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Photo essay: Vafa Animal Shelter's residents face harsh winter

by Maryam Walsh
Dear Friends: Some of you may be wondering why I've been missing here on -- what happened to my photo essays? Well, as most of you know I learned about Vafa Animal Shelter in Hashtgerd right here in and have been very busy helping them in every way I can. My camera has been collecting dust... but I'm happy that I get to use it every time a vafa dog enters SF Bay Area. Maryam Walsh, one of the many supporters of Vafa who reside abroad, recently returned from Iran and she shared these amazing pictures she managed to capture while visiting the shelter. She wrote: "I had a great trip to Vafa visiting with the great people there, and of course my many four-legged friends. I just wish I could help a little bit more this time by providing them with funds to build more enclosed shelters and to provide more blankets suitable for the very cold weather. For example, Vafa needs to add more enclosed shelters to protect the dogs from the wind, rain and snow. It is getting colder every day and there is no time to wait." Maryam's note inspired me to contact the team in Iran and ask them for their wish list for 2012--which I am including here. Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures and Vafa Shelter's story with all your friends and family -- especially in Iran. With Love and Respect, Faranak Ravon

Organic NUTritionist


by Organic NUTritionist on

loved the pictures of the dogs... sweet.



by kfravon on

feel free to email me ( OR 

i'm happy to share with you different ways you can help....based on what you are able to do.







by jmyt17 on

Thanks for sharing, I have have more respect for these beautiful man's best friend than these drit Ayatolla, and their suppoter.

Just let me know how we can help.

Thanks gain for sharing


501c status and more...

by kfravon on

Due to current situation between Iran and US/other countries, we have no choice but to wait for the permit to go through. 
In the meanwhile, if you like to help, please email us "offline" and let us know where you reside.....thank you 


501(c)(3) organization

by Mamane-Omid on

Dear Faranak,

Thank you very much for your post. I'm a supporter of Vafa and was wondering if you could post updates to OFAC application status as well as if Vafa will also qualify as a section  501(c)(3) organization under IRS regulations?

If you need help with the application for this qualfication, please let us know on this thread. Thanks to's services we can stay in touch by following your post.

Keep up the good work for these helpless criters.





by Shepesh on

Thank you for the information and wonderful photos.


How to help vafa?

by kfravon on


Dear friend:

if you live outside of Iran, please email us offline (, let us know where you live and we will send you information as to how you can help .. 

here's what we posted last year about paypal:

our application is pending with OFAC - we promise to keep all posted when we are able to open up the paypal account again.


thank you, faranak



How do we make a contribution?

by Shepesh on

Can we pay by Paypal?