by mimi.shishi


I recently posted on this page:

I called Namjoo's music more Fart than Art which was removed by the moderator more than once, at first I thought I didn't save my comment but when it was done again, I thought maybe your moderator was too polite for the word FART, probably b/c the moderator never heard of the the common expression in the english language "artsy, fartsy"  which really has nothing to do with gas issues like your moderator assumed! Well I took notice anyway and did not repost my comment, I just wanted to add that your moderator is a true hypocrite for a site that has a video titled as such on it's first page:


the word fart is really nothing but a compliment to  the entire site  and it's staff!

best regards



Thank you Mr.Moderator...

by mimi.shishi on

"Again, I ask you, and everyone else, to please hold your tongue in your comments. Go ahead and curse all you want in your own blog. But not in the comments. I, and others, would appreciate it."

FYI I did NOT use the word Fart to express anger at ANYONE  else commenting on Namjoo's silly video but I was criticizing the video and music ITSELF!!! Yet you  Mr.Moderator MUST be a Namjoo fan for you found it offensive enough and took it  so personally  you had the urge to delete it...this is really not about the use of the word fart anymore ( taking into account the fact that your site ain't  a standard PG 13  kinda site either) , but more a reflection on YOU as the moderator.. makes one think how else do you take  other people's points of view  personally and delete/censor them really?!!!

Shazde Asdola Mirza

JJ: you are a hypocrite and a liar

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

My comments were in the context of this blog (use of the term FART in relation to pseudo-art).

No need debating you here: just undelete those two posts and let the readers judge, whether those were pieces of comic writing or abusive use of curse words!

Begging you? Don't flatter yourself! You should know the difference between begging and comically asking. After all you were an official "translator" in the Islamic Republic's ministry of "information", for ten years!

Now go and listen to some of your favorite "songs", like Taraneh-Kos, or watch some nice Persian lady photo's of "Maryam", or read some of "artistic" writings of Shana Yazdi - you hypocrite!

Jahanshah Javid

I, and others, would appreciate it

by Jahanshah Javid on

SAM, is this your first time on Haven't there been many blogs asking people not use profanity in their comments? Haven't you been warned about it specifically? Weren't you blocked and then begged to come back, promising you would never use profanity in your comments again? Chi shod? Yadet raft?

You can call me names all you want. But if I allow people to say fuck and shit and fart and gooz and ... in their comments, this site (or any site) will quickly go down the drain. Instead of having normal conversations and debates about various topics, all we would have is people cursing at each other and not bothering to use any part of their vocabulary that is not offensive.

Again, I ask you, and everyone else, to please hold your tongue in your comments. Go ahead and curse all you want in your own blog. But not in the comments. I, and others, would appreciate it.

Shazde Asdola Mirza

The son of a gun just deleted both my comments ... LOL

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Nothing is sacred ... my behind!

Louie Louie

Shazdeh jan

by Louie Louie on

You always make sense. So true, there is a fine line.


Nice to meet you Mr.Moderator!

by mimi.shishi on

And thanks for replying, I now know for a fact that you are not only a BIG Hypocrite but also a douchebag ...for all I know, you have a very wacky "profanity" meter!


Moderate moderation

by marcopolo on

Again, I have to be careful,

1: There is sporadic evidence which shows your own rules are not applied universally.

2: Obviously someone acts as a vice moderator when you are not available, or resting.

3: I'm not asking for a tighter regulations; all I'm asking is evenhandedness.

Cheers, and peace...just to be safe!! 

Kill Mouse Traps

There is only ONE moderator, the EDITOR

by Kill Mouse Traps on

There is only one moderator and that's the Editor, who is Jahanshah Javid, who needs to make it clear once again that he is the only moderator on this site, or if that's not the case it should be disclosed that there are other people who are moderating.

It would really piss me off (is okay to say piss me off?) to find out that there have been other moderators since the last time the Editor announced that there was nobody else other than him moderating comments. 

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Marcopolo, above every comment box there are clear guidelines:

Post new comment

* Comments containing profanity or personal attacks will be removed. Repeat offenders will be blocked.

* Do not post articles as comments.

* Embedding videos is not recommended and may be disabled.


A dangerous zone

by marcopolo on

As a newcomer, I should be more than careful than anyone else. However, I would like to mention one thing:

If there are some rules regarding usage of language, choice of vocabulary, engagement in personal exchanges per say etc., then why not  having a written and posted guideline as a reference. To be honest with you leaving a comment on this site feels like the Russian roulette, you never know if you'll still exist after the click.

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

We do not allow profanity in the comments. This is in order to have civil discussions. However, profanity itself is not a problem if you wish to use it in your blog. Also there are examples of profanity in Iranian culture and community which will be featured from time to time.