My Friend, Nava...


Mona 19
by Mona 19

I met Nava when I was in grade 12 ...she was so sweet, calm, gentle, spring breeze. we didn't get that close but I was always watching her and asking my self WHY she is so different?She wasn't like everybody else. There was something something about her?That made her so UNIQUE.

I remember she was very friendly and liked to share her snack with others but I noticed some accepted and thanked her and some gave her a LOOK and walked away...I noticed some classmate didn't like to sit beside her and stayed away from her...I remember once she chanted Quran so beautifully and answered all questions in Talimate dini BUT our teacher got so mad at her and send her to principle's office...I was like why? why they're giving her such a hard time, and then I asked my close friend shirin, and she told me..Nava is a Baha'i...and I was smiling and said SO WHAT???Shirin said I Know!! But not every one else think this way...I was so mad at Nava that why she is so gentle with thoss who are so mean to her why she doesn't talk back...she always always answering their questions in loving manner and follwed all the rules, and never once she said something unkind to others even in times of difficulties and troubles...

By the end of year we were getting ready for Konkor and studied hard...Nava was smart and always had good grades ,and to be honest with you better than me...time passed and we got our result...I was sure I would see her name in the newspapers...BUT NO...No NAVA---- I thought there must be some mistake ..I passed the exam, why not Nava...

I saw her once after that on my way back from university ...As Usual she gave me her BIG HUG and said congratulations ...I said Nava what about you? where are you? what you're doing ...she told me her story, she said in my application I said I 'm a Baha’i and later I received a letter saying my application is not complete so I went to the office ( Ministry) and told them what is WRONG with my application...and they said YOU KNOW WHAT IS THE PROBLEM...leave or we call the security... We said goodbye and never saw each other again...I used be so angry at her who didn't lie and simply could go to university and got a job like others..

It took me more than 10 yrs to understand that...Her strong faith…and why she did that…..Yes I have That GEM which she has and will not exchange it for any thing else in the world

Thank You My dear readers who spend your precious time to read my story..I wish I could see you again Nava to tell you my heart, my love, my prayers are with all you … You are My dear spiritual sisters and brothers in my beloved Iran…

To Brighter and Better future for my Fairest land Iran

With Loving Greetings,Mona :)


Mohhabat( Love within ) By Sonbol...Enjoy !





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Hamvatanan aziz,lets read this one, from Bahram Irani!!

by Tahirih on

" He says to Mona:""I dont think the member of your faith have been targeted(if any)for their particular believes but rather over some political issues. ""

IRI has killed about over 200 inocent bahai's including Mona Mahmodnejad a 16 yr old girl from Shiraz,along 9 other women ( . They made her watch all hanged to scare her to recant her faith and at the end they hanged her.

 So Mr Bahram Irani , which one of them was involved in "some political issue"????


Please sir, one name please out of the martyrs of Shiraz(that's what we call them).

No safsateh !!! JUST one name?

until you give us a name from those girls hanged and a political affiliation,then  you do not have any credibility.

As far as picking a fight with you, God will deal with all Hojatieh agents.



Bahram the Iranian

not for you

by Bahram the Iranian on

that editing thing wasnt meant to u, she will know, what I meant

Bahram the Iranian

thank u Mona

by Bahram the Iranian on

That is a reasonable and politicaly correct answer and much see! Us(you and me) have some thing in common, we both hold some thing not only dear but holly.of course 2 different things, but still we understand the firend's story and stories like it represent my value therefor if I am going to post some thing,It better be good and that requires time, which I dont have much(well I guess that is my problem).

in the mean while let me assure you, that you are nt alone to think that we should live and lauagh together. I consider myself an iranian muslim for me iran is the life and islam is style of that life, Being living out of Iran my life isnt too iranian and the style follows after it. I dont think. you or any member of any faiths whose believs are nt in line with mine should be killed or harmed, we should all be equale and only judged by our actions not our faiths. I dont think the member of your faith have been targeted(if any)for their particular believes but rather over some political issues.


Mona 19


by Mona 19 on

...What do mean??? Can you please expand your sentence?

Shab khosh,Sir


Seagull,Many thanks to you for reading my Story.


Regards,Mona :)



Bahram the Iranian

when you have to edit yourself

by Bahram the Iranian on

 you dont have to do it if you think first.

Mona 19


by Mona 19 on

...Thank You for reading my story.

My Husband served the army for 2 yrs( as I mentioned in other Blog)during war Just Like You..

Who said I don't want to hear your story??? Who Said I do not care for People like you and Your martyr friend ( God bless his soul and others who lost their lives for defending their country)

I have so many friends ( baha'i,Muslem with Hijab,Jew,Christian, Hispanic,African American...and even people who don't believe in God) Honestly I don't know what you're trying to say...But we respect each other for whoever we are ....we don't label each other as our muslem friend,our atheists friend,.....We mingle,we laugh,... and always having good time...we cherish each other's holiday... Ramadan,Hanukkah,Ridvan(Bahai Holy day),....and so many other events.

My dear hamvatan I'm trying to say no matter who we, what we believe,...WE ARE FRIENDS.( we are all Human,and it's not up to me to judge who is sincere or not ..who is a beliver..or not...I shared with you couple of qutations from Holy Writings in other blog..PLEASE go back and read them.

You,sir...You Like to share your story,experince,...You are more than welcome to do so,..even a sad story ( drama as you call it) with us.I never say NO to you.

This is Mr.Javid Site.Bless him who is giving all of us to share our point of view.

Respectfully,Mona :)

Thank You again for reading my LONG comment, and Please share your story.



Bahram the Iranian

hold it right there

by Bahram the Iranian on

I simply asked, if she likes to hear my story. she has written a blog sharing her experience and i thought , she might want hear mine. there is no bitterness no antagonism!! not that I mean it that way.she could say, No I dont need it I dont read it. that is it very simple, or even better she would say nothing and ignore me totaly but then there is this lady here(Tahirih) who follows me around throwis insults at me and making assumption while I was nt even talking to her or by any means trying to engage her in a blog fights.check my blog on polygamy in US. She walks in,diverts the course of debate into what interests her, calling me name and making great discovery. Here she is again. Not that I mind getting into a fight if I find the right partner, however I dont fight ladies even verbaly. so far she managed to come up with few names for me like 'motehajer'smelly man'little man'cold blood killer' and few otthers every time I refained from answering back in kind.

you see?if you drop any idealogy that you may have or havent and just retrack her posting on which she attacks me verbaly and my further replies you will see who is antagonist here?

I realy felt some stories here in this site are being gone unheard.I felt I should do something since that is what I believe in, I hope you will give me the right to believe on what i want to believe, you have been nice enough to the ladies and I shall do it regardless who will or willnt read it.

Now please do me a favour and ask this lady Tahirih firend of yours to stop cheasing me around picking on me and make me look like an antagonist guy.

sincerely Bahram



bahram Antagonism is self infliction

by Seagull (not verified) on

human suffering is never a joke!
I served in the army and lost friends but we fought against a common enemy not each other.
You don't need to antagonize to validate or prove.
Your good actions will be sufficient. give yourself a break.

Thank you Mona for this wonderful story.
I lived in Iran for 2 decades and lived thru some of the experiences, but luckily the number of good people dwarfed the ignorant ones, now I think God bless them all.

Bahram the Iranian

no reply

by Bahram the Iranian on

u rnt even worth that.


So what is your point Bahram Irani!!!!

by Tahirih on

Are you saying because Saddam attacked Iran , you can abuse Iranians?

Our heart goes to the young people that were killed in Iran,Iraq war, defending our country,wheter they were basiji or not, .That is a fact and nothing can justify young people dying.

But that does not give you the right to minimize,or make fun of the situation of minorities in Iran.Killing 16 yr olds is not cute or funny( well may be funny to psycopaths!!).



Bahram the Iranian

Mona would u like to hear my story?

by Bahram the Iranian on

I read your piece about your firend, I guess you have quite few of those firends, good for you.but what about one of my firend's story. one of those who got killed(myrtar) in war, defending iran and iranians so Iran and iranians can live as iranians!!!!so a city called shiraz can contnue to exsist as an iranian city and so on and so forth.No I dont think so, u dont want to hear that, u dont care do u??I have as many stories about the pepole scarifying their lives and livehood for Iran dead and alive as you have stories about your cute firends being discriminated aginst , a drama.  

Mona 19

Thank You all :)

by Mona 19 on

Tahirih Khanum,Many thanks to you...and may his blessings be with you and your loved ones today and always.Thank You for your kind words. :)

JAVIDIRAN,I do appreciate your loving words, My dear...I read your prayers( Zoroastrian) in English (very Beautiful and heart warming)...May his grace and protection be with you and your loved ones specially your grandchildren in Iran...I'm also far away from my grandparents whose I was so attached to them.Bless You,my dear,Bless you :)

Shaer Jan,I do apprecite your kind and wisdom words, You're absolutly right...Many Thanks to you for reading my piece. :)

Iva Khanum, Many many thanks to you for sharing your story with us.The truth is if we go and talk with people who we think are different and getting to know them a bit more...we will find so many similarities, and we see we are not very different...Hopefully more people go and find out for themselves...and see/hear/comprehend throught their owm eyes/ears/brain...salamat va shad bashid my dear hamvatan :)


Almost same story but at younger age

by Iva (not verified) on

Similar to you, I knew of a girl about a grade or two older than me (about 1st or 2nd "rahnamaie") who was a good student who had a very gentle personality. Since she was in higher grade, we hardly spoke in the court yard, but I remember how her classmates treated her. I asked similar question from one of my friends who answered "oh, she is Bahaie", since that was the first time I heard of that word, naturally I asked what does it mean. My friend couldn't answer and I am sure none of those "mean" kids could either at that time. Those mean kids simply immitating behavior of their parents or teachers. Shame on Iranians particularly those who think they are better than the everybody else because they worship the dead.


Mona Jan

by Shaer on

As I Have Said Many Times Before, Whether One "Agrees" Or "Diagrees" With The Bahai'i Faith, It Is Fundamentally "Wrong" To Deprive Children And Youth Of Their Education Because Of Their Religious Orientation.

The Regime In Iran Will Do Itself A Lot Of Good  By Somehow Accomodating The Educational Needs Of The Bahai'i People. This Is Not Only The "Right" Thing To Do, But In "Public Relations" Sense, It Will Also Benefit From It.

It Is Really That Simple .. :)



by JAVIDIRAN (not verified) on

Keep telling us about these beautiful stories that you have.

I have two grandchilden in Iran that I miss very much and your way of communication reminds me of them. They both have a very gentle side to them. We are zoroasterian and must admitt I have witnessed many unfair acts from the government toward Bahai's in Iran.

Let's pray that one day we can live side by side in peace and harmony and love unconditionally , no matter what our beliefs are in life.


Dear Mona Thank you....

by Tahirih on

Thank you for being the voice of Nava, and other youth in Iran that are being discriminated  for being Bahais.

You are lucky because you realize what had happend to her and why. But there are so many who still think that not only she should have been excluded from university also she has no right to live(just like the comentator in the other blog).

As Iranians we have to realize that when we stay quiet for someone elses pain ,others will close their eye to our pain.

May God bless you always