Neda's mother at her grave

Neda's mother at her grave
by MM

In this traditional happy occasion of NowRuz, let's remember how lucky we are to have our family intact.  While we can argue with the likes of you know who...., there are those in Iran who lost their lives.  Or, have been devastated by toture and rape in Iranian jails.  I feel for their friends, relatives fathers, mothers.......

After seeing the video of Neda's mother at her grave-site, I may have to break my promise to Captain Ayhab to be civil to the IRI (SROI) sympathizers.

Let's have a moment of silence.


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Neda The Angle

by jmyt17 on

Thank you for posting.


We never going to forget about you. We will tell your story to our next generation, and will remember you as ANGLE who lost her sweet life for our freedom.

Rest in peace Neda

One day we will bring these jerk to the justice.



by MM on

Orang - Thanks for the poem.  I wish I was talented enough to make a poem like that in this occasion, but all I can do now is to clinch my fist and say:

marg bar dictator

Bavafa - I think Neda will stay in everyones heart way way way after this regime is gone 

The link where IRI sympathizers accused Neda and her fiance' of being Israeli agents is:




We should also adopt "never to forget" slogen

by Bavafa on

Thank you for posting this, Iranians should never forget these brave people and the suffering of their family.

 May one day Iran be free of all 'zalame'


Orang Gholikhani

We are all concerned

by Orang Gholikhani on


Yolanda/Hovakh. - parents are not meant to bury their children

by MM on

My skin still crawls every time I watch this video.  The sadness is just unbearable.  And, one of these non-Iranian un-Islamic servants of SROI (ex-IRI) just called Neda's fiance' an agent of Israel just because he made a trip there.

Yolanda - justice will be served, hopefully, first in this world.

Hovakhshatare - Soug is right.  The video speaks for itself.




Words fail





by yolanda on

Thank you for posting the video & blog....the grave-site decoration was so beautiful, but the atmosphere was so sad! It feels like just yesterday that Neda lost her life....I can tell it is very hard for Neda's mom to accept the fact that Neda is gone.....My heart goes out to all the broken families created by IRI....hopefully justice can be served soon!

More victims' names and pictures:



picture shows some individuals killed, or arrested since June 12

by MM on

A selection of those killed or arrested - and in some cases still in detention - since the 12 June presidential election in Iran. Photograph: Public Domain