hackers steal emails proving man made global warming is a fraud


by nikoo195

Some how one of the biggest discoveries is already being thrown under the rug by major media sources. Recently, emails from the CRU (Climate research unit) in UK have been stolen revealing conversations of some of the biggest players in creating legislation against the man made global warming crisis. The emails reveal topics such as warping data to show increase in temperature, blacklisting scientists that dont agree with the established viewpoint, forming policies etc.

This is information that people need to start talking about, the mass media has already started to put a spin on this by downplaying the discovery, focusing more on the hackers rather than the discovery. This is the perfect example of how news corporations use their position to serve corporate interests rather than report real news. This may not seem like a big deal to most people but the goal of this agenda is to impose a carbon tax on every human being... to appeal to your greed, the cost of everything will go through the roof, businesses will die, only the biggest corporations will have the money to survive. Even the thought of putting a tax on one of the elements of life is ridiculous in itself but is somehow being pushed through.

Here is a link to the wall street journal, the emails are actually downloadable from here


one from cnn


One would think that news like this would be front page news, but I had to go into the archives for these articles

We need to force our representatives to talk about this, to date there are over 30 000 scientists that are challenging the global warming crisis.


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ramin parsa

Cost, you are a NAIVE amateur on this topic!

by ramin parsa on

"Anyone who links this topic to politics is pure ignorant and a dumbass."

You're not only moronic, but rude -- and your level of naivete is alarming. Just so you know, this global warming fiction is the new way for some on the left to GAIN power over the rest of us. Since 1998 the world temperatures have NOT -- I repeat, HAVE NOT -- risen, not one degree, and yet, dumbasses like yourself have the asinine gall to say that there's "no doubt" global warming is happening.

Pure dumb!

Is it? Really? Are you sure? And even if it is, who's to say that humans are responsible for any warming that "may" be happening, when there is so much manipulation of FACTS by professional hacks, so much suppression of FACTS -- is the science really on the side of the climate alarmists?



If you believe that

by Cost-of-Progress on

Earth's climate is not changing, then you're fooling yourself.

You can argue how much is due to the natural cycle and how much is man-made, but there's no doubt it is happening. There's also no doubt that human activity on earth is polluting the earth  (water, air and soil) at an alarming rate.

Anyone who links this topic to politics is pure ignorant and a dumbass.




ramin parsa

Global warming is leftist BULLCRAP!

by ramin parsa on

Here's the BBC's take: "A now-famous BBC article from Oct. 9, “What Happened to Global Warming?” noted, “For the last 11 years we have not observed any increase in global temperatures. And our climate models did not forecast it, even though man-made carbon dioxide, the gas thought to be responsible for warming our planet, has continued to rise.”

Read more: //www.nypost.com/p/news/opinion/opedcolumnists/the_end_of_cap_and_trade_dYORfxq9C6qZ1yjcBn5OLM/1#ixzz0YIFD2fi6

It's AMAZING to what extent the left in Europe and America, thanks to that dork, Gore, have fallen for this scam!!!

This is the biggest scam designed to make big government (big brother) even BIGGER and more intrusive. If for examle,  the "cap and trade" bill passes, the average person will pay an average of $3,500 more in taxes for basic things each year!

That's asinine, considering that we don't even know if global warming is real, and if it is, whether humans have caused it.

This is utter bullshit, ie., leftist LUNACY!

Reza-Rio de Janeiro

Thank you Nikoo...

by Reza-Rio de Janeiro on

Your level of knowledge on this subject is impressive and  not only I congratulate you ,but also do agree with many of your points made and with all those documents you provided...You are right and you win.

I didn't mean any disrespect on a personal level, nor wanted to make this into some kind of Roo-Kam-Kooni episode ... :-)

On a very simple note however, Please remember that there are over 6.5 billion people and over 1 billion cars on Earth!

If you agree that a combustion engine of a car is producing and releasing harmful and dangerous emissions (HC, CO and NOX) to the atmosphere, then you can also agree that we on a personal level and individually have greatly contributed to ruining our own planet. I am not even going to get into all other issues and problems such as: water, air, earth and ocean pollutions by men that are changing our saftey and livelyhood, let alone our future generations and the entire other spicies on earth...

I believe, every single one of us is gulity here in our own ways and must take responsibility on that! I also believe, the most responsable attitute and reaction is to accept the facts, admit we have done wrong and finally from now and on, do our outmost effort to make a positive difference for better days ahead and future generations and the world as whole...

Making a positive difference on an individaul level is our duty.

Is Mars and all the other planets in our solar system are experiencing increase in temperatures? Yes , sure.... However, I would like to concentrate on our existing problems here and now dangerously facing us on Earth first!

Awarness, Consciousness, Love and Peace


global warming

by nikoo195 on

What is this assertion that man made global warming is fact???? Just because al gore says the debate is over, that is it? Then how come we hear reports about the temperature on mars increasing? Is that our fault too??? what about the 30000 scientists/engineers etc that disagree with it?


This isnt the opposition that represents the measely 1%, to say that is believing there are 3 million credited academics that do agree with the movement.

Politicians and big corporations are bad like you said...yet they are the ones who are advocating that man made global warming is real. These are the people who directly stand to benefit from it yet you say that we should believe them??? Come on, doesnt that set off a tiny light bulb in your head that maybe we should look to independent impartial experts...like one of the 30 000+ experts that say that its a total fraud?

We all should be looking for better ways, more efficient ways to live our lives, solar energy, reusing materials etc., I dont deny that. But these guys are claiming that the release of CARBON is what is killing us. there is no limit to how much these governments/corporations will impose themselves on our lives because heaven forbid we exhale and release CO2 into the atmosphere.


Just because it is popular doesnt mean its real. Media brodcasts it because they make money from viewers tuning into their BREAKING NEWS. Viewers watch, politicians act to get re elected, then film makers make movies based on the hype and before you know its snowballing and you got everyone saying global warming is a fact.

If you want to talk facts, lets talk facts

1)temperature on mars is on the increase, are we that irresponsible that we have affected the CO2 output on mars also or are we going through a warming period


2)the sun has more sunspots than 300 years ago, showing an increase in temperature as a result


3)30 years ago, apparently we were under threat of global cooling.


4)where was the debate???? It seems since al gore put out his conviniently award winning documentary, the debate is over

My fox video reference only illustrates that there is actually an email leak. unfortunately fox despite some of its opinions is the only network that will air any kind of criticism of climate change.

The second video refernece that I posted again only shows that there are people like John Coleman(creator of the weather channel)

Global warming is happening, but its not done by us and it doesnt matter if we live in igloos eating grass and drinking water... the earth will continue to get warmer until cnn tells us we are going into another ice age

Reza-Rio de Janeiro

Wrong information, Sorry!

by Reza-Rio de Janeiro on

Nikoo 195,

Dear ham-mehan,

Thanks for your blog. I have a feeling that you wrote and provided for all to see it with good and honest intentions (I hope). However, I disagree with the informations you honestly provided here.

Global Warming is an absolute scientific fact period!

I agree 100% with Zal on his excellent comment here. Thank you Zal.

let's forget about politics for just a second here. Just because few dishonest scientists who perhaps gained millions of dollars and were bought by big Corporations and politicians in governments around the world falsify reports and e-mail one another , DOES NOT make the "Global Warming" invalid.

All politicians and big Corporations are dishonest period! we all know that... Nobody wants to pay tax for air , but despite the fact that we are being wronged by them does not justify forgetting about the real challenge and task at hand as human beings! All 7 billion plus of us have a bigger responsibility here and NOW! Number One goal and responsibility of us is to protect Mother Earth from further demise due to our own neglect and and STOP her further destruction by our own spicies...

As for FOX news and Glenn Beck!!! Come on, You can't be serious! Right? :-) These guys records and history are as good as I.R. couterparts...

Love and Peace on Mother Earth .



Global warming and its extent has little to do with some UK

by Zal on

Characters manipulating, like they do everything else. But that they manipulated does not prove or disprove global warming so your title is misleading. It only proves that they manipulated.

2 assertions made here are false, and I am speaking scientifically:

1-The changes in perma frost, Co2 emmissions and levels, desertification, Deforestation, echo-disturbances, and  on and on are linked to human activity beyond 'reasonable doubt'. Arguing this goes beyond science and common sense and into politics and manipulation. That it comes out right around the time of Copenhagen Climate event, is also interesting.

2- Less than 1% of scientists question Global warming or its extent. Never mind the observations about the extent of change and damage that anyone familiar with basic science skills or generic power of observation can establish in their own neighborhood. Mine included.

All of this is readily verifiable from a dozen highly credible global resources


Maryam Hojjat


by Maryam Hojjat on

Thanks for posting analysis of this news which was being covered up by major media.

P.S.:  I hope you contribute to this site more often!

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