Message to the American People

by JamilEghrari

A study of affinity between Baha'i Faith and American society. One of which is the creation of democratic government by American and a democratic religion by Baha'u'llah.


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new tales

by bambi on

such hocus pocus... give it up already


Oh Christ! Now we have to go through Baha ollah to get to god

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Great business god has, first moses, then jesus, then mohammad now... forget it.  No more god.  Just the peace of knowing if he ever did exist or not , either way, for sure god is dead now. 

Thats the law of nature.

Surely god obey that.




Sorry, I don't take Personal Checks

by bahmani on

Cash or PayPal.


don't push

by iamfine on

scientist are trying very hard to figure out the origin of universe and find how the whole thing started. Yet, Bahais are still pushing very hard to proof that the key to heaven is through Baha'u'llah. We all know that the Baha'i Faith  is an extension of shia religion.


You see what I mean?

by پندارنیک on

This site should levy a fine on people whose comments steal the spotlight from any blog, as in my opinion is the case with Bahmani.

200 bucks. No personal cheques......


By the way, Haifa housed the Bahai holiest site before the formation of Israel. Israel should return it to them at once.


His T-Shirt is Wet!

by Faramarz on

If the 66 minute messgae is intended for the American people, may not be the ideal place to post it!


Definition of Mid-life crisis...

by bahmani on

It's great that the Bahais have a dress down day.

Sorry, we all know the past already. And your modified version of history was indeed interesting!

However, forget the past, it's the future we don't know anything about, and what we fear the most.

Hearing about the ancient past through your blurry lens, although obviously important to you as you examine your own life, now that you've crossed the threshold and have less days to live than you have lived so far, is completely quaint to those of us who would rather look forward and figure it out when we get there, rather than apply folklore and mysticism and prostitution and what has been proven to be nothing more than idle (vs idol) worship.

Religion, is essentially the pursuit of Man who made the mistake and looked up into the depth of the night sky and universe, and freaked out over the immensity. And then he created God in his own likeness and image as a way to explain quantum physics to idiots.

Bahais, are a truly great and heroic people for taking the shit they repeatedly ask for (Who would ever choose to put their holiest site in Israel for god's sake???). Like any other religion they have their own bizarre, unnatural, unproven ideas, customs, and rituals, that have so far, not EVER been able to successfully prove the one key requirement of real religion, and that is God's existence, by his own hand.

To be clear, GOD has NEVER EVER proven his existence.

ALWAYS it is these self proclaimed prophets (and now we have a new one) who preach like this, as if they are doing everyone and God a favor, by suggesting their own various claims of proof. Usually based on the less than scientific technique know as "Trust Me".

Feel free to call me when God shows up one day and says out loud "I'm Here!" and that the Bahai faith is the one real true faith that God, himself endorses, and I'll gladly buy it then.

Because I have a lot of complaints. And even more questions that religion seems to only answer with the same boring, pseudo-intellectual answer, namely that I don't get it, because I don't seem to have enough "FAITH".

Or the best one is when they think they are being really clever by asking YOU to prove God Doesn't Exist.

People should simply try to better themselves as human beings, care for their family, be loyal friends, try not to harm anyone, and above all, ABOVE ALL, stop thinking about God so much. Maybe if we all ignore him for a minute, he'll finally show up and sort this mess out.

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