Send e-letters in support of Iran’s 7 Baha’i Leaders


Send e-letters in support of Iran’s 7 Baha’i Leaders
by Mona 19

In early August 2010, after over two years of detention, Iran’s 7 Baha’i leaders were sentenced to 20 years prison.

Considering the advanced ages of several of these spiritual leaders, the IRI has effectively dealt life sentences. These two women and five men formed the national leadership of the Baha’i community in Iran, known as ‘yaran’ or ‘friends,’ to tend to the spiritual needs of Iran’s largest religious minority. The Baha’i community faces systematic oppression and discrimination by the IRI, including denial of education and government jobs, home raids, arbitrary detention, cemetery desecration, and much more.

One tireless Baha’i activist wrote:

"As a Bahá’í I was deeply saddened to hear the news about the 20 year-prison-sentence dealt by Bahá’í leaders in Iran. The Bahá’ís of Iran are the most diverse minority group in Iran. Bahá’í faith, being the youngest of world religions, has members from different ethnic backgrounds – including Kurdish, Azeri, Balochi, and Turkmen.  Iranian Bahá’ís also come from Muslim, Zoroastrian, and Jewish backgrounds.  Members of the Bahá’í faith have unconditionally served their country from the inception of the Bahá’í faith.

These seven Bahá’ís were charged with engaging in “propaganda against the Islamic Republic of Iran” and “propaganda against Islam” – all of which are contrary to the teachings of the Bahá’í faith, which requires its members to abide by and respect the rules of the country in which they live, respect all religions, including Islam, and strive for unity of religions.

The IRI has declared illegal the administrative work of the community despite having a clear knowledge of the actions of the Bahá’í community for the past thirty years.  Bahá’í institutions in Iran were disbanded in 1983, and the seven leaders who now face 20-year-prison terms formed an ad-hoc group that looked over the affairs of the community, including marriages, funerals, and monthly feasts. All this happened with the government’s knowledge.

It is really unfortunate to see that the nuclear dispute continues to overshadow severe, broad, and systematic human rights violations by the Islamic Republic, the ongoing oppression of minorities, and state of thousands of prisoners of conscience in Iran.

As an Iranian and a Bahá’í, I would like to encourage everyone to send letters to world leaders and IRI officials asking them to condemn the ongoing human rights violations of Bahá’ís and other prisoners of conscience in IRI prisons. Supporting these Bahá’í prisoners today and sending letters to world leaders on their behalf shows the government of Iran that Iranians and non-Iranians are working in solidarity with one another to address the human right violations of all Iranians irrespective of their faith, ethnicity, and ideological backgrounds."

To access the letters, see the links at the top of the page OR scroll down further. If you choose to add a personal message to the e-letter, please keep it polite, human-rights focused, and without rhetoric. To the right of the e- letter page are the various recipients of the e-mail you send — this way you don’t have to send a letter multiple times (one click will send your message to all of the listed embassies, consulates, interest sections, IRI authorities, and UN officials).

The recipients of this letter include ambassadors from IRI embassies, Navanethem Pillay (the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights), Ban Ki-Moon (Secretary-General of the UN), Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (President of the IRI), Ayatollah Sadegh Larijani (Head of the Judiciary of the IRI), and Mohammad Javad Larijani (High Council for Human Rights for the IRI), and several more.

Below the letter are personal fields to fill out. Enter as much information as you feel comfortable. A VALID e-mail address is required; however, if you don’t feel comfortable sharing your e-mail, consider making an e-mail account just to use for actions like this.

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail us at

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Mona 19


by Mona 19 on

Dear Shepesh, Monda jan, Rea jan thank you all for your support.

Most regards,Mona




by Rea on

Thx Mona for keeping us updated.

PS. will make sure it's distributed in my country's forums. 


Will do Mona jan,

by Monda on

Urging all my Baha'i and non-Baha'i friends and relatives to do the same.



by Shepesh on


Mona 19


by Mona 19 on

جناب شراب قرمز

سپاس فراوان از شما ، همیشه شاد و تندرست باشید

با احترام


Sahameddin Ghiassi

Some times the life and people are hard to understand.

by Sahameddin Ghiassi on

Everybody says my believe is the best and the right one and other people are wrong, because they have other believe. We cannot answer the question of life and we are weak and nothing in compare with the worlds. But we are selfish and we think we stay in the world for ever; we make the life of other people harder as we can, why? In the world there are different cultures different people and different religions, and they born and grow with that culture and religion , why we want to change it by force and killing? The rout is that the business huge companies want to make money with our hate, and sell their weapons to us and gave our youth drug.


The only problem we have in Iran is Bahais? We do not have people without work, university, home any more? We have enough work, universities, houses and food for everybody, there are not four millions without work, millions without universities, millions addicted, millions under the poverty? Our youth have the possibilities to marry and have their own family? Only these Bahais are our problem? Or the half Bahai and half Moslems are the great problem, we solve all other problem and we are in advance technique and only these Bahais and half Bahais bother us. We killed them, take out of school, burned their houses, closed their shops, but still they are bothering us.

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

مونا خانوم جان عزیز،ما حتما این کار را خواهیم کرد اما فکر نمی‌کنیم که کسی‌ بتواند کمکی‌ به ما‌ها بکند ! این خبر تقریبا از تمام خبرگزاری‌ها منتشر شده است ،اما دریغ از این حرکت مهم از کشور‌های مطرح دنیا ! هیچ وقت کاری نمیکنند !

به امید آزادی ایران و ایرانیان.

همیشه پاینده باشید.