by Majid

Here is a "hedye-ye Noroozy" from some Iranian actors and actresses.

Happy NOROOZ everyone.

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Thanks Majid!

by Midwesty on

It was fairly emotional. Iran is the only word that can and has united us for thousands of years. Yet, it needs thousands of years more to let us discover its other hidden treasures, not the gems and mines but its people and what they are capable of. In the wake of September 11 event, what I have been constantly hearing was God Bless America. So in continuation of this tradition, as an Iranian I shout: GOD BLESS IRAN AND IRANIANS, ONE AND EVERY ONE!  


Dara jan

by Abarmard on

I think it's good to have a unifying nationalistic song, and it's suppose to be chauvinistic. I would normally be on your side, but not in this specific case.


Dear Dara

by Majid on

What you're describing is called "Madine-ye faazeleh", And human race is far... far... FAR away from that!

Listen to any other national anthem, (Deutschland deutschland uber ALLES )! Germany above ALL! OR "The land of the braves"! OR....And show me just ONE.... that's different! 

Although I agree with " The longest  journey starts with a single step", in the meantime let's enjoy some "refreshing breeze" from motherland.



Dara Shadru

Jingoism & "Ey Iran" Song!

by Dara Shadru on

"Ey Iran" (Oh Iran) is a jingoistic and national-chauvinistic song that glorifies Iranian superiority over other nations and their lands. With all the exaggerations on how glorious our land is, it tells us that Iranian soil is made of precious gems and therefore other lands are not. It tells us that our land is the cradle of arts and skills and as a result other lands are not.

Sa'di in his famous poem written on a plaque at the U.N. conveys completely the opposite message and says that human beings are parts of one body and one precious gem. When one body part hurts, the other body parts are in agony. If you are indifferent to other peoples' pains, you do not deserve to be a member of the human race.

Iranians, Arabs, Turks, Kurds, Jews as well as Asians, Africans, Europeans, Latins etc. are all brothers and sisters. One's land, history, contributions to civilization, etc. are not superior to others. We must all unite and strive in creating better living conditions for our people as well as our neighbors and the entire humanity.