You are invited to JJ's "going away in style" cookout!

You are invited to JJ's "going away in style" cookout!
by Majid

In recognition of JJ's tremendous efforts on behalf of, several members of and myself have planned a little get-together on his behalf. 

We have organized a cookout at Mason Park in Irvine, California on Saturday, November 1st.

Join us for chelo kabaab, joojeh kabaab, and ribs... and all the fixin's!  The get-together will start at 2:00 p.m.  I have created an AOL account for you to contact me regarding details.  Please write me at:  jjfansinsc at AOL dot com or you can click on my "contact" via

If you want to learn a lesson or two about takhteh nard, freshen up your hokm skills and enjoy an estekaan of aragh with some maast o' khiar, please join us.

The sooner we have a headcount, the sooner we can get prepared!  We might ask you to bring a pot-luck addition to add to the delicious food we're preparing.

Bring a friend... the more the merrier!  We look forward to meeting some new friends and to spending fun time with old ones.


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Agha S.D. Boy...;-)

by Majid on

Well my friend, It was an awesom day with IC members, very lovely gathring, at the end of the day JJ said he'll post someting along with some of the many pictures he took.

I have no problem writing something here, but since I was busy cooking and chatting with everyone, unfortunately I didn't have a chance to take as many pictures as I wanted to.

So....I think it's up to His Imperial Majesty JJ do do this.

On the other hand I think he's got way too many thing in his plate as we speak, being on the road, managing while on the road, and keeping contact with his staff, readers, etc...etc...

He'll do something as soon as he's setteled, I'm sure.




What happend at the picnic

by san diego boy (not verified) on

agha majid
well , We were not fortunate enough to join you guys , But how come there is no mention of this gathering anywhere?? any idea.
I wish I could have been there.
ghorban hameghi

Azarin Sadegh

Thank you Majid Jan!

by Azarin Sadegh on

Dear Majid,

First of all I have to thank you for your great hospitality and those tasty kabobs! You and your lovely family were just amazing and I feel so lucky to get to know you in person! You're ten times funnier than your comments...:-)

Second, I hope that those goldfishes survived the fall..:-) I will be looking forward to repeating this experience more often (maybe next time would be for JJ's coming back home!)

BTW, now that I've met you in person, I notice that you haven't changed at all since your avatar!

My best regards to you and to your lovely wife,



Thank you all

by Majid on

What a beautiful day it turned to be, NICE,WARM, FRIENDLY crowd!

It was awesom to meet some members for the first time while we've been trading comments for so long! Now we can put a real face next to avatars.

Lots of pictures were taken, but to maintain member's privacy, it would be JJ's decision as which ones he will post here.


Azadeh Azmoudeh


by Azadeh Azmoudeh on

I will be there too:)


ebi amirhosseini

American Wife Aziz

by ebi amirhosseini on

Hopefully we'll celeberate the coming 13 bedar together?!.



I second you on asking the administrator to post this blog on the front page!.

ebi amirhosseini

sbglobe Jaan !

by ebi amirhosseini on

Absolutely right my friend!.Many choices for him around us,from the beautiful parks in Fairfax county to Montgomery county !.East coast party would be fun too,since we would learn from the West coast friends' experience on Nov 1st.But dear JJ here we only serve you real drinks(araghe 2 aatisheh)!.No " side ways " drink from us( or at least from me) !.


Next Time :-) .

by sbglobe on

Ebi jan we all know that East Cost does not sucks :-)...... We just have to plan something similar the next time JJ is around our neiberhood visiting his daughter. No place can bit fall in East Cost - Right?  

You all enjoy the party! 


American Wife

Thanks for all the replies

by American Wife on

But I've got a little request... suggestion... whatever.  JJ called last night and Majid asked why he didn't post this on the front page. JJ was too humble to do it himself and said he didn't want us to make a fuss over him.  I'd like to ask the administrator to do so.  I just don't want this to get tucked away and the weekend visitors not see it!  I think he's excited... I know we are.  And I can't wait to see and meet you all. 

M... M is being brutal with me.  He's definitely "in training"....LOL.  This is going to be fuuuuuuun! 

spy... funny... very funny..:-)

ebi... you and khar will be greatly missed.  pictures will be taken with abandon, don't worry.  DEFINITELY it sucks your being on the east coast.  Until we move back

westender... all we can promise is a designated driver/taxi for the drive home...:-0

keep it coming guys.... this is going to be a blast!


IRANdokht...Estekaan is for rookies ! "bahaaneh"

by Majid on

1) I used estekaan in the first year or two, then I learned it's not about's about strategy!

"Taas agar nik neshinad hame kas narraad ast" .....LOL 

I've done it many many times before and I'll do it again....I'll let YOU roll MY dice....happy now?

2) No fishy committed to attend yet "that's why they are lil fishies" so....we're good to go!

3) You need to talk to my Mrs. about the rest of the stuff....I'm a GUY !! I take care of aragh, varagh, takhteh and kabaab.


Majid jan sannaar bedeh aash...

by IRANdokht on

Hala kojasho didi! :0) btw: you're tossing the dice with an estekaan. No if's and but's there either. You hear?

I wonder if people are going to buy fish masks for the event.

I'll bring Azarin's Bordeaux and I can also pick up the plates, plasticware and cups if you don't have that covered yet. As for cooking or making something, I'll check and see what I can find at wholesome choice ;-)

You can't domesticate the Backgammon champion yet! :0)



Definitely Ebi being on the

by desi on

Definitely Ebi being on the East Coast, that sucks. 

ebi amirhosseini

desi Jaan/ aka sketermom

by ebi amirhosseini on

which one sucks more:


2- East Coast

3- Ebi being on the East Coast



persian westender

I will be there too. but

by persian westender on

I will be there too. but since i'm a little shy, plz don't ask me to dance. I will be embarrassed! 'hatta ageh behem aragh bedin...'

Not to mention that my flight ticket which you're gonna send me should be two-way.



Ebi's on the East Coast?

by desi on

Ebi's on the East Coast?  That sucks.

ebi amirhosseini

Majid Jaan,Bethesda & Gaithurburg

by ebi amirhosseini on

are already smelling the Kebob!As you know I can't be there,but I know,you,T & other friends will not forget me & will send me a big doggy bag!.

Speaking of Hokm,do you guys know how to play " Saras & Naras Hokm"?! if you don't ask Hamshahri K...

I can arrange a crash course too.

Have a shot of aragh & a spoon of Mazzeh for me please!.

Pix,Pix,please have a pictoblog of the event for those who can't be there .


for you guys & JJ :

Please drink responsibly!!! No tricks by ladies please!!


I'm 75% in.  I have company

by desi on

I'm 75% in.  I have company that's staying with me until Sunday.  I think I can duck out for a few hours.  I was told I could bring them, however, trust me when I say twin 8 year old boys would not be fun for anybody.  There's food, takhteh, aragh, who's bringing the ghalyoon?  


IRANdokht, nice to beat you !

by Majid on

"btw: you're not going to like it when you get MARS'ed by yours truly though  :0)" 

About 65 years ago when I was teaching my son Takhteh Nard, I told him this board game is made of 10% wood, 5% hardware and 85% cor coree ! I think he taugh you some good lessons about that 85% have 7-8 days left to enjoy your sweet dream of MARSing me but you need to make a pledge here, I play you ONLY if you touch MY takhteh with vozoo and sitting in do zaanoo position like a humble pupil.

Kick you later....I mean see you later.......LOL


BYOB......."Bring Your Own Bottle"

by Majid on

I will provide 2 beers for myself and JJ,'re more than welcome to bring the "najesi" of your choice......LOL

Also as I mentioned The food will be there as well as a mean Mast o khiar, but you may bring your share of Chips and dip, Sabzi khordan and Paneer, Salad shirazi, Baklava, Aajil, Fruit, Soda, etc...

Please let eachother know who brings what?

Keep in touch and Thank you all

ps. It's Halloween order to safeguard your identity you can show up in any costume you choose but NO firearms please, only chomaagh, deshneh and fohsh e khaar maadar will be tolerated!  


Watch out for cruise missiles

by Anonymous Spy (not verified) on

Cruise missile commander: Mason Park, Irvine California, latitude 33.655575, longitude –117.823756, November 01, 2008 at 14:00

Cruise missile operator: Roger that commander, Mason Park, Irvine California, latitude 33.655575, longitude –117.823756, November 01, 2008 at 14:00

Cruise missile Commander: better make that 15:00, Iranians are always late

Cruise missile operator: Roger that Commander


Please take a lot of

by Khar on

Pictures with caption!!! And don’t forget to be cordial to each other and ease up on profanity when drinking the Aragh, or JJ will ask you to leave the park bench and you have to eat your Kabob all by yourself and dont follow him to Mexico....... :-)

PS. I wish I was able to attend have fun for all of us, would you please!

American Wife

theMrs and everyone

by American Wife on

You are so right!!! My first thought was... what the "f" are we thinking!  But it is for the greater good that we sacrifice our tender feelings and put aside our differences to honor JJ....;-0

I'm so excited you're coming... whew... the estrogen is going to be HOT!

M... I'm practicing night and day.  I can occasionally win a hand, have gammoned him a few times, and have historically marked the day that I backgammoned him.  I am still suffering for that... revenge WAS

Azarin... you are a life saver.  Majid's brother makes a wonderful shirazi but I can't quite get it right.  Your addition will be most gratefully accepted.

Keep the responses coming!!!!!!

Jahanshah Javid

Bah bah!

by Jahanshah Javid on

Can I come too? I can already smell the kabab. (Who is this JJ guy anyway?)


Oh gee great that’s all

by TheMrs on

Oh gee great that’s all we need a bunch of anonymous users coming together for making sweet love, I mean eating chelo kabob. Ha ha


I want to protest this get together on the following ground:


It won’t be as much fun here, if “y’all” end up seeing each other face to face. Tarof and roo dar vasti will keep you from having adult tantrums, calling each other names, posting good bye fits, accusing each other of spying for the IRI, cracking koon jokes and so on.


For the love of Kabab and JJ, just put the seekheh kabab down and step away from the BBQ. Don’t do this!


Will there be any pictures with the on line names of those who will attend? As the MC I think Majid should also be careful and not allow those who bash 6/8 music to dance during the event.


Good idea. Count me in + 2


JJ Doostet Daram

by behmanchea on

JJ a hard working man ...

I will not be able to be there physically but I am there spiritually.





Wish U All the best. If you come my way let me know ... 

Azarin Sadegh

I will be there too!

by Azarin Sadegh on

Thanks Majid for this nice invitation!

Please count me in (I will be also in Irandokht's headcount!!)

What should I bring? (I don't like Aragh, I don't play takhte and I avoid Hokm...but I hope Irandokht is going to bring one bottle of delicious Bordeaux, so I can bring good French cheese...with my famous Salad Shirazi!)



I am so in!

by IRANdokht on

I will also bring some friends :0)  (I'll give you the exact count soon)

If you're buying all this food shouldn't we pitch in?  I think we could all come up with some sort of donation towards the food, whether as a potluck contribution or cash. 

btw: you're not going to like it when you get MARS'ed by yours truly though  :0)