How Reagan would handle Iran


by larryklayman

Events with regard to Iran, and the likelihood that the Israelis will soon have to act unilaterally to militarily eliminate the mullahs' nuclear bomb program, are moving quickly. With the instability this brings to the Middle East, the price of oil, and thus gasoline, is also skyrocketing. And the world is inching closer to war with the radical Islamic terrorists in Tehran.

Having arrived at the point of "Armageddon" because President George W. Bush fought the wrong wars, followed by our Muslim-sympathizing President Hussein Obama deep-sixing Israeli and American interests by not toppling the Iranian Neo-Nazis on his "watch," we now find ourselves at the point of disaster. Just one oil field blowing up could send the world's economy into an inexorable tailspin, more than dooming any economic recovery at home and causing a fatal global depression.

Notwithstanding Hussein Obama's intentional inaction in the face of the Iranian nuclear threat — hinging, at a minimum, on his antipathy toward Israel, Jews and Christians — and the failure of Republican leaders to go over Obama's head to the American people to garner support for swift military action to assist Israel — enter stage left Hollywood's Sean Stone.

If there ever were a case for insanity in the media, it was made this week. First, none other than Fox News and CNN dignified Oliver Stone's boy — a child with no acting ability and obviously no foreign-policy credentials — to appear on "The O'Reilly Factor" and Piers Morgan of CNN, among other television venues. There Sean Stone — ironically his initials are "SS" — declared, based on his brainwashing by the Iranian regime during his recent visit to the terrorist state to film a so-called documentary, that President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad did not really mean what he said when he boasted to the world that the Nazi Holocaust never really happened and that it was, in effect, simply fabricated Jewish and Israeli propaganda to justify their Zionist right to Palestine.

SS then went on to say that the world should just forget about the statements of Ahmadinejad and his threats to annihilate Israel, and focus only on his and his father's leftist view that the Palestinians are victims of Israel persecution and that Israel should thus turn over the entire West Bank to them. And, with regard to Iran acquiring nuclear weapons, Stone quipped to O'Reilly and then to Morgan that he has no problem with it, since "it's a republic and there are factions. And it's very much like this country. ..."

So, with this being said, SS then proudly proclaimed that he has just converted to Islam from Judaism.

Great news for SS! He is now even more likely to be invited to the White House to help Hussein and Michelle Obama feast Ramadan, endorse the Ground Zero mosque and hold press conferences dissing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel. SS's Hollywood PR agent is a genius!

But all humor aside, I had to ask not only why the media would allow this village idiot to have a megaphone in support of the Iranians, but why our political and business leaders are not speaking up more loudly in support of Israel and joint U.S. Israeli military action to immediately remove the deadly nuclear cancer growing daily in Iran.

Democrats are one thing. Being the leftists they are, and obsessed with retaining the White House and at least the Senate in 2012, they are largely mum to Hussein Obama's actions and inactions with regard to the Iranian nuclear threat. For them, as with many others , economic sanctions are just an excuse to take no meaningful action to surgically cut out the Iranian nuclear cancer before it destroys us all. But in listening to the Republican presidential hopefuls this week during the Arizona debate, I was not heartened either. What I heard was political doublespeak and prevarication; that is, insipid dishonest hypocrisy.

With the exception of isolationist Ron Paul — who, like SS, thinks that the Iranians have a "Allah given" right to nuclear weapons to defend themselves from us — the other three unimpressive "pygmy" Republican candidates pounded their chests and blamed Obama for inaction, appeasement and his hostility toward Israel, but never actually came out in favor of the United States participating in a swift joint American-Israeli military strike. By so doing, they sidestepped taking any responsibility for advocating what needs to be done and done quickly. Either they are afraid of being shot down by the establishment media, which is generally anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian, or they lack the conviction of their words. President Reagan, who all the Republican candidates like to falsely identify themselves with, would not have been so "cute" if not dishonest in his support of Israel. The Gipper would have said it plain and simple; "Tear down the nuclear facilities now, President Ahmadinejad, or we and Israel will tear them down for you!"

This has been the problem throughout the entire Iranian buildup to nuclear weaponry. The Republican Party, beginning with Bush's incredibly stupid Iraq war, has been largely silent with regard to quickly removing the Iranian regime and its nuclear weaponry and merely mouths words meant for political consumption, not to produce results.

With this president and his compromised secretary of state running the "ship of state," and a Republican party that simply plays word games with the American people, its no wonder we now find ourselves in this predicament Couple this with the media dignifying morons like Sean Stone, a proud offspring of his communist film-director father, and we now can more fully understand why the nation is on its knees and headed down for the count.


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Abarmard: "I support president obama"

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

 No you dont, in fact you are being very insincere. You are a US residing, probably a US citizen of Iranian origin who is an avid, die hard  supporter of the islamist regime, whose leader of the bassij paramilitary force only last week invited muslims to "burn down the white house". You support a regime which regularly burns the flag of USA. A regime responsible for death of thousands of US Citizens.

Now tell me , are you also a memebr of NIAC?

Dont try to side track. Just answer the question.

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."



by Abarmard on

Your position is very clear. I don't believe it's necessary to repeat yourself. You and many others are clear example of dictatorship and Iranian history, nothing can change you because you don't read and investigate. Of course you are not required to do so and are entitled to your opinion. Baseej are those who grab a stick to beat those who disagree with them, that seems more in tone of your behavior than mine.

Baseej is not always religious and beardy fellows they can be secular and chomagh be-dast. We have had those in our history and you are the product of that mentality. I blame parents who never promoted their kids to think independent and objectively.

I don't mean to attack you but maybe this will be a warning for you to stop accusation and think democratically. I told Vildemose the same thing, if you want freedom, show in your actions and behavior what you desire in Iranian society. From the take of it, you are as harsh as any baseej or Mullahs I have seen. I certainly don’t believe that we are going to be better off with replacement of Mullahs with turban with Mullahs with ties.

I support President Obama because he is absolutely the best option between all the candidates who seem clueless and ignorant.



Talking out of both sides of ones mouth...

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

On one hand "thanking President Obama", on the other hand supporting the islamic regime whose bassij leader only this week declared that muslims should "burn down the white house"...

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Thanks to President Obama we are doing better now

by Abarmard on

Whoever wants to fight should be allowed to do so and be sent to fight. Currently we have Iraq and Afghanistan and one should feel proud in going or sending his kids or family members to serve this country. Bringing back the draft and have everyone serve. Military service MUST BE MANDITORY so city kids with soft hands and changing voice of puberty don't sit and type about tough wars.

Obama 2012

Maryam Hojjat

Mr. Klayman, Except FOX news the othe media in US

by Maryam Hojjat on

are democrats or leftists as you say. You exaggerate with This staatement:

Either they are afraid of being shot down by the establishment media, which is generally anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian, or they lack the conviction of their words.

I seems obvious you are a WARmaenger and do not care about human lives.