attitude at protests need to be checked


by nikoo195

If you live in the Toronto area, you probably attended the chahar shanbe soori celebration at Mel Lastman Square. You may have also noticed the potest happening not too far from away. There was a lot of police presence this time around and knew someting was different at this one, police were very more attentive and on guard, not sure if somethign happened last time but something had them on guard.

Anyway, it was pretty obvious that the crowd or at least most were very passionate about this protest(and why not, we all know what these protests are about). So much so that they are forgetting that we needed to maintain a responsible attitude. Someone lit a flag on fire and was immediately arrested, not only that, the police rammed through the crowd to get the person they wanted to their cruiser and in doing that knocked a older man down. They proceeded to arrest the gentleman and all of a sudden everythign changed and I was embarrassed. Everyone started chanting their slogans to the police officers as if they were basij, some people were so far as to suggest that they are being paid by the IRI(idiot).

These actions are ridiculous and shameful and we need to stop acting out of anger. People were so enraged, you couldnt even talk to them, all they were thinking was "marg bar this and marg bar that." The thing to remember is that police need to maintain order and keep from riots from happening. Protesting is very dangerous in the eyes of the police. Everything can change on the drop of a dime so police are on their toes and need to make sure the situation is controlled because simple math shows there were approx 10 of them and close to 100 protesters. So when you see a group enraged men lighting something on fire, something needs to be done.

Then one guy wanted to make a barricade around the police cruiser in hopes to release his friend. Though I admire his bravery, it is not a very smart idea. Luckily he had some calm friends that discouraged him but this is the irrational behaviour i am talking abou. Our protests need to be fuelled with comradery, love and determination, not anger...anger gets us nowhere.

On the other hand, the police were not trying very hard to explain what was going on. Their response to every protesters questioning was  "get back!" Shout out to officer M. Sahari who just stood back and ignore his fellow iranians instead explaining the polices point of view. Also apparently, they werent allowing people to take their flags to the stage area in fear of a bigger protest of there, not sure if thats true but kinda lame if so. How can we celebrate our culture without our flag??

In the future, i recommend to all my brothers and sisters to chant and only chant, let people who can lead...well lead, remain calm and have good communication skills with Iranians and non Iranians. There was one guy with a megaphone and did not want to understand why the police were acting in such a way, he just continued shouting and practically turned the protesters on the police. The leaders of these protests are in a very sensitive position, they have control of a crowd and they need to make sure people are not acting out of line. The police have the power to shut down a protest and need to be aware of that before you start calling them names. Bottom line is anger turned a tense situation into a bad one and we need to remember who we are protesting against!

see you guys next protest, Ill bring the shirini and you bring the tea


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I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Captain has a GREAT point

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

On second thought, I wouldn't be surprised if the police started that. They are known to incite violence at these types of events and protests. Who cares. Don't dwell on it. 


name call?

by nikoo195 on

I havent called you any names, in fact you are the one calling the police nazis. And correct me if Im wrong, but we were protesting and the police didnt deny us that, actually arent there tonnes of videos of iranians in toronto, ottawa and vancouver protesting on multiple occassions? i guess the nazi police were at tim hortons those days

hows that for short? :)


btw, its mister :)

Mardom Mazloom

Sargord Pi^2

by Mardom Mazloom on

Are you drunk boy? Or is it the pain of your surgery which attached your fingers to your eyes when you were kid?

Sargord Pirouz

It's against the law to burn

by Sargord Pirouz on

It's against the law to burn flags at demonstrations in Canada? Huh. They're able to do it all the time in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Just pick the right flag to do it to- and you're AOK. 


Ms. Nikoo

by capt_ayhab on

You can name call, ridicule and  long response as you wish, but it does not change the facts.

Citizens[supposedly] are given the  rights to protest anything they wish, UNLESS they happen to be Iranians who happen to be disagreeing with FASCIST and NOKAR governments such as Canada.

So please do not sit there OUTLINING the RIDICULOUSNESS of the comment that you can not digest, just because your agenda lies elsewhere.

Let us all hear your rebuttal of how liberal and humanistic your Canadian MOUNTED NAZI police are. We are all ears.




this is what i am talking about

by nikoo195 on

I actually had a long response written outlining the ridiculousness of this comment but this actually goes to prove my point. If this is his attitude, how do you expect the police to treat him. Sometimes JUST SOMETIMES its beneficial to look at the situation from the polices POV. If you were a police officer and you got an angry man calling you a nazi, how do you think you are going to treat him?? We all get angry at times, and the outcome is never good when we act on anger. If you want to act on an emotion, try love, try compassion, it makes you feel warm and squishy.

BTW, im not a police officer nor do I work in the legal system in any way. I just have this genius talent of looking at things from different angles and asking questions before I judge someones actions or call them a nazi.

If our families back home can peacefully and calmly protest while the basij are
breaking windows and heads, there is no excuse for being peaceful here.



by capt_ayhab on

[These actions are ridiculous and shameful and we need to stop acting out
of anger.]

Due respect, you perhaps do not belong in an emotionally charged event where Mounted Royal[Nazi] Police charges people with such vendetta similar to if not worse than IR Baseeji motorbiked goons.

Please stop apologizing for Canadian Mounted Royal Nazi Police and start supporting the truth.



Red Wine


by Red Wine on

Nothing new ...


it's called being "blinded by hate"

by Q on

don't for a minute think the Toronto incident is the extent of it. Some people are just beyond any rational discourse and end up damaging their own "causes" (such as they are) by their idiotic behavior.

I don't know who those clowns were, but I bet they write on

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

How tacky!

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

I can't say I am surprised. I hope these people read your blog. Next time someone should make an announcement. "Remember your etitquette."