Neda's fiance: Iran will be free
Jerusalem Post / JPOST.COM STAFF
19-Mar-2010 (4 comments)

The fiancé of Neda Agha-Soltan, who was killed during protests in Teheran following the Iranian elections last year, visited Israel as guest of Channel 2, the station reported Friday evening.

Soltan’s death was caught on a video widely disseminated through the Internet and on news outlets, and she has become a symbol of the Iranian opposition.

Caspian Makan was tortured by the Iranian government and escaped to Canada following Neda’s death.

He had said his dream was to come to Israel.

Now, that Makan landed here, he will have the honor of meeting President Shimon Peres.

“I have come here out of the brotherhood of nations,” Makan told Channel 2.

“Neda was just a voice that yearned for freedom. In the name of this cause she joined the protesters and this is why she was murdered by agents of the regime,” Makan said.

“I was arrested six days after Neda’s murder, because I exposed crimes committed by the regime,” a weary-looking Makan said.

In trembling voice, Makan said there was hope for change in Iran. “The Iranian people is aware of the rights its being denied. Today the Iranian people is steadfast to achieve victory and to overthrow the current regime.”

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by fussygorilla on

O.K.  onlyiran,   You just prove my earlier point with your reaction to my comment that you and your ilk will be the most outrageous totalitarians if ,heavens forbid, become decision makers. Your intolerance, arrogance, self-styled righteousness and absolutely blind belief that you "know" the truth is best reflected in your comment. Enough said.

Holden Caulfield

"go die"? No way,Stay alive

by Holden Caulfield on

...and demand an explanation


Fussygorilla, you are a disgusting creature!

by Onlyiran on

Just because there is a news report in an Israeli newspaper about Neda, she is all of a sudden an Israeli agent?  There were news stories about this young woman in virtually every newspaper from every single country around the world.  By your definition, she was an agent of all those countries.  The reality, however, is that she was yet another innocent Iranian who was killed in cold blood by the murderers and that you support.  Now may I suggest you do the one thing that you are capable of doing to make this world a better place: go die! 


in Israel!!!!

by fussygorilla on

This is enough evidence that he and his so-called fiance had been agents for the zionist regime and traitors to Iranian nation. Shame on them. The news clip is full of lies and misinformation, as usual, coming from this source.