Cartoon: Russia, IRI's best friend

Cartoon: Russia, IRI's best friend
by Mardom Mazloom

In an unprecedented irritation against Russians, AN has threaten Russia to be included in the list of IRI's state-enemies. And as Russians behaved with Saddam in his last moments of reign when US attacked Iraq, they are turning their back to Mullahs. Recently, Sergei Eduardovich Prikhodko the aide of the Russian president retorted to AN’s statements that: “Russia considers first her national interests” and that “no one can rule with populist policies” meaning that in their views Mullahs have no more future! This cartoon depicts Mullahs being annoyed by Russian no delivery of S-300 missiles and Russia’s new policy toward them.


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2012 is near

by onlyinamrica on

We are Fu%$#@.


I support Khamenei: Why

by vildemose on

I support Khamenei: Why does the IRI keep making enemies for herself?? Where do you think all of this terrorist-aiding activities and interfering in other countries internal affairs going to lead? Do you think there will be no consequences to these moronic adventurism of IRI??

Mardom Mazloom

Provoking war or helping terrorists to kill innocents,

by Mardom Mazloom on

will just worsen the situation. The solution is that the fascistic group which took the power in Iran be dismissed and that people rule over themselves. It is JUST in this case that no any country would dare to disrespect Iran.


Mr Ahmadinejad: open the arms pipeline to the Chechens Now!

by i_support_khamenie on

and let the Russians know their true power!

innocent, civilian, military- let the Chechens show them!

Oh, God, let us see your wonders amongst them!