Sham IRI rules for running for President- anything BUT FREE


by Monarchy_Forever

Over the years, at least up to the last presidential elections, many Iranians abroad and in Iran were of the opinion that Iranian presidential elections were a manifestation of a democracy and freedom, perhaps not as much as in the West but close enough and good enough for the region.

However a close look at the rules reveals that the Presidential elections through and through in Iran have been nothing but total sham.

Let's start:

I. For Presidential campaigns, the period is about 1.5 months usually starting sometime in early May and going until mid June.  IRI tries to justify the short period by stating that it wants public monies not to be wasted on election posters and other wastes involved in campaigns.

Reality: the short duration is to make sure that individuals who are not very well known have very little if no chance at a true competition.  Someone like an Obama in Iran would have had no chance to present his ideas to the masses in only 1.5 months

II. TV and radio ads are extremely limited. 

Reality: Again another method to keep unknown individuals from gaining exposure

So in effect I & II would keep a rich businessman, the likes of Ross Perot & Steve Forbes from gaining the exposure the need to compete.  Even if such businessman self fund their election and pour millions of their own money, they would not get the exposure that is their right in any free society.

Please realize that the Guardian Council approves the candidates first, sometime in mid April and elections are in mid June.  So a rich businessman would not dare start campaigning in Early January because the Guardian Council might bar him from running.

III.  Per IRI constitution, Candidates must be "Rijaal" al Siyase.  In other word, you must be a known political individual to run.  Again to weed out any "surprises" from someone who has never been in politics

IV. Candidates must be approved by Guardian COuncil.

REality: another mechanism to keep out anyone from running.  ONLY KHUDE MUNIES.

V. Pledge allegiance to IRI constitution and Velayate Faqih. 

This is obviously a basic tenant.  Most candidates would submit to that even if they have issues with both Velayate Faqih adn the constitution.

At this stage of affairs in Iran, if nothing comes out of the Green Movement, which is something the IRI government is counting on, the truly only hope for a direct challenge to the system is embodied in non other than Hassan Khomeini. 

Hassan Khomeini could not possibly get rejected by the Guardian Council. He is very well known.  He is very well liked. And he wears the Black turban - indicating he is a Seyyed.  Also he is good looking and "white" thus making him a "norani" to Iranian masses.

Hence, many ultra-fundamentalists in IRI such as Kayhan newspaper and Rajanews are preparing the ground to entrap Hassan Khomeini in a position where they could later say he was a Green Movement leader and therefore bar his candidacy in the next elections.  They are attacking and harassing him via numerous articles so he would come out and attack the current Supreme leader and hence fail to meet the rules for running for Presidency in the future.

Mr Hassan Khomeini already knows about these traps.  That is why he is being diplomatic and lenient about the attacks on him.

If all attacks fail, expect the ulta-fundamentalists to raise the age at which an Iranian may run for Presidency by approving an amendment in Majlis (Iraian House of Representatives.


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