20/20 TV show ~ Persecution of Baha'is


20/20 TV show ~ Persecution of  Baha'is
by Mona 19

In 1980 the Mullahs moved "to cut off the head" of the "heretical" Bahá'í movement by destroying its leadership, believing that the majority of the Bahá'ís would then surrender to social pressures and recant their Faith....This policy is reflected in the fact that nearly half the Bahá'ís executed in Iran since 1979 have been members of national and local governing councils of the Bahá'í community, known as Spiritual Assemblies.

On 21 August 1980, all nine members of the national Bahá'í governing council, the National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of Iran, were abducted and disappeared without a trace. It seems certain that they were executed.

The National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of Iran was reconstituted through new elections but was again ravaged by the execution of eight of its members on 27 December 1981.

Executions continued apace through 1982, 1983 and 1984. At least 32 Bahá'ís were executed or killed in 1982, 29 were executed or killed in 1983, and 30 were executed or killed in 1984. And, again, the targets of these executions were often members of Bahá'í governing councils.

Four members of the National Spiritual Assembly, which had once again been courageously re-established through fresh elections, were executed in 1984, although by then the institution had been disbanded in accordance with a government decree and the individuals held no official position in the Bahá'í community.

This TV report (- originally aired about 1980) details some of the " shocking details" of the implementation of the plan to destroy the Baha'i Community of Iran. Amnesty International, in the early 1980s, listed the persecution of the Baha'is by the government of Iran as the most serious human rights violation on earth....Sadly the persecutions continue today.




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by Killjoy (not verified) on

And of course, there is the Tebetan Dalai Lama and the existence of reincarnation is Buddhism.

Dalai Lama himself is the current incarnation of a long line of Buddhist Masters whose mission on earth is to teach humanity.

The problem with the Ruling Terrorists in Tehran, though, is that they hate anyone who would question their "God given" authrity or whoever might be deemed a "potential threat" to their rule.

Masacre of Iranians in the hands of the Ayatollahs started as soon as they came to power, it has been going on for almost three deacdes and will not stop unless their brutal regime is toppled.

No amount of refrom will change the bestial nature of this regime.


The "POROO" mullahs!

by Babak Rezai (not verified) on

I AM ANGRY! This video piece was eye opening. The lies that the Iranian government tells about Bahais is so vicious and apparent in this video. It should make us all sick!

THIS VIDEO MADE ME ANGRY! I am not an idiot. I know that the Islamic government of Iran is corrupt and blood-thirsty. However, their blatant lies make me angry at just how "poroo" the mullahs are. The ayatollahs and their money-hungry, blood-thirsty dependents are the true villains and the destructive force to Iranian heritage and pride.

LOOK AT WHAT THEY ARE DOING TO OUR FELLOW CITIZENS, TO US ALL. WE ALL NEED TO HAVE THE COURAGE AND BACKBONE TO DEFEND OUR FELLOW HUMAN BEINGS WHEN THEY FACE SUCH TERRIBLE INJUSTICE. IF WE MAKE EXCUSES THEN WHAT ARE OUR LIVES WORTH? If we just make excuses then I am afraid that we are just cowards that deserve to be ruled by such "poroo" and corrupt ayatollahs. We will have deserved the ayatollahs just as much as they have deserved such us.

I don't care about religious prophecy. I have read the comments. We are all missing the point. **** religious dogma. We are talking about standing up against injustice! Stop making excuses about who is right or wrong! Stop making excuses about some Bahai trying to tell you what they believe in! Just stop all this nonsense! You can see that I am angry!

Do my Bahai friends try to tell me about their beliefs? YES. GOOD FOR THEM! At least they have some balance and progressive ideas that are worth contemplating.

Does it bother me that Bahais try to teach me their beliefs? NO. They are not pushy and I am silently proud that Iran has produced a religion (or philosophy if you want to call it) that so many view as progressive and enlightened.

Sorry if this may seem long, incoherent, and disrespectful, but after watching this video, I am angry. I am angry at those depraved mullahs. I am angry at ayatollahs. I AM ANGRY TO SEE SUCH OPPRESSION ON PEOPLE THAT HAVE BEEN SO GOOD TO ME AND IRAN! MAYBE ANGRIEST BY THE FACT THAT I TOO HAVE BEEN SILENT!

After watching this video and reading about their recent oppression, I am going to stand-up for Bahais and more importantly to the dignity of all Iranians. PLEASE STAND WITH ME. PLEASE STAND FOR YOUR FELLOW HUMANS! PLEASE STAND FOR OUR DIGNITY AS IRANIANS!


"The belief in a Messiah is

by Not Anonymous (not verified) on

"The belief in a Messiah is found in many cultures. The Jews have their Elijah, the Christians have their Second Coming, the Shiites have their Mahdi, and the stargazers have their extraterrestrials. I do not believe in any messiah, but I can understand why people would want to believe in some kind of messiah.

There is one messianic prophecy I would want to come true. It is the messianic prophecy concerning the last Zoroastrian princess of Yazd. Thirteen centuries ago, after Islam had become the dominate religion in Iran, the last Zoroastrian princess of Yazd was fleeing from Moslem fanatics who were determined to kill her. She vanished into the Mountain of the Sacred Spring of Chek-Chek in the Yazd desert. According to legend, she will return (in spirit or reincarnation or whatever) in Iran's hour of greatest danger. When she returns, Iran will be saved and the dominate religion of Iran will once again be Zoroastrianism."

فغان ز ابلهی اين خران بی دم و گوش
که جمله شيخ تراش آمدند و شيخ فروش
شوند هر دو سه روزی مريد نادانی
تهی ز دين و خرد ؛ خالی از بصيرت و هوش ...


to A Shia

by Ramin007 (not verified) on

dear friend,

yes as Baha'is we do believe that the covenant between prophet Mohammad (pbuh) and Ali (as) was valid and should not have been broken.

the most ironic thing is that Baha'i faith is the only major religion that considers Islam as a true religion from god, and all the Christians, Jews and Hindos,etc who become Baha'is must also accept Islam as a true revelation from god.

I agree with Mahnaz that our belief in return of Mahdi appears blasphemous to Shias, but it can not justify our persecution. Is it Ok to persecute the Shias in all the places where they are minority?



Shia vs Bahai

by A_Shia (not verified) on

I personally think that the problem between Shia Islam and Bahai is limited only to the people who believe strongly in the 12th Imam. That is understandable because those Shia believe that the 12th Imam should appear right before this world ends, not before.

There are many Shia Moslems who are not convinced of the existence of the 12th Imam. They only accept the Prophet Mohammad and then Ali and others.

Also, it is not clear why Bab claimed to be the 12th Imam? The first time I heard it, I could not believe it. Is that really true? Did Bab himself believe in the existence of the 12th Imam? If that is the case, then according to Bahai faith, logically the Shia branch of Islam is the legitimate branch of Islam and not the Suni branch because the Shia believe in the 12th Imam and Sunis don't.

I don't have a problem with Bahais and I don't think that's correct to say all Shia is not compatible with Bahai religion.


Excellent article

by Ali Najafi (not verified) on

An excellent piece on Rooz Online. It is an article we can all reflect on.



it's a tragedy

by IRANdokht on

A lot of the nicest people I know are Baha'i and what the IRI has done to them is just a tragedy.

It's true that there is no reconciliation between radical muslims and Bahai's, but it doesn't excuse these criminal acts.

It's a shame that members of a religion can justify hate, intolerance and murder as religious acts, but that's what eventually happens in most of them anyway: radical christians, extremist jews, they all act violently against the ones they don't accept.

Unfortunately in IRI, these extremists run the government and are given the means and the power to do it.

I wish someday we find a cure for ignorance, superstition, intolerance and prejudice.



Silly Religions!!!

by Anonymously (not verified) on

Islam = Silly Religion.

Shiism - derived from Islam = Sillier Religion.

Bahiism - derived from Shiism = Silliest of them all!!!

kaleh dar

Oil and Water!

by kaleh dar on

Mahnaz khanoum, where do you think all those early Babi and Bahai blievers came from, all where Shia luminaries and schollares, so contrary to your "statement", water and oil do mixes, but you need to clear your heart and mind first.


The Bahai Era is the promised age of fulfillment..

by faryarm on

Ladies and Gents, especially  those with the view that things will always remain the same. With a deeper look into history and the story of the Bab and Baha'u'llah, their, words, action,s life and the promises/prophecies, one might reaiise that we are in essence in gradual fulfillment t of everything that has been promised in past revelations, culminating in the eventual "Golden" age of world peace..

The Bahai revelation is especially significant in the the gradual unfoldment of a Global society that will first attain political unity followed by the spiritual unity of mankind. Baha'u'llah refered to the first and the we are curently witnessing as the attaining the LESSER PEACE,(the realization that we need a united effort t solve global problems)  to be followed by The MOST GREAT PEACE; when mankind has become spiritually mature; refering to the passage in the Bible:

“Isaiah 2:4 And he shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people: and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruninghooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.”

This is prominently displayed at the UN. 






Mahnaz khanom!

by Tahirih on

I have to say that , I know which registered user you are , but I am not going to say it since it is not relevant to this issue.

Second , I like to refer you to your initial message, although you corrected your negative tone in the second comment but it has been obvious to many commentators and myself ,the intense resentment you carry around for Baha'i faith .

When you say the matter of the 12th Imam 's appearance/or not appearance, is the root of the conflict,does this conflict justify all this atrocities toward followers of Baha'ullah?

You pretend to be the messenger , but let me ask you , who gave you the message to convey it to  the Bahai's? to me your zeal was a clue that this message was produced at home!!

You may be able to get away with this kind of cruel comments , in light subjects, but not , when innocent lives were taken so savagely.




Shiites are kafirs

by jimzbund on

99% of the Muslims consider Shiites to be kafirs ( heretices ) and not Muslims. Shiites are the most superstitious and fanatic sect in islam. They consider the Hussayn and Ali at times highr than Muhammad himself ! I am sure their other Muslim bothers will take care of them when the time comes while their Mahdi eats chello kabab in the well in qom !. what a screwed up cult ! 


Bund, Jimz Bund


روبه صفتان زشتخو را نکشند


Islamists kill the best that Iran has to offer
Ps. is this Islamist ambassador the same chap who got caught shoplifting a raincoat in New York?

Mona 19

If I Could Be Where You Are...

by Mona 19 on



Kindest regards,Mona




Irreconcilable theology does not have to entail persecution

by Martijn R (not verified) on

It is true that the claims of the Bab and Baha'ullah are irreconcilable with current mainstream Shi'ih theology. Still, differences in theology exist everywhere, also within religious communities. That doesn't necessarily lead to hatred. I know that there are faithful shi'is and other muslims who do not at all hate baha'is and even respect them. Another example: the acceptance, or not, of Mohammed as a true prophet of God is an irreconcilable theological difference between Christians and Muslims. That doesn't mean that muslims are necessarily persecuted in a majority Christian country. Same goes for Christians versus Jews.
Respectfully, Martijn


Bahais and Shia Islam

by Hans Graebel (not verified) on

I personally believe that there would never be a reconciliation between the two faiths. In a way, it is like Judaism and Christianity.

Jews believe that their Messiah is yet to come, however the Christians believe that the Messiah has already come in the form of Jesus.

Let's not forget that for centuries the Jews were persecuted for that. It is only relatively recently that the Jews are being tolerated. Throughout the 18th and the 19th centuries, the Jews were severely persecuted in the Christian Europe.

I want to add one other thing: For the Bahais, the worst place to be is in Iran. Not because there is anything wrong with Iran, but because of the conflict that exists on the issue of The Bab, Shai Islam and the fact that the country is 98% Shia.

If I were a Bahai, I would just move out of Iran. As simple as that -


Re: Khar

by Homayoun.#68 (not verified) on

What Ms. Mojadadi has said is the 600 pound Gorilla in the room. Everybody wants to ignore it, but it is there.

The issue of Bab is a significant thing to the Bahais, and of course, indirectly to the Shia Muslims. No matter how much you want to wish it away, I am sorry to say that it WILL NOT.

To devoted Shia Muslims, as indicated by Ms. Mojadadi, the person of Bab represents Blasphemy. We can all talk how much we want regarding getting along, etc., but that's not going to change things.

This has nothing to do with Hatred, Discrimination, etc. The Theology of the Bahai Faith has created a problem that is truly Not Solvable. It comes in direct conflict with The Theology of Shia Islam - Nothing More, Nothing Less


What if:

by Aziz (not verified) on

What if Western countries and their Christian citizens who have so far tolerated both the Bahai's and Moslem immigrants were to one day decide to end the religious freedoms, pile up some stakes and burn all those heretics:

Will Mahnaz Khanum wake up then? Or will she accept her fate stoically on the pyre as normal expectation for the minorities...

How would she like the taste of her own medicine? Or is it too much to ask ?


Ms. Mahnaz

by Khar on

You Wrote: "Perhaps even irreconcilable differences that exist between the two faiths. I hope that has clarified it for you. Rather than criticizing the messenger, please focus on the message."

The messenger is flaming the hateful essence of the message. By just washing our hands of the matter just because we think we are the messenger is makes us as guilty as the message. In Nazi Germany Jews were prosecuted and killed as most Germans stood idly and even bought in to that ideology of hate. Don't you think we are doing the same thing to Baha’is? There is a school of thought that believes people of Middle East have fought religious wars forever and nothing can be done and it is what is! Do you subscribe to this idea? Which basically says we are bunch of back warded and blood thirsty people and can’t find a way to get along in a civilized manner. You know what, you and I and us can change that, we can prove them wrong, I strongly believe that we can do it! but we have to start within ourselves we have to throw away the centuries old ideas of Hate. We have to learn how to respect each other, respect each other as human beings. True there are differences, but can we overcome these differences and live in harmony with the fellow man/woman? That is the essence of Zartosht, Moses, Jesus, Mohammad, Buddha and Bahaullah’s teachings!

Let's start the change now, shall We!


Losing it

by Eerooni (not verified) on

Every once a while there are people who come along and claim that they have special power or they are some kind of prophet.we see that a lot in people who are religious,but I think it is a sign of senility.


I don't find any inconsistencies ...

by Jalil_CA (not verified) on

in what Mahnaz has said below.

The differences between the Bahais and Shia Islam are exactly as described. We may not like what she has said, but that's pretty much the truth

Ciao .....


Dear 'nema' and 'Khar'

by Mahnaz Mojadadi (not verified) on

The only thing that I was trying to convey to Mona was the Reality of things as they are.

I can bury my head in the sand, and ignore all that's happening. What I wrote for Mona was not a dissertation as to how I feel about the Bahai faith. Again, what I was trying to convey to Mona was the indisputable, and perhaps even irreconcilable differences that exist between the two faiths.

I hope that has clarified it for you. Rather than criticizing the messenger, please focus on the message.

Again, Good Luck to both :)


Why not stand up for Baha’is, aren’t they Iranians and human

by nema on

Dear Mahnaz Mojadadi 

You seem to be convinced that this is their faith and we just accept the fact that Bahai Faith and Shia is like water and oil, so what ever happens to them is kind of OK. Why are you trying to justify the criminal atrocities happening to Iranians? Do you have the same belief about Zoroastrians?Just because Baha’is moved on and not waiting for some one to come out of a man-made CHAH, it doesn’t mean their prosecutions is justified.Instead of giving a useless lecture to Mona who brings you the latest news of what’s happening to Baha’is of Iran, you should first stop referring to Bahai Faith as Bahaism, same reference used by Shia Muslims and the fanatic regime of Iran and read some of their vast literature to at least educate yourself about history of Iran and second champion their Human Right cause and all other Iranians of non Muslim background. Hope we all some day wake up to the ones of all mankind.Truly Yours


Ms. Mahnaz

by Khar on

You Wrote: "In conclusion, don't be surprised that you are being 'persecuted' in Iran. What do you honestly expect this Government to do? Thank you for being 'Blasphemous' in their eyes"

Ok, What do you think? Do you think what is going on over there is right? Are you part of that HATE? Do you think forever Shia has to think in such a hateful way? Do you think that we all are children of God regardless of our differences? Do you think forever we have to be back warded? Do you think perhaps we can change for betterment of mankind? Do you think is it ok to kill a Shia just because his or her beliefs? Do you?........... Spread love and you shall receive love!




by Mehdi-Palang on

my heart goes out to all of those affected.


My Dear Mona

by Mahnaz Mojadadi (not verified) on

I would like to take a minute to talk to you about something. I know that you are a devoted Bahai. I also know that you were not born into a Bahai family, but later in life converted to Bahaism.

If there is one thing that you have to understand, that would be this: 'Bahaism' and Shia Islam are like water and oil. They just don't mix.

We all know the history of Bahaism. How 'Bab', who claimed to be the re-appearance of the twelfth Imam, predicted that someone greater than him would come along. And, how years later, Mirza Hossein-Ali Nouri, while in Bagdad, claimed that he was the one that Bab had predicted.

But the one thing that you have to understand is this: Regardless of the fact that Bahaullah (Mirza Nouri) claimed to be a new prophet or not, the fact that his coming was predicted by 'Bab', who claimed to be the twelfth Imam of Shia Islam, puts Bahaism on a 'Dangerous' path between Bahaism and Shia Islam. Simply put, you can not separate Bahaism from Shia Islam because of 'Bab'. Period.

If you think that there is ever going to be harmony between Shia Islam and the Bahai faith, I have to respectfully say that you are not only fooling yourself, but in a way delusional. So long as the government in Iran is a Shia Islam Government, there would never ever be any harmony between the Bahais and this government.

The Bahais, whether you agree with this statement or not, are essentially telling the Believers in Shia Islam that they are 'wasting' their time by looking forward to the re-appearnce of the twelfth Islam since he has already re-appeared in the form of 'Bab'. To those who are true believers of Shia Islam that is like 'Blasphemy'.

In conclusion, don't be surprised that you are being 'persecuted' in Iran. What do you honestly expect this Government to do? Thank you for being 'Blasphemous' in their eyes.

Please think about what I am saying here. You need to be realistic. Again, I am not trying to offend you. But you have to understand that because of the way Bahaism came about that there is 'NEVER' going to be peace and understand between true believers of Shia Islam, and the Bahai faith.

Good Luck :)


Graveyards Of Iran - Song

by Khar on

This somber but beautiful song is for remembering all of those who has given their lives for justice and human rights in Iran. Although I'm not a Baha’i but I have many friends who are, whom I respect immensely. I wish one day they too can live a free life and practice their faith free from persecution in the birth land of Bahaullah.