on

My dear nozarmahallati, I took you for being a far more clued in person than to buy into the hype of I.com. The elites here are completely illusory; that is, unless you meant to convey something else and it came out the wrong way. There are no elites of anything here.

The rest of your comment is too laughable for response but reveals someone deluded by the Zionist propaganda. And it is spelled "Aryan Nation" (aryan with a 'Y').

Time for that ESL course for you, methinks.





by nozarmahallati on

a new word coined by peacock is indeed shared by a cross section, although not a wide by any measure.  KKK, the Arian Nation, and uneducated Muslims make up the majority of this elite group.

Uneducated, bigotted and inhumane Israelis on the other side of the equation fan the fires of hate for Palestinians and Muslims as well. 

As the poster in the previous post has mentioned, Iranians should worry about Iran; not Israel and or Palestine.

Those Iranians who are worried about injustice, vis-avis what is alleged by some as how Israel has acted towards Palestine should worry about the injustices which have happened and are happening in Iran first.

Once these are resolved, looking after Palestine maybe justified.  Until then, going to war with anyone for the cause of Palestine is utterly mad.


You need the tune up more than me

by Peacock_Feather on

Allow me to recommend your nearest TESOL English as a Second Language school in your closest Tel Aviv neighborhood.


Is it so hard for you and those Tehrangelesis

by Peacock_Feather on

Sitting in exile to understand that the overwhelming number of Iranians in Iran itself support the Palestinian struggle. Case in point: in the late summer of 2009 at one of the protests outside Tehran University the students were comparing the regime and its brutalities to Israel. Whatever exiles like you like to believe, the fact of the matter is that even in the minds of those who would like to see the regime in Iran go Israel in their minds still equates a tyrannical, illegitimate, bloodthirsty, apartheid, fascist, militarist, colonialist entity -- and that will not change even if Bibi and his ilk personally install Maryam Rajavi and the MEK as the next leaders of Iran. Iranians in Iran, pro and anti-regime, are all unanimous about Israel -- including many Iranian Jews -- and they will not quit caring about the Palestinian struggle whatever people like you say.

Understand that!

First Amendment


by First Amendment on

........is a very good comment......a learned, unbiased comment, I'd say.........


Congratulations peacock

by nozarmahallati on

on being a multi-lingual individual.  Thats rare.

Still, your understanding of content in English needs a tune up.

May I recommend Rosetta Stone's beginner DVDs? 


It doesnt matter PF

by Fesenjoon2 on

No matter what you do or what you say, in the end, what matters to Iranians is IRAN, not Israel and Palestine! We dont give a flying rats rear about what Bibi says or what happened at the UN in 1975. IRAN FIRST! Is that so hard to understand? 



by Peacock_Feather on

Is likewise shared by a big cross-section of the educated North American and European public as well. The UN General Assembly Resolution 3379 which condemned Zionism as racism occured in 1975 before the IRI even existed. Whatever spin the Israelophiles on this site like to put on the question, the question of Palestine - and the generally fascist and predatory behavior of the state of Israel - transcends the concern of any single country or regime in the Middle East. It is a concern widely shared on the grass roots level of virtually every modern nation on the planet regardless of the servile attitude exhibited by some Western governments who have been taken hostage by the Zionist agenda.

In other words, if you think the IRI is the only entity on this planet who utterly despise Israel and know it to be a fascist apartheid state - which sooner or later will indeed be dismantled - then there is bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to sell you  twice.



by Peacock_Feather on

I am certain my English is better than yours -- and I am multi-lingual. The intent of your first blog and this current blog are completely at cross purposes, and the contradictions are glaring whatever you say.


IRI siding with Pals

by Fesenjoon2 on

is flat out against the national interests of Iran.

Always has been. Always will be.

Israel-phobia is one, if not THE greatest tool IRI has used to keep itself in power for the past 35 years. 


The misery that Iranians are going thru ….

by Bavafa on

It is not at the hand or because of Palestinians but because of IRI.


The siding of IRI of oppressed Palestinians is the only good thing IRI has done, sadly only to their own benefit and to show they are on the side of the victim.


The fight between Israel and Iran, in my humble opinion, is not for Palestine but for regional supremacy.  Israel wants to remain the sole power in the region and IRI is challenging that.



'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 




by nozarmahallati on

Being against organized religion and believing in God are mutually exclusive.  So much so that in the English language there are 2 words to distingusih between people who do not believe in God/a God  and people who have doubts about existance of God but they are not 100% certain; agnostic vs atheist.

I believe in God with certainty; meaning I am not even agnostic much less an atheist.  So statements such as "only God would know" are not contradicatory to my beliefs.  The word repentant was used to describe the reaction, mental and emotional states of religous (Shiite Muslim) people in Iran.

There is no contradiction here either.  Too bad you have missed the intent of the blog while focusing on your misunderstanding.  Perhaps that's because English its your 2nd language.




by Peacock_Feather on

Didn't you say earlier you don't believe in religion - which by implication means you don't believe in God either? Why are you suddenly speaking like a believer when you say things like "Whether Iran gets into a war with Israel or U.S. or both is only known by God" and  "Most of the people who took to the streets are now repentant"? A non-believer would normally use the word regret or regretful not repent or repentent; nor would a God be a determining factor of knowing any possible course of events, even as a turn of phrase, to someone who is genuinely a non-believer in any higher power.

What gives?



I'm Afraid Not!

by jirandoust on

There is none and will never be any appreciations from Palestinians. There are several reasons for that. Here are a couple:

1. Palestinians feel victimized and as such entiteled to help and hand outs from all countries, Iran included.

2. They consider themselves Arabs. Historically and culturally Arabs don't like Iranians regardless of how often IRI regime and it's followers call them "our Arab or Palestinian brothers". They'd love to see a war breaks out between Iran and Israel and both countries disappear from face of the earth.

As for regrettable mistake of 34 years ago, Iranian people did not rise up against one despot to replace him with another. Islam became a unifying element in that revolution so everyone fought under that flag. No one had any idea how opportunistic mullahs would consolidate power the way they did. The events of 34 years ago need to be looked at in a broader historical sense, as an step forward towards a future democratic Iran. Not in our life time, I'm afraid. Maybe in our great grandchildren's time.  



Iran or Felastien

by fullback on

 The Islamist Occupiers of Iran have taken side with the Felastien, Why you may ask?? the Pudding is in the pie, The Islamist occupiers are at Heart ,have more in common with Arabs Then Iranians as they have proved in the past 34 years . This is another prove for Iranians to see how instead of siding with Iranian welfare, The Felastieninan welfar have taken the upper hands.