Did THEY kill him?

Was shah's son 'murdered' by IRI on U.S. soil?


Did THEY kill him?
by larryklayman

On Jan. 4, just after the New Year, the youngest son of the late shah of Iran, Alireza Pahlavi, was found dead in his Boston apartment at the age of 44, his head blown off by a double-barrel shotgun – both chambers of which had discharged. Educated in Ivy League universities, and an artistic sort, Prince Alireza was a dashing heir to the Iranian monarchy after his elder brother, Reza Pahlavi, who lives in the Washington, D.C., area with his mother, Empress Farah, and his children.

To many, if not most, of the Iranians who fled Iran after the fall of the shah in the late '70s, and his subsequent death from cancer in exile, the royal family symbolizes a time when the nation held great promise. Iran was rich with oil revenues – and a well-educated population that was free to live life in religious freedom and without fear of the rapes, stonings, torture and executions at the hands of what now is a radical Islamic regime that enforces Shariah law. Prince Alireza epitomized the hope of a great civilization on the verge of throwing off the yoke of the barbaric mullahs who now terrorize their own people and Christians and Jews worldwide.

The news of Alireza's death spread like wildfire, and the Persian diaspora deeply mourned the passing of one of its hoped for future leaders. Years earlier, the prince's sister, Leila Pahlavi, had died in a London flat from what was said to be an overdose of barbiturates. The family has paid its price but always soldiered on, knowing what they symbolized to their own people.

Following news of Alireza's death, with lightening speed the Suffolk County district attorney quickly declared it a suicide, claiming that the prince was "depressed." But at the moving and beautiful memorial funeral for Alireza, which I attended with my "adopted" Persian family held in the Washington, D.C., area Sunday, Empress Farah, eloquently and lovingly, giving "her" eulogy for her fallen son, made it known that he was not depressed and indeed had every reason to live. As is true for Jews and Christians, it is a mortal sin for a sane and rational person of Muslim origin – even if not practicing, like Alireza – to take his own life.

While the Pahlavi family had also previously declared the death a suicide, this was to be expected. Having experienced how the United States had sold out the shah under President Jimmy Carter – leaving Iran in the hands of fanatic mullahs bent on killing them – the family has always felt that it is living on thin ice and does not want to cause "trouble" for its reluctant American hosts. It has tried to keep a low profile and, frankly, has always feared that it could be assassinated by agents of the Islamic regime in this country – which are many, particularly in the national Capitol area. At Alireza's funeral, security thus was very tight. As Prince Reza and Empress Farah approached the dais to speak, each was accompanied by four large body guards. Like all attendees, I was questioned and searched before entering the concert hall where the memorial service took place.

Although the autopsy report is apparently being kept under wraps by the district attorney, I have learned that the both barrels of the double-barrel shotgun used to kill Alireza were found discharged. Firearms experts will tell you that it is extremely difficult if not nearly impossible for a person training a shotgun on himself to pull both triggers at the same time, and that usually the first discharge will incapacitate the suicidal person. Moreover, the way that the body was found was peculiar, reminiscent of what many people thought was the murder of Vince Foster years ago, during the Clinton administration. Foster, a deputy White House counsel who was more than "close" at the time to First Lady Hillary Clinton, was found dead, also allegedly at his own hand, in Fort Marcy Park in McLean, Va. – having gone to the barber and then munched on a cheeseburger just hours before – an unlikely scenario for someone contemplating killing himself. The death was never adequately explained and likely covered up by independent counsel Kenneth Starr, the ultimate establishment judicial "yes man" of the era, despite his later role in the Monica Lewinsky scandal. It would not have been good for Starr's hoped-for chances of being nominated and confirmed as a Supreme Court justice to have ruled the death a murder; the controversy surely would have caused pro-Hillary Democrats to block his confirmation. Of course, after the failed Lewinsky debacle, even the Republicans saw Starr as "radioactive," so he never realized his dream.

I am not equating the death of Alireza to Vince Foster, but instead only pointing out that our government has the motive and means to cover up tragedies such as this.

For if Alireza did not commit suicide, and if he was assassinated by the regime, this would be an act of terrorism on American soil – putting President Obama "on the spot" to respond in kind during a period when the mullah in chief is dead set on his policy of appeasing Tehran to convince it not to build nuclear weapons.

Years ago, I encountered a similar situation. You might all remember the case of Lt. Cmdr. Jack Daly, the Navy counterintelligence officer who was attacked with a laser by a Russian spy vessel while hovering in a helicopter over Puget Sound, the site of our nuclear submarine fleet. Jack went nearly blind over the incident, but when he complained to the Clinton administration to do something about it, the Navy told him never to use the "L-word" (for "laser"), attempted to remove his security clearance and then threatened him with a dishonorable discharge. I intervened to protect Jack, sued the Russians, and our client later retired without further incident. However, throughout it all, the Clinton administration refused to admit that the attack was an act of war on American soil – so as not to require it respond in kind to the Russians, whom Clinton was also attempting to appease for his foreign-policy reasons.

So here is the question: Have President Obama and his government minions also covered up a plausible act of terrorism by Iran on American soil, so as to make it easier for him to continue his failed policy of appeasement toward the regime? I hope that my Persian friends, who so love the shah and his family, and all Americans, will join with me in trying to uncover the "truth," since more than just the death of Alireza is at issue; but what we have together sadly learned over the years is the politicized lack of integrity of the establishment.

Larry Klayman, founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch, is known for his strong public interest advocacy in furtherance of ethics in government and individual freedoms and liberties. During his tenure at Judicial Watch, he obtained a court ruling that Bill Clinton committed a crime, the first lawyer ever to have done so against an American president. Larry became so famous for fighting corruption in the government and the legal profession that the NBC hit drama series West Wing created a character after him: Harry Klaypool of Freedom Watch. His character was played by actor John Diehl.

In 2004, Larry ran for the U.S. Senate as a Republican in Florida's primary. After the race ended, he founded Freedom Watch.

The author of two books, Fatal Neglect and Whores: Why and How I Came to Fight the Establishment, Larry is a frequent commentator on television and radio, as well as a weekly columnist, on Friday, for WND.com. He has been credited as being the inspiration for the Tea Party movement. (See "Larry Klayman - The One Man TEA Party," by Dr. Richard Swier.)


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Another patriotic Iranian forced to commit suicide


He is the symbol of our love for Iran and our fight to free Iran's youth from the hands of this barbaric islamic regime. Alireza Pahlavi is a patriot.  He is a victim of persecution by British-American-israeli-Islamic media's BLOOD LIBEL. The continuous  unjustified attacks on his father and mother are reprehensible, particularly when it comes from these blood stained mullahzadeh professors who are living life of luxury in their universities. When will they start to commit suicide? Who will force them to commit suicide? His murderers are unforgiveable.


Another patriotic Iranian forced to commit suicide


He is the symbol of our fight to free Iran' youth from the hands of this barbaric islamic regime. He is a patriot. He is an example of our lost generation. He is a victim of persecution by British-American-israeli-Islamic media's BLOOD LIBEL. The continuous attacks on his father and mother are reprehensible, particularly when it comes from these blood stained mullahzadeh professors who are living life of luxury in their universities. When will they start to commit suicide? Who will force them to commit suicide? His murderers are unforgiveable.



by Fatollah on

nobody wishes for the subject to go away, I see no conspiracy but a tragedy. I would rather see the family left alone with their grief and grievances. Alireza was not a public figure nor a spokesman to the family. 

and observe all the wild comments on the subject, makes me feel sick to my stomach ...




by Dousty on

(Author chose to erase comment).


0ne things is certain

by javaneh29 on

What ever you want to believe, the IRI is ultimately responsible for the death of Alireza Pahlavi. Either they had a hand in his shooting and if not, they are certainly a significant factor in the  depression that led him to take his own life. 

Will we ever know the truth .... I doubt it. 


To All Jokers and Funnymen

by masoudA on

Some of what you wrote is indeed funny and amusing.......but let me tell you about some of the things that are not so funny..

Iran is LOST to a bunch of backward morons and you had to migrate away with substantial social losses just to preserve some of the freedom you and your family were used to.   Guess who benefited the most from loss of Iran?   If you said the mullahs - then that shows how ignorant you are.......instead of remaining a clown and a mouthpiece try to find out for yourself who made/makes the most profits from every barrel of Iranian oil sold in the past and today.  If your guess did not include Norway - then you are more ignorant than you think........

BTW - Don't think you have found a safe haven in the west - because they will take that away from you as well - they are as I am writing these words.......... While you are so busy taking sides on issues like "Gay Marriage", "Gays in the Military", "Abortion"...... - They are pulling the rug from under America.    And what do you do?  You provide comedy!!!! and yet once again stand idle or even take the wrong side,..........

Nobody is saying here that the prince was killed for a fact - he may have indeed committed suicide - but what is truely funny here at least to me, is not the humor - but observing all the Professional Posters who are trying to make sure the Alireza Case goes away asap.   We all get what we deserve. 


Come On people, somebody killed him, it wasn't suicide!!!!!!!!

by AlexInFlorida on

This one was like child simple, lets go on to something more complex.


Was shah's son 'murdered' by IRI on U.S. soil?

No!  He was killed by IRI in Iran and then flown back to boston for the challenge of it!  Come on already... of course they got him on US Soil. Were they supposed to leave pictures and a signed autograph especially for JJ?


I didn't read the article when I saw who wrote it

by Onlyiran on

and as much as I hate the IRI, I have to say that Klayman is a nut.  JJ's comment is the best.


They Could All Be Alive!

by HHH on

Have you noticed that Shah suddenly lost weight, got hospitalized and died within months after leaving Iran and while IRI insisted on his return while holding US hostages?

Then Leila passed away for no apparent reason but depression when she was a beautiful, rich princess with great future?

And Farah seemed sad but not really shocked and crying nonestop?

or When Ali-Reza committed suicide right in the middle of pursuing his PHD with plans for the future and even mentioning his being chosen as one of the most eligible princes in the world?!

or when Reza smiled twice while interviewing CNN a day after the death of his brother?!

Or the fact Reza said "My mother visited Mobarak's wife while visiting my father's grave" but he didn't say that he visited it in the last few years?

All sound strange doesn't it?

Maybe I'm just hoping but I think there's a remote possibility that Shah, Leila and Alireza are all alive and even with a new look and identity get to visit Iran again, and the whole news of their death was to get IRI thugs off their back.

I'm guessing Shah, if alive, is living in an island under US control.


God save us from the looney right wing crap

by fozolie on

The Right in the US have really lost the plot. Their conspiracy theories become wilder as their hate for Obama's skin colour grows. The idiotic reasoning of the article can be shredded in seconds. 

1. I hope none of you ever have had the misfortune of someone you know take their lives due to depression. Very often once the person decides on a course of action or when necessary he or she becomes very cunning in fooling the people around them that either he or she is on the road to recovery and no longer depressed.

2. Google any modern shotgun manual on the internet and you see it is very easy to set up a shotgun to discharge both barrels.

3. The Islamic Thugs Minsitry of Iran has always gone out of its way to signal to its enemies its ability to assassinate them in the most brutal and obvious way.  

Mr. Fozolie


I feel the same

by MRX1 on

I don't bye the suecide stuff. The man had everything going for him. According to some sources he was even more charesmatic and atcualy could have become a better challanger to the IRI regime than his brother Reza, had Reza stepped aside. The way they tried to wrap his death so fast under the sheet is questionable as well.  Less than a month a go John Wheeler who was a top notch person in charge of cyberwar fare in U.S died mysteriously. His body was found in a dumpster in Delaware. Same thing happend in his case, they wrapped the news realy fast under the sheet and even FBI declined to provide a full logistical support to the local police!!!

Any thing is possible my friends. There are shady,sneaky people every where capable of doing many nasty nasty things. Of course with a community organizer who can not even run a small donut shop in the white house there is more chance of hanky panky thing going around.....





 چقدراینجا آقایان و عده ای خانمها
عبّاسی میرَن، باور ندارید؟ به لینک زیر مراجعه  گردد



Soosan Khanoom

R U guys Crazy or

by Soosan Khanoom on

R U guys Crazy or paranoid?

It is depression and it runs in the family .....

oh pleeeeeeease give me a break  



although one important question remains :

why did the handsome prince have to kill himself? Couldn't that had happened to that not so handsome one?  

kidding just kidding

reza jan we like you ... but not for becoming a king ..... we are so done with king thingy .... 


Viva la Revolucion  : ) 





I am a bit

by Raoul1955 on

Baffled as he was an Iranian Royalty and obviously wealthy.  Knowing that Iranians could be out to kill him why did he not employ two or three [retired Secret Service agents as his] body guards, and couple of house staff so that he would not be alone in his flat, and would have also had protection while outside his home?  He was wealthy, wasn’t he?

As for Larry's assertions, well, I wait for him to publish the documents that he has based his blog on.  :-)


Suicide Notes and Psychology of Suicides


When a parent or family is informed by the police that their child has committed suicide and has left a suicide note stating his depression, his torment over what has happened in Iran, his father, his sister, the immediate reaction of the family is to think about their son and so they repeat the contents of the suicide note where the culprit is depression. Depression/sadness is a part of our daily life as iranians in exile and Iranians in iran. Depression/sadness - we are all depressed. I get  depressed and sad when I see and hear about the daily atrocities in Iran. Imagine, what that is like for the Pahlavi Family, who are caged and their hands tied,  they feel it 1000 times more than we do.. they are human. So, yes, we are depressed, but we continue to work and to fight. I've considered committing suicide many times, however, i don't because I have a family and firends who love me and relies on me.  To take ones one life is a very difficult action, usually it is forced upon people. Do you think for one second a patriotic vatan parast like AliResa Pahlavi would do such a thing? the pain and suffering that it would cause his family, friends, and Iranians who love the Pahlavi Family and still do? 2,000 people alone attended the memorial in Washington DC, there were  hundreds of thousands of Iranians who gathered around the world to pay their respects. In Iran many paid their respects quietly for fear of being executed by the IRI. On the other hand, many young people in Iran are committing suicide when they are released from jail, after they have been turtured. Given what was stated about him, that he had a presence when he entered a function, people looked up to him... imagine not being able to help your people - and perhaps the only way he could was to take his own life -- so that he could join all the innocent victims of this Barbaric Rapist Islamic Republic. 

The problem is how does one prove foul play in a forced suicide? It is tough. The people who did it know that it is difficult to prove otherwise. Mr. Kinzer certainly was fast in issuing his blood-drenched obituary. Perhaps Mr. Kinzer was in the know since he lives across the street? The question is have the Boston police ruled out homicide? Have they interviewed witnesses and neighbours who might have seen something that day? There are a lot of questions... we are at the mercy of this Boston Police. There were two unsuccessful assassination attempts on their Father, the King's life.  Their cousin, Shahriar, the son of Princess Ashraf, also a powerful man /leader, was gunned down in Paris in 1980s.  Many key Iranians, trying to organize a coup against IRI have been murdered in cold blood in Europe and America, for example, Dr. Bakhtiar, Dr Tabatabai. So, it is highly likely that he was forced into taking his own life where someone puts a finger on his finger to pull the trigger. In any event, Prince Alireza Pahlavi is a victim/martyr of atrocities committed by the Islamic Republic.  

This murder/suicide of Prince Ali Reza Pahlavi does affect our Crown Prince whose life is now in danger as well. It could very well be a warning to him to stop his political activities to free Iran.

The  Pahlavi Family is at the mercy of the Boston police and their findings. There is little they can do other than finish the work he started and fight for a secular democratic Iran.

Dirty Angel


by Dirty Angel on

Dear Mr Expert in nudge nudge access to classified police reports, please, pray, do tell, as I'm  still waiting for the legal publicized coroner's report: blood tests, drugs legal and illegal included, origin of the gun, contents of the will especially concerning debt and property, trust status etc. , you know, like "normal".

Oh and where is the medical report to substantiate this "depression", apparently reiterated by the police? 

At this rate, my "theory" of him being a bit bored after all the festivities and playing russian roulette with the fairies, seems to be getting stronger and stronger! Depending on the gun, it's easy to shoot around within split seconds.

Careful now; I'm a damn(ed) good shot!

"If they chew you up, they still have to spit you out "


thanks for writing about this....

by shushtari on

it is very LIKELY that this was the case.

in fact, where is the long murder investigation that requires gathering evidence, and verifying all the facts???  how can you make a confirmation immediately after someone is dead???

and how could have he pulled unloaded both chambers?? the first one would have killed him instantly!!  

In my gut, I know that these akhoonds are capable of anything.....and it is very plausible that alireza posed a threat to their future, since he wasn't married or had anyone to 'tie him down' like reza chi.....

many compare him to reza shah....

obama is a 21st century version of carter.....both pathetic appeasers of murderers and butchers of iranian people

hopefully, egypts fire will spread to iran ! 

Sheila K

you may be right as Reza Pahlavi is gaining some

by Sheila K on

momentum in Iran. This could've been a move to demoralize him from seeking a leadership/influential figure in the next potential movement in Iran. Unlike the Russian dynasty, the Iran's Monarchy was not diminished--they fled the country. Their mere existence has always been a psychological threat to the IRI. Cause they represent the Iran that was better gentler than the IRI. And the post revolutionary generation have no reason to hate Reza Pahlavi - they didn't even know the Shah--just his glamour's image.


SOS-FREE-IRAN You are obviously well educated on the Facts

by AlexInFlorida on

You clearly see what others are blind to.  But you should know time is not on their side, nor smart money, they are on the losing side of a uphill policy which thus far was easy to implement, but is getting more difficult by the day.  They made themselves worthless instead of priceless internationally speaking.


Spins are dime a dozen

by deev on

Another attempt at making a martyr out of someone whom aside from his last-name had no track record worth praising, Leila Pahlavi died from an overdose and they spin it into a suicide, Alireza committed suicide and they spin it into murder, now why would anyone kill Alireza instead of Reza or other active opponents of the regimes like Mohsen Sazgara or Alirza Meybodi?


Dear Larry

by masoudA on

Thanx for the information and having the courage to come out with it.    Let me assure you right off the bat - Iranians are not as politicaly imature and naiive as the responses you got in this thread suggests - besides as you probabaly know George Soros funds many to be present on the net voicing opinions against the right and all conspiracies, including what he and his beloved Center for Foreign Relations have been up to and how the so called "Think Tanks" spread lies into the US Senate and Congress. 

What you must know by now  - most decent Iranians have been trained by their families not to meddle into politics - hence lack of many free spirited Iranians who would dare to voice their opinion.   The fact is, the possibility of the prince having been murdered has crossed all of our minds, especially with Obama in the White House serving European interests!!!  I am still puzzled why the prince chose Harvard and more surprisingly chose to get his education in a Department heavily financed and just about run by IR!!! 

Furthermore, What you see in Egypt and Tunisia is completion of planned mission Carter never got to complete.   I don't know if it was a murder, but if it was, I am not sure IR was behind it!!   Did you see Reza Pahlavi on CNN on Sunday?   He said things he did not truely believe in - as if he was blind and deaf to all his father went through.   You are correct the Pahlavis know well they live on ice - on CNN RP said everything the Euro driven Obama admin wanted him to say to move further into Islamization of yet another US ally in favor of Euro colonialists who gave him a Noble prize just as soon as he was sworn in!!!  If there was a murder - if someone meant to keep RP at bay - they sure succeeded!!      


Time out Please!

by Faramarz on

This is what the family and friends said right after his suicide.


Fardia Pars, who is close to Reza Pahlavi, said by phone from Paris that Alireza Pahlavi went into a deep depression following his the death of his sister Leila in 2001, who was found in a London hotel room at age 31 after overdosing on barbiturates.

Alireza Pahlavi never recovered, Pars said.

"He became a different person," he said.

Pahlavi's depression "grew over time — his departure from Iran, living in exile, the death of his father and then his sister to whom he was very close," said Nazie Eftekhari, who works in Reza Pahlavi's office in Washington and is a close family friend.

"The deaths were a huge blow to him," she said.

When Leila Pahlavi died, her mother said her daughter had been "very depressed." Her doctor had said she had a history of anorexia, bulimia and psychological problems.

Pars said Alireza's style even in taking his life was militaristic in nature, reflecting his royal background. "Like an army commander, he shot himself. He was a very disciplined man," Pars said.


Conspiracy Theories happen when facts don't add up

by AlexInFlorida on

They first said it was suicide,

clearly it could not have been, due to 2 shots to the head.

upto this point we are all agreed, the next step is where the conspiracy theories start due to lack of hard evidence.

It could have been a group wanting to frame the IRI, knowing that IRI is anti pahlavi regime.

It could be a group wanting to frame democrats for their policies of engaging the regime.

It could actually have been people in IRI wanting to create a fight with USA to rally people behind them.

Whoever did it, clearly does not want to be discovered and did everything they could to make it hard to be found out.  I feel really sorry for IRI if it was them, if obama doesn't heavily bomb their forces and leaders he will lose the next election to a person that will.  That is America's political reality.  Look at what reagan did to ghadaffi's family in return for terrorism on us soil and Americans rewarded him with a landslide victory.  People demand safety and protection at home above all else.

That's why this is actually a very serious discussion and will not just die down.  Wait for a few months for the DA to open the police report and all hell might break lose.



Did the British force Reza Shah Pahlavi the Great into exile?


There is a tendency to dismiss any foul play against the Pahlavi Monarchy as a "conspiracy theory."  Did the British force Reza Shah Pahlavi the Great into exile? Of course they did. This is a fact. Did the British Military invade Iran in 1941 and force our King into exile? Of course they did. This is no "theory".

Did the British collude with Mossadegh to prematurely break the oil contract under the pretext of nationalization? Yes, they did. The documents showing communication between Mossadegh and Britain have recently been disclosed. Obviously, the British laughed all the way to the bank and used of  the penalty money to hold a lavish luxurious coronation in 1953 when all of Europe and their own people were still very poor. 

Did any press ridicule the British for the gobs of money they spent on their coronation? For the royal weddings? Of course not. But when our King held his coronation, the focus was on money. Instead of reminding everyone that our Pahlavi King delayed his own coronation unti he had brought prosperity and peace for Iran. 

These are no conspiracy theories. We need to examine the circumstances around our beloved Prince's death. Perhaps it wasn't IRI but Britain? They have worked with their minions to remove Iran's ancient history from textbooks over the past 30 years. They have replaced Iranian civilization with Hebrew civilization. These bastards call Iran's ancient History, propaganda concocted by our Pahlavi Kings. 

The country that was most vocal in denouncing our Pahlavi Kings was none other than Great Britain. The radio network that spread blood libel about Pahlavi Kings was non other than the BBC, an arm of the British government. 

Look at the disdain and sarcasm with which the Brits and their servants, like Mr. Kinzer, describe our Pahlavi kings. If we were to do that to British, we would be hanged for treason. 

The Brits favorite way to confound our politcs is to dismiss their own role as "conspiracy theory."

Is it a conspiracy theory that Mr. Khomeini was half british and half Indian? There is ample proof prior to Revolution and the man who discovered this was executed in the first 100 days of the bloody reign of terror. Is this all conspiracy theory? Go get educated.

hamsade ghadimi

rea, i think that conspiracy

by hamsade ghadimi on

rea, i think that conspiracy theories are especially rampant in countries where many freedoms are suppressed especially the freedom of media.  there is a saying in iran that you can only trust the final scores in the sports pages.  i think this larry guy is just yanking our chain considering the serious claim he drew from the half-truths and impressions which he presented in the blog.  i think the title of his next book is 'stupid iranians believe anything.'


2 parts to the story.. Not conspiracy, but logic and facts.

by AlexInFlorida on

Part 1) Suicide or not.  2 shots to the head makes suicide very unlikely, then there's the real state of the deceaseds mental health that was known.

Not conspiracy theory, logic/facts

Therefore current theory of suicide is invalid due to facts.

Part 2) Who would want to do this and why now.  

IRI are one group, but other governments can't be discounted.


hamsade g.

by Rea on

Supply and demand for conspiracies are not unique to Iranian populace. Worldwide rather, trust me. 

Personally, sick n tired of conspiracists. 


Larry is also

by norooz on

Larry is also connecting this suicide to act of war.  These republicans just can't live without war.

Mrs Bucket

Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiccccchhhhaaaaaaard these filthy foreigners!

by Mrs Bucket on

Riiiicccccchhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard, these filthy foreigners are saying that the other filthy foreigners murdered Onslow!



Hyacinth, please don't upset yourself, Onslow is  twittering on about a young MP's affair with the sister on Facebook.


Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiccccccchhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard, sister? Whose sister, Riiiiiiiiiiiccccccchhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaard?

Riiiiiiiiiiiiicccccccchhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaard, call the vicar, Onslow's resurrection is a miracle!

Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiicccchhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard!These filthy foreigners are so thorny!


JJ said it the best!

by Souri on

Although there'san element of suspicion in Alireza 's death being an assassination rather than a suicide, but there's no apparent reason fro IRI doing this. They have more important things to do, for now.