Vafa's Wish List


Vafa's Wish List
by kfravon

Dear Friends,

All of you have shined in the past by fulfilling the needs at Vafa Animal Shelter - great and small - especially when the animals in our care needed it the most [photo essay by Maryam Walsh].  The highlight of these contributions was the thoughtful gift of an extended cab truck by Mr. Kamran Vakil so Vafa's staff could conduct their work, and the donation of a much-needed generator by Mr. Mehdi Bakhtiari to ensure consistent power at the shelter.

The time has come again, particularly due to the cold weather, for you to rise up and we are so grateful for your consideration of the requests below:

1.     An industrial grade washing machine (for the purpose of blankets)

2.     Well pump (since that is the main source of water for the shelter)

3.     A 6,000 liter container for water storage

4.     A 3,000 liter container for fuel storage

5.     Two bicycles (which will serve as the only mode of transportation for the workers)

6.     A minimum of 30 pre-fabricated kennels and crates (urgently needed)

7.     Cement cylinders (which will have multi-season purpose as a shelter from rain, snow, sun, etc.)

8.     Collars and leash, as well as field stretchers with lining for transporting weaker dogs (these items are not readily available in Iran and our supporters from outside Iran will have to do the honors)

9.     Medications for fleas, ticks, etc. (needed in abundance because even though we constantly spray around the shelter, they still find their way into the facility from the surroundings. again, these items are not available in Iran and our supporters from outside Iran will have to do the honors)

10.  Micro-chip scanners

11.  Large scales for weighing the dogs in our care (due to the fact that most of the Vafa dogs are of larger breeds, size does matter)

12.  Toys, cleaning supplies, gloves, etc.

Please visit for purchasing the items from outside Iran and/or make contact with to make arrangements for delivery to Vafa.

You may also contact Mr. Sani by calling 0912-550-4590 who resides in Iran.

Our wholehearted thanks to you for considering this request so that once again, together, we can provide the necessary and urgent care to the dogs at Vafa.

[photo essay by Maryam Walsh]


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Good Job

by jmyt17 on

Thanks for request,let see what we can do.

But we need a bit a time.

Takecare of these lovely animal, and also yourself.

They need you