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Mardom Mazloom
by Mardom Mazloom

Recently Sepah passdaran has created the website gerdab (vortex in persian - // in order to identify and capture our brothers and sisters who are fighting for the freedom of us all in Iran.

To foil this satanic project please help. There are two rational ways to fight back

The first one:

1. From an anonymous email, post a message to
2. From this email send just one single message
3. Choose one (and maximum two photos) from their site
4. And write a fake name and address in Tehran for the chosen photo, don’t choose a conspicuous name

The second one:
1. Download the program GiveOurVoteBack.exe from //
2. Install it and write the address // when it asks Input URL
3. The program will then send a request to the server hosting the site every second. The idea is to bring down the server. It will happen if we are a lot.

Don't let your brothers and sisters feel alone in their struggle with the Devil.


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ways to help

by hopefull on

if you want to help in this matter, go to:


and share what ever experienses you have.


for mac, linux and PC

by l'agent de l'interiour (not verified) on



by hopeforall (not verified) on


Mac users?

by Nicolaj (not verified) on


I'd love to help, but I only have a Mac.
Is there any way I'll be able to find a program for Mac instead of an .exe?

I'm pretty damn techy, so anything difficult won't be a problem.


makes no sense!

by d.g. (not verified) on

And I am a relatively techy person! I can't get to the sites you've mentioned. Can't even get past the first barrier even with help from real techies. HELP!


‫این مسئله من رو یاد این شعر عطار انداخت


چو تو بر يك مگس فرمان نداری    برو شرمی بدار از شهريارى


That is funny!

by Anonymouse on

Second 24 is so funny!  I wish he had caught it so we could see WTF he'd do with it on live TV!  LOL ;-) 

Everything is sacred.

Mardom Mazloom

The biggest fly you've ever seen on AN

by Mardom Mazloom on

‫بزرگترین خرمگس ‫دنیا (دِ ایرانیان اف دِ دی) امروز روی ا.ن. نشست. ثانیه ۲۲ جالبترین قسمت دفاع ا.ن. از خود که ثمره ای نداشت.

‫چو ایران نباشد، تن من مباد

Ali P.


by Ali P. on

Ehhh.... I thought you were teez, baabaa,...nokaretam,...baavafaa!

 (I thought I wasn't the brightest bulb in the chandelier)

And you are supposed to be a soccer fan?!

Come on man...get on with the damn program. 


Bring down Gerdab....

by Anonymous- Iran (not verified) on


First of all...

by KouroshS on

I can't even get to the site, the link is not working, at least for now,

Second. Ali p. What the Heck are you talking about????????

what does the movie rendition have anything to do with this whole issue?

are you guys drunk??


Please be careful---Just mention one name

by XerXes (not verified) on

Mojtaba Khamenei, the asshole son of Khamenei who was in charge of killing our young brother and sisters.

Put all names related to Khamenei. don't cause trouble for poor people. You put a fake address, it might be some one's home and remember that they have no brain. They take, torture then findout if they are the people they were looking for.

So do not put just any names or address. Flood their emails with Mojtaba Khamenei name.



by Anonymouse on

Ali P you're using the movie rendition?  Ey kalak!

This website is an evidence of how cruel they are.  It is a travesty of justice.  They accuse people without any basis and make them a target.  The people they've imprisoned are not enough and they want more. 

In no uncertain terms they're encouraging their readers to use this opportunity and use Photo Shop to send in photos of whoever you don't like.  Kesafats! 

Kesafat is their national nickname in Iran.

Everything is sacred.


Site still working

by hichkas2000 (not verified) on

This Web Site still working. We ALL need to spread the word so we can shut it down. This is the least we can do. Please help.

Ali P.

Baabaa man iinaa ro meeshnaasam

by Ali P. on

The most wanted list is here:


 Damn criminals...Did you see the pictures?

Why couldn't the snitch (sorry, the 'Informant') take the picture while the crime was being committed?

One is running away, one is drinking water,...most are just standing.

Anyway, I know most of them, top row, from left to right:

Ali Roshan, Ekbatan

Iraj Hejazi, Vanak

Hassan daaneeee-fard, Velenjak

Ebrahim Nazari, Shoosh

Parviz Jahani, Rasht

Gholamhossein Gheleechkhani, Raah-aahan

Ghafoor Ghasempour, Khazaaneh

and the lady in  the list is:

Ozraa Gaandi, Gomrok

(Feel free to copy and send them the names, and if there is a reward, it is Rajab,..., sagkhor deegeh, keep it!)