The Abolition Of Prejudices


Mona 19
by Mona 19

All prejudices, whether of religion, race, politics or nation, must be renounced, for these prejudices have caused the world's sickness. It is a grave malady which, unless arrested, is capable of causing the destruction of the whole human race. Every ruinous war, with its terrible bloodshed and misery, has been caused by one or other of these prejudices. The deplorable wars going on in these days are caused by the fanatical religious hatred of one people for another, or the prejudices of race or color. Until all these barriers erected by prejudice are swept away, it is not possible for humanity to be at peace.

Contemplate the prejudice of religion: consider the nations of so-called religious people; if they were truly worshipers of God they would obey His law which forbids them to kill one another. If religious leaders really adored the God of love and served the Divine Light, they would teach their people to keep the chief Commandment, 'To be in love and charity with all men'. But we find the contrary, for it is often the priests who encourage nations to fight. Religious hatred is ever the most cruel! All religions teach that we should love one another; that we should seek out our own shortcomings before we presume to condemn the faults of others, that we must not consider ourselves superior to our neighbors! We must be careful not to exalt ourselves lest we be humiliated. Who are we that we should judge? How shall we know who, in the sight of God, is the most upright man? God's thoughts are not like our thoughts! How many men who have seemed saint-like to their friends have fallen into the greatest humiliation. Let us therefore be humble, without prejudices, preferring others' good to our own! Let us never say, 'I am a believer but he is an infidel', 'I am near to God, whilst he is an outcast'. We can never know what will be the final judgment! Therefore let us help all who are in need of any kind of assistance. When we find a person fallen into the depths of misery or sin we must be kind to him, take him by the hand, help him to regain his footing, his strength; we must guide him with love and tenderness, treat him as a friend not as an enemy. We have no right to look upon any of our fellow-mortals as evil.


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the Islamic scripture tells us what is the litmus test for God's

by justMy2cents (not verified) on

Mr Cyrus Khan,
What the Islamic law says is between you and God so that you personally would judge yourself and know how far off or close you are to the standards and make appropriate adjustments. that is your responsibility towards yourself and God and by fulfilling that you become beneficial to society. It has nothing to do with judging others, that is Gods business and others. If someone does evil you keep away and pray for them not hate them since as an inspired soul you would know the degree of suffering an wrong-doing soul is subjected to, that should stir some compassion, both for mercy and justice.

However if someone breaks the civil law, not sharia which should only apply to Moslems, then the law and civil authorities are responsible.
Also criminal or rapist or arsonists and other evil doers are still children of God, the law of the land will deal with their crime and punishment but as much as we are told of the mercy and grace of God, we should also try to be clement in heart and spirit and pray for the wrong doers, that is the meaning of Gods Love and mans attempt at unconditional love.
This theme must be considered in a sphere of contexts especially the attributes of God must bring the point to close proximity.

Now between Moslems, the Islamic tradition has made it a duty of a Moslem to not only judge but also to execute the judgment, "amre be maaroof and nahye az monkar". That law may not apply any more since the nature of people have changed from the time the duty was assigned by the prophet. A change that was the direct fruit of the Prophets teachings. That the nature of the man of His time went thru an organic change for the better all in relative terms.
So today, Amr va Nahye is in collision with civil society and is an act of invasion of privacy!!

Also, did Jesus not love the ones who crucified Him, He said o my father in heaven forgive them for they KNOW NOT, as you see NOT KNOWING is the worst one can sink into. Jesus was aware of the nature of Gods Love and His Justice.

Mona 19

Dear Cyrus

by Mona 19 on

Thank you for reading the blog, and appreciate your good words. you're absolutly right .All the divine religion teach us the morals and virtues. ( Golden rules)

I simply mean we live in a world filled with a wonderous diversity of experiences,oponions, physical appearence, cultures, religion,....etc.

 one of the challenge of this age is not only to find a way to live in harmony with  people who differ from us, but to celebrate the diversity and learn from it. we can only learn a limited amount from those who are like us but there is a fortune of  new knowledge to be gained from those who have a different perspective to our own. (unity in diversity, unity without uniformity)






Good post Mona

by cyrus khan (not verified) on

I very much liked your blog. It is a breath of fresh air in this world full of foul stench of prejudice, hate and killing. It is going to take an awful lot of aeration like yours to purify the air enveloping our planet.
Now, you say that we don't know how God judges each one of us. Well, apparently we have some ideas. the Islamic scripture tells us what is the litmus test for God's judgment, "the most beloved in his sight is the most virtuous." And each one of us should take an inventory and see where we stand. That is what virtues and what vices we posses and practice.
Also, someone said something about unconditional love. I, for one, have trouble with this notion. I can't love killers, rapists, arsonists and a whole host of other evil-doers. Sorry. I just can't. I believe that love must be contingent on action.


To Anon.'s 8:19 p.m.

by Anonymous.............. (not verified) on

To Anon.'s 8:19 p.m. question (I know your question wasn't sincere)

No, I don't associate with demented fanatics, and it doesn't matter in which specific category of fanatics they belong to (like those two in the Smart Iranians thread). Can you honestly say the same for yourself? I don't need a reply, I just hope you don't.


to Anonymous.........

by Anonymousuomynon (not verified) on

are you related to the two commentators on the blog you are reffering to!?

Mona 19

Dear Anonymous.....

by Mona 19 on

Thank You for reading the article.




Tahirih, You misunderstood

by Anonymous......... (not verified) on


You misunderstood my comment, I wasn't saying that I know how you think, or that you are an extremist.
I was just acknowledging that unfortunately all belief systems have their extremists, all of them and without exception (this is per my life experiences and observations).

Look at two commenters under "(Smart) Iranians.." as an example. They add fuel to the fire of wholesale antagonism and hatred, deliberate or not. And those two commenters consider themselves to be very educated and of course, very civilized and advanced. That was my point, it was a general observation and comment.


To Anonymous.....

by Tahirih (not verified) on

I am not sure what you tried to tell me?because it sounds like you agree with what I said ,but also you are implying that I also have exterimist ideas.

As far as my view and my religion you can agree with what I said without being part of any organized religion.Not every one has to be the same,that's why we believe in UNITY IN DIVERSITY.You could be anything ,but promoting oneness of humanity and that is fine and great with me.
you may not agree with me but there are many people that they do not believe in oneness of humanity,and have fundamental problem with this simple statement( as you said it has been said in different centuries).

We take it for granted that it is a known fact and people just do not follow it,but in reality many people do not agree with it.So my friend practise it without any association with any organized religion ,if that's what you want.
My regards to you,


"The time has come for the

by Anonymous..... (not verified) on

"The time has come for the principle of the oneness of the humanity to be understood and accepted".

Good comment Tahirih

"All prejudices, whether of religion, race, politics or nation, must be renounced, for these prejudices have caused the world's sickness". (Mona)

The world is not in black and white, and many agree with your what you wrote. I just don't like religious and non-religious extremists, my vanity and weakness (if you'd like to call it that). And when it comes to extremists, my view is not selective (no discrimination). And they, unfortunatley exist among all people. Nice article. The message you conveyed is found in many different sources and from different people and places and times, and from people of different faiths and religions. People who are not religious know and agree with the message of this article also. In Iran one sees many such statements from different people and from different centuries also.

Not a steadfast organized religion oriented person


To Chakeretam:

by Anonymous 9 (not verified) on

there is a wisdom trust it.

Mona 19

Nadia :-)

by Mona 19 on

Good to hear from you!


Mona :)


Many of the quote posted here

by Chakeretam (not verified) on

Many of the quote posted here are from the sacred writings of the Baha'i' faith.

Please give the source(s) of the quotes so people can know where and how to learn more in case there is interest.

Thank you. :-)

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Dear Mona

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Please contact us at about // film project.

Thank you 

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Nadias glad to read

by Nadias on


your first blog. I was away for awhile and almost missed it. Very good writing. I also hope to see more of your writings.

Solh va Doosti (paz a vosotros)


Mona 19

Dear Anonymousee

by Mona 19 on

Thank you for sharing it with us :)





Judicial robes are "one size

by Anonymousee (not verified) on

Judicial robes are "one size fits all." They're easy to slip into, they're comfortable, and when you look in the mirror they make you seem very powerful and distinguished. It's always fun to don your robe and impose judgment on those around you. But it's also diametrically opposed to your own best interests.

As long as your human interactions are dominated by judgment and hostile evaluations, you yourself will be judged. As long as negative energy dominates your interactions, the Light you can receive is limited accordingly. Only by shedding your judicial robes, only by offering love without limits to everyone - whether they "deserve" it or not - can you gain joy and fulfillment that are also without limits.

The Light of fulfillment is there for you all the time, every day and every night, regardless of whether you're being "bad" or "good." The force we call the Creator sees you are your worst moments and still emanates unconditional love. If you can emulate that divine attribute - by offering love everywhere, without reason - you'll receive it in return. Always remind yourself of this vital insight:

My love is unconditional.
It is its own reward.
I remove the labels of "friend" or "enemy"
from the people in my life,
and extend my love to everyone.

excerpt from "The Red String Book: The Power of Protection" by Yehuda Berg)

Mona 19

Dear Farzad

by Mona 19 on

illuminate is right!

Thank You for reading the article.






To Mona

by farzad (not verified) on

illuminate or illumine?? I don't know which is the exact quote.

Mona 19

Dear Tahirih,Midwesty,Iranian-, and Shaer

by Mona 19 on

Thank you all.

I really appreciated your kind and Good words.


With Loving Greetings,

Mona :)

....So powerful is the light of unity that it can illuminate the whole earth



Mona Jan

by Shaer on

I Want to Congradulate You On Your First Blog ..

Very Nicely Done ..

Hope There Would Be Many More To Come ..

Good Luck To You .. :)


Sweet Mona

by Iranian- on



Thanks Mona!

by Midwesty on

I hope your message of love and tolerance propagates throughout this website and calm some people down!


Thank you Mona 19.

by Tahirih (not verified) on

The time has come for the principle of the oneness of the humanity to be understood and accepted.This is a spiritual principle that has proufund implications for individual life and the ordering of society. True justice and peace can only come about when this principle is universally accepted and applied.