Fate of HODER awaits some IRI supporters in West


by Monarchy_Forever

Many IRI supporters living overseas in the West think that their new freedoms and their allegience to IRI allows them to say what they want and what they feel like.

They pledge allegience to IRI in heart, yet at times put their own spin on things and advocate amongst other things the restoration of US-Iran relations for example (contrary to IRI policy).

They feel their allegience to IRI gives them the latitude to differ with IRI on some "minor" issues.  The only problem is that these "minor" issues in the minds of IRI supporters in West are to some IRI supporters in IRan - "major" issues.

HODER was in the same field.  He differed with IRI on some issues but truly supported IRI.

So he went back, expecting high level reception and perhaps a lecture here or there at a university.  What he instead found out, was that IRI supporters in Iran in the upper eschelon have no room for any newbies.  The more people at the top, the smaller the share of pie for those already embedded up there.

So they treated him instead with suspicion and as a spy - in the true meaning of the word.  They thought it is incomprehensible how a "true" IRI supporter could for example visit Israel, advocate relations with Europe and US.  So to them HODER was the prime example of a "well- trained" Mossad spy trying to infiltrate the regime's halls of power and bring about a "White Revolution" in their minds.

So they treated him far far far worse than say a monarchist that thyey would arrest.  Why? because the monarchist is plain and what he shows on the exterior is what he is at heart.  But HODER to IRI's intelligence services is potentially IRI on the outside but a spy at heart- even though the poor guy is a IRI supporter at heart.  But the intelligence services are not willing to take the chance and let the guy roam freely in Iran and spread his thoughts.

So to all IRI supporters out in the WEST: JUST BECAUSE YOU SUPPORT IRI, doesn't mean you get a carte blanche fro IRI to do as you please.  Instead they will be more suspicious of you and treat you even worse. 


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It's true - if u are pro Israel and say controversial things

by amgw4 on

about the imams and write other controversial things about the IRI, then you should not go back to Iran. Iranians - as their law states very clearly - are very offended by such things and you may be arrested.

When I was in school, there was an Iranian guy who would write anti-Iranian mozakhraf propaganda for the school paper. Not sure what he gained for this, probably nothing but a small bit of attention, but now he can't go back and enjoy Tehran like I can.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

You are a terrible writer. This blog makes no sense

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

The title says some then the article addresses "ALL." Get your head out of Reza Pahlavi's and maybe you can learn to transmit some clear information. Hossein was not a "true supporter." He was a true defender of Iran, actually. He acknowledge the regime and he said that regardless, outsiders have no place discussing Iran like a toy. I liked that about him and I respected it. That is why I am pissed off that he blew it by stupidly walking into a trap. I'm so disgusted with how you talk about a jailed man and exploit him to make some cheap shots in the cyber world. You monarchists are pathetic. At least Darius has some class.


benross jan: You're so

by vildemose on

benross jan: You're so right. Sometimes, IC feels like a twilight zone..LOL

Happiest of New Year to everyone including the Basijee clan of IC.


Vildemose - I do not blame you

by MM on

The last two blogs by MF have either had a horrible title and/or somewhat misleading.  I am with you on your comments.

PS, Who is Hoder?  Who are you trying to warn and how?



by benross on

I don't think you are missing anything. I think it's a good blog. Somewhat irrelevant. I guess vildemose is lost in finding its relevancy! Enjoy the read and happy new year.


vildemose and benross

by Fatollah on

am I missing something?



by benross on

If you keep busy yourself with 'real intent' of bloggers in IC, you are going to loose your mind! Maybe that's the intent!

These are all true. Whatever they are. For lies wait for the thirteenth of Farfardin. Give yourself a rest!


Godless Iranians In Diapora:

by vildemose on

Godless Iranians In Diapora: Unhappy & unsatisfied

Hey, Basiji-forever,isn't that your blog? All of sudden you're anti-IRI??

What are you trying to do?? Why are you disguising yourself as a monarchist?? Why the misinformation campaign against the monarchists??//iranian.com/main/blog/monarchy-forever/godless-iranians-diapora-unhappy-unsatisfied


well done

by Fatollah on

hey buddy, good work, I think you have hit some nerve, keep up! :)

of course I wish Hoder well, hope is released soon. 

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

OK now you're in this blogging fantasy too.

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Who are you talking to ? IRI supporters? Do you want there to be a bunch of them here so you can feel strong and tough? You don't even know what happened to Hoder. No one does. Shame on you for using him like this. What a cheap trick. The only life monarchy has is in memories. Some people are living in the past and there's nothing you can do about that. Everyone can suffer from this to avoid reality, and it's not only Iranians who do this. There are Americans who will want JFK back or even Clinton. They just can't move on.

The monarchists are another breed of insanity. Shah is DEAD as a doornail. He gave up. He didn't give a damn about Iran. He left. Monarchy is over. Shah's son is a moron who has resorted to photographing his fire jumping to seem relevant. He had his fun and he knew it was zero sum. MOVE ON and stop annoying Iranians with your nostalgias (if you were even old enough to have lived in those times). I'm not even fighting the monarchists. I pity them. But they're part of our community and I think everyone suffers from being out of Iran in different ways. All kinds of delusion and fantasy out there.

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

SARGORD      I can tell for sure all the BAHAI'S in jail for example are the result of IRR supperessions against these minorities where they were not subject to in the previouse government.

regardless of Bahai's claim of not participating in politic.           Maziar

Sargord Pirouz

Hoder wasn't exactly what

by Sargord Pirouz on

Hoder wasn't exactly what you would call mainstream, or even an element of the establishment. His outspoken political views were expressed unevenly. And he travelled to Israel, which is against the law.

Now we don't know how he fared in custody. It could very well be a situation in certain respects comparable to the conviction of Hamid Hayat of Lodi, California. But again, we don't know.

I don't understand the monarchist reference in this attempted comparison. Monarchists have no relevance inside the Islamic Republic of Iran. They are a fringe, external element, expressed on poorly followed exile TV programming, and that's really about the extent of it.

I don't know any high profile monarchists that are Hoder's age currently in custody in the IRI. If you do, please provide details in order to give this post the meaning it lacks, as is.