An unforgettable memory


by Nokhod

Thirty years after the revolution, there is one thing people have forgotten entirely: The kindness, that was there suddenly among the people. The little window of love that was open for some time before the nation fell into constant fight and bloodshed.

On the first day of Norouz in the year 1979, our family hit the road to see relatives at my grand mother’s place. My dad was driving the car correctly in the one-way street when he noticed another car was moving towards us from the opposite direction. My dad, who was badly fed with the daily revolutionary chaos, exploded all of a sudden and started to honk and shake his hands to show his complaint to the other driver who was doing something illegal and incorrect. The man stopped his car in front of ours, didn’t move even an eyelash, and stayed where he was. It made my dad very upset and he started screaming at the man. Then he turned the engine off and stepped out of the car. The man didn’t expect my dad’s seriousness and was totally surprised. A few seconds passed quietly. Finally he left his car and came to my dad. We all thought that both rivals were going to have a typical “get-out-of-the-car-and-punch-into-each-other’s-face” session.

“We got the revolution just recently but it doesn’t mean that we have to do anything illegal.” My dad politely said. It made the other man think for a few seconds.

“Are you a policeman? Because if you are the one, there are no police anymore!” He proudly replied.

“No, I’m not a policeman, but shouldn’t we be all policemen because there are no police anymore?!” My dad calmly said.

The other man stopped saying a word for some time.

“What you just said was so wise. I’m so sorry. Please forgive me.” He answered nervously while moving his hands. Then he hugged my dad and two men started to kiss each other’s chicks, Persian style! When my dad came back to the car, he had tears in his eyes.

“Happy Norouz! Happy New Year!” The passengers of both cars said to each other loudly.

The two cars left the scene peacefully and everything came back to normal again in that tiny little one-way street.

Today when i look back, that day was one of the most beautiful first days of spring.


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US vs China

by name of far away (not verified) on

In this generation of Sodom and Gomorrah, it is easy to resist the temptations, however it is very hard to fight against coercion force and presure exerted by dominant hedonism cluture.
What we faced is not just resistence but orgernized encroachment initiated by political entity and religious institute to keep their power and jurisdiction.
The traditional buffer would be disappeared soon as the privacy are riped off by the tremendous force of expansion of each country. The world does not romantically "come together" , but rather collide against each other as huge masses.
The force of psychological urge of getting rich quick would break all the safe valve of philanthropy, and it might let loose destructive force no one could hold.

May we bless each other and keep alert on the those
ignorants who still think they could achieve their personal
goal without be unbiased about themselves and history.


I had to think about this

by javaneh29 on

When I first read your blog ... I thought No No No Noooooo ... I dont remember kindness I recall suspicion and fear, ppl closing ranks, worried about what they said and did. And then I pondered whether or not to leave a comment to that affect and decided it wouldn't be nice to do that to such a nice memory that you have.

After a while it came to me ..... I too have one memory that is really very special.  I can't go into massive detail but your story reminded me of the one act of immense kindness that someone showed me.

Imagine this ....

I am an english woman of 19 living in Tehran with my husbands military family. We had no choice but to leave Iran ...sadly. Our flights have all been arranged at the last minute, and none of us thought to get that document that gives an iranian women permission to leave Iran. So we get to Mehrabad airport and all the family go through except me, They really wouldn't let me through and they forced the rest to go through leaving me behind... alone. I can tell you, I was pretty scared. I sat outside the airport terminal, crying, not knowing where to turn, no safe bed for the night, no british embassy to help me! And someone took the time and bothered to ask me why I was so upset. That person helped me attain the documents I needed and found me somewhere to stay and I was on a flight out of there the next day to join my family. I didnt know this person and without him god only knows what I would have done.

Thanks for reminding me ......I owe so much to that man.



Very nice

by Abarmard on

Great message about civility. Thanks