Shahyad monument ~ برج شهیاد

Mona 19
by Mona 19

گفت و گو با حسین امانت، طراح میدان و برج آزادی تهران


نماد ایران مدرن چگونه در غرب تهران خانه کرد؟


حسین امانت



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To tell you thew truth I

by Alamat (not verified) on

To tell you thew truth I like the shahyad monument except for one thing... the top!
It lookks like it's been cut off!
As if they didn't have enough material to finish it off...and simply just had to stop right there!
Otherwise the interior and thew sides are just beautiful and fine!

Mona 19

Sweet Nadia : )

by Mona 19 on

I always appreciate your KIND and ENCOURAGING words.

Best wishes,Mona :)



by Nadias on


Thank you! Especially for the English link. :o)

I have seen the arc in many places on this web-site but I did not know its name or history. It is truly  magnificent architecture.

Solh va Doosti (paz a vosotros)




by Seagull (not verified) on

Root, why dont you do the research and share it with us!?

Mona 19

Fair-minded Readers : )

by Mona 19 on


to justice...huh?

by root (not verified) on

Unity and harmony sound good and nice, but what do they have to do with my inquiry about the history of an architecture here??? (gooz beh shaghigheh cheh rabti dareh?) Get real, they give these detailed historical backgrounds to any famous architecture, just watch some PBS or NG show, and you'll know what I'm talking about ( 3 hour shows sometimes). And now you make personal attacks against me? And finally, where did the "superstition" part come from???



by Justice (not verified) on

Mr. Hossein Amanat is a the world-renowned and distinguished Canadian architect!!!

Stop being such a nagetive and suspicious guy!!!
ENJOY this majestic building.It doesn't blong to you, me ,or anybody else. It blongs to all Iranian.
It's really sad to see as a nation we have no UNITY and harmony.
BE POSITIVE and optimistic, and remove the veil of SUPERSTITION.


to fairness

by root (not verified) on

Well, I validated Azadi Square, however, as I stated previously, my feeling does not extend to the general body of work done by Mr Amanat, and I gave an example as to why. Again, like I said, despite the fact that this is a great architectural design, we never know what we truly might have had, since a through and fair background, and history has not been published, specially addressing some of the questions that I had asked.

And why is it that whenever there is a legitimate assessment, and questioning of any subject that is somehow, even remotely, related to the Bahai's, there is a confrontational attitude ? Grow up, and get real!


to root

by fairness (not verified) on

the reason project was given to mr amant was more than likely what you say, they could not stop looking at it, is that not enough!?
And if you notice most other land marks aside from pre islamic structures are homagenous and are the same in style like all the Masjids.
Every iranian has contributed to the richness of Iran, regardless of thier religion or ethnicity.
It is time to validate that fact instead of trying to discredit non moslem Iranian Artists and cultural icons as favors or conspiracy!

Mona 19

Dear readers...

by Mona 19 on

Thank You, Have a Bright and Sunny Day! 

Respectfully,Mona :)


Dear Mona

by Shaer on

Thank You For sharing this "Wonderful" building Of Our Memories ..

As Indicated, "Art" Transcends "All" Religions ..

Good Job .. :)


to Mohamad

by root (not verified) on

Agree. Azadi square is all that you said. I never get bored looking at it. I always visually go from top to bottom, side to side, and sometimes when the car has passed through the square, look back. However, I believe it is important to give a good, through background about it's conception, and other relevant issues, as it is for all other historical issues.


"Was the decision to give the job to Mr. Amanat fair?"

by Muhammad (not verified) on

"Was the decision to give the job to Mr. Amanat fair?" asks an earlier contributor. I don't know. But I say: look at what he designed! It's gorgeous; it's unique; it's modern; and it's Iranian.


to ponder about

by root (not verified) on

I wonder how Mr Amanat got to design and showcase a monument in the biggest Tehran circle, when he was only 24 years old. In general when monuments are given a chance to be framed nicely and shown in a grand scale, they make a bigger impact. I am interested to know if other architects had a chance at it, and we could've compared their sketches and designs. I question how many other architects had a real opputunity to show their design back then? Was he really the best of them? And if so, who decided, and based on what criteria? What about connections? Were better people overlooked? I took a look at his other works, and and I cannot see anything special there. The Universal House of Justice, a beautiful building by all accounts, but lacks originality. It is just taken from Greek architecture. And the rest of them? I don't know,... like you a see lot around.


Second to None!

by Kamangir on

Shahyad tower represents a lot to many Iranians. To me, compared to all other monuments around the world, is second to none!

You can spend hours looking at it without your eyes getting tired. It's a magnificent monument that reflects the Persian architecture. It's in the hearts os millions of Iranians.