Ali Geda will be gone sooner than you think

by nozarmahallati

If the bookies in Las Vegas were taking wagers on when these Islamic bastards in power in Iran will be gone, I would put money on summer 2013.

Lets hope the catalyst for this departure will be Iranian men growing balls, taking to the streets, renouncing the Islamic Republic and the so called Khomeini led ter-zadeem-volution and demanding a secular democracy as it's the right of Iranian people after 35 years of hell; and not an attack by a foreign power such as Israel and/or U.S.

I envisage the day, soon, when the so called clergy run from door to door to seek hiding places away from the hands of angry mobs ready to hang them from trees.

Do you remember the deck of cards with pictures of regime elements in Iraq?  It'd be nice to make a deck (or several decks) for the IRI cronies.  

Ace of Spades:     Ali Geda

Aces of Club, Diamonds and heart:    The 3 Larijani brothers

King of Spades:   Rafsanjani





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Bullets are on me

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Come to think of it, life sentence is a more appropriate prolonged punishment than death.


I can't wait until Summer 2013

by Azarbanoo on

However, I hope it happens much sooner.  I 'll be glad to shoot ALi Geda myself.