Iranians WON BIG!!

by Jaleho

The Iranian people by their massive presence in the election won on many fronts:

1. Internationally, no aggressor can now dream about an Iran attack when millions of brave Iranians showed their solidarity by standing behind a leader who defended their rights. No dreamer can now hope for a division of Iranian people, or hope to create a wedge between people and their overwhelmingly elected government.

2. Completely opposite to what some people feared, now US-Iran rapprochement will speed up under re-election of Ahmadinejad! Now that US can not continue with a futile dream of a leader that they could possibly push around, US HAS TO proceed quickly with a new friendly Iran policy.

3. Internally, the security felt against foreign threats translated into a more open democracy. The debates opened gates that no one can close again. As a result, the student will be charged up for months and even years to come, and the fracture that was introduced in the well protected factionalism inside Iran will only grow deeper. This is the start of a new phase of maturation of Iranian democracy, and it can only get better from here on!

This was a fantastic victory for Iranians. Congratulations to all participants who frustrated the designs of ill-wishers.

PS. With both camps announcing a "quick" and early win, it is now clear who the real "liar"  is :-)

PPS. To find out about real  sore losers though, you'll have to wait until tomorrow. 


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Dear Jaleho

by minadadvar on

I appreciate and even admire your conviction and passion.  However, if you really believe that Ahmadinejad is  superior to Mousadegh, then I conclude that your passion defies your logic and ability to be objective.  No need to go further, because you see what you want to see.

P.S :  Iran has been isolated for the past 30 years!!!  Do you remember Iran Contra?!!


ridicules numbers by IR malijak

by capt_ayhab on

Mousavi losing in Azarbayejan is just like Obama losing African American votes.

that is how ridicules these numbers are that are published by Ahmaghinejads FRIEND in Interior ministry, and repeated here by ....

There were 53 million ballets printed and published, ONLY 39 million are accounted for, There are 14 MILLION ballets missing and not accounted for. 

Source CNN reporter in Iran, Jason Rezaie reporting from Tehran.


Mardom Mazloom

کارمندان وزارت کشور دادن بیرون (بی شوخی) :

Mardom Mazloom

افراد واجد شرایط رای: 49322412
افراد شرکت کننده در انتخابات:
42026078 (85.20%)
تعداد آرای باطله: 110716 (0.00%)
میرحسین موسوی خامنه 19075623 (38.675%)
کروبی 13387104 (27.14%)
محمود احمدی نژاد 5698417 (11.55%)
محسن رضایی میرقائد 3754218 (7.61%)
لطفا در اطلاع رسانی این خبر ما را یاری کرده و به دیگران خبر دهید

‫چو ایران نباشد، تن من مباد


Dear Minad Davar, you said:

by Jaleho on

"1) I hope you are not suggesting that Ahmadinejad reminds you of Mousadegh. "

Similarities and differences. Mosadeq came from a rich family  background of big land owners, charged up by Constitutional Revolution which ultimately failed. He fought bravely for Iranian rights, however often too old of an age took him under the quilt with "ghahr" than taking vigorous action.

Ahmadinejad, was an active participant of Islamic Revolution which succeeded. Furthermore, he fought in a bloody 8 year war where Iranains almost with bare hand fought virtually the rest of the world, and managed to save Iran's integrity and the revolution. Ahmadinejad knows the power of Iranians against bullies first hand, and have withstood them. International sanction and pressure in the coup in 1953 although effective, but is much smaller than what Itan is going through now! The entire world's financial structure and media has been working against Iran for 30 years, and in 2003 almost forced Iran to forgo its nuclear rights indefinitely. When history is reviewd in decades, I believe Ahmadinejad will go far more an effective a leader than Mosadeq. A leader who fought for Iran in every capacity he served, vigorously. 

"2) The article in Washington Post is the only one, confirming the accuracy of this pseudo-election. There are numerous articles that find it fraudulent. (You find two or three articles in the same  Washington Post.)  "

I call that article of Washington Post an actual study continued for two years, its accuracy has been shown by scientific methods and I don't think a US non-profit data who got some of its funding from Rockefeler Borthers is in love with Ahmadinejad. I also bother to actually analyze the other articles like Andrew Sullivan's "proof" which convinces people of "fraud." I check for myself the farce rather than buying whatever CNN or Fox feed me. I bother to check my sources and weigh them carefully.

3)  "Even if IRI is being truthful, people have been deceived so many times, that they have completely lost their trust/confidence in this government.  I am sure you know the story of Choopaneh Dorooghgu. "

That is why the open debates were so important and charged up people so much! That is one reason that powerful clerics who were accused by Ahmadinejad are so riled to defeat him. Also that's why  3 million youth in Tehran who have had no hope in the past 30 years were so charged up by the openness that they were afforded for the first time. Add to that, the actual result from Teheran is:

"In the cities of Tehran and Shemiranat, Moussavi beat Ahmadinejad with 2,166,245 votes to 1,809,855 and 200,931 to 102,433 votes respectively. "

No wonder the youth in Tehran can not believe that they didn't win!! They are not exactly the Shabaan bi mokhs of the Mosadeq era, rather a passionate youth with legitimate demands who truly believes it won. Mousavi however, should know better than pitting 2 million youth in confrontation with almost 1.8 million other Tehranis, many of whom are the rough jonoob shahris who can't tolertae what they call bunch of "soosool" destroy their votes!!

If Mousavi doesn't accept his defeat gracefully, there is the possibility of either a mini civil war or a mini military coup. That would be sad and a complete waste of the recent openness that was gained through debates.

4)  "I am not a Mousavi's supporter. I do not even believe in voting as long as there is Velayateh Faghi.  However, I believe those who have voted should be respected. "   

I agree. That's why I think 25 million which is larger than 13 has the right to defend its vote! 

5)  "Since Ahmadinejad and his supporters are so confident, why do not they agree to a recount ? "

They will have to accept whatever the legal complaints are, through proper legal channels that finally Mousavi seems to have taken. I don't believe that a vicious sore loser would even be happy with that. Mousavi is now abusing the heartfelt belief of the passionate youth who believe they truly won, and will push for even another election, This would be absurd when a candidate has won with almost a 2:1 margin.

6)  "I find the brutality of this regime disgusting and heart breaking." 

I think the regime is really showing a great restraint. It is tough to control even a large crowd in a concert, let alone 5 million people who are almost equally divided in a crowd who are burning buses and breaking windows. They are acting like hooligans and for three days we didn't even have anyone killed. I am affraid of much more death if the situation is not controlled heavily. With that kind of crowd, there's is either a limited civil war or a military interference, no other ways about it. Anyone who thinks otherwise is delusional, I believe. The bloodless internet war, on the ground with people of the opposite camp who don't even have access to internet, has a more real semblance to actual war!


Jaleh jan

by NiloufarParsi (not verified) on

you don't think it is odd that Moussavi's share of the vote never surpasses the 50% mark in the official figures for any Province other than Sistan & Baluchestan (52%)? Why there?!

Interesting also that in neighouring Kerman, he only got 21%.

Any thoughts?



by Killjoy (not verified) on

I wasn't expecting an answer. Millions of Iranians pouring into the streets nightly all over the country demonstrate what went wrong!!!

And all those votes were counted in a matter of a few hours!


This has nothing to do with Rafsanjani or Mousavi, anymore.

Although Mousavi, after meeting with Khamenei, had tried to postpone the demonstrations, people did what they thought was right and came out in millions!!!

Mardom Mazloom

‫دیر جاهل،

Mardom Mazloom

‫یک چیز بگو بگنجه.... طبق حقیقت این اماریکه دادی دروغ....
حقیقت امر

‫احمدی: ۶۴۲٫۰۰۰
‫بقیه: ۵
‫جمع: ۶۴۲٫۰۰۵


‫احمدی: ۴۹۳٫۹۸۰
‫بقیه: ۹
‫جمع: ۴۹۳٫۹۸۹


‫احمدی: ۴۹۵٫۴۴۰
‫بقیه: ۶
‫جمع: ۴۹۵٫۴۴۶

‫آذربایجان شرقی

‫احمدی: ۲٫۰۱۰٫۳۴۰
‫بقیه: ۰
‫جمع = ارأ احمدی (بله، حقیقت تلخه)

‫احمدی: ۲٫۵۲۳٫۳۰۰
‫جمع=ارأ احمدی (هه هه)


‫احمدی: ۸۶۹٫۴۵۰
‫بقیه: ۳
‫جمع: ۸۶۹٫۴۵۳

‫احمدی:: ۱٫۰۱۹٫۱۶۰
‫بقیه: ۹
‫جمع: ۱٫۰۱۹٫۱۶۹


‫احمدی: ۳۱۲٫۶۶۰
‫بقیه: ۷
‫جمع: ۳۱۲٫۶۶۷

‫احمدی: ۲٫۶۳۷٫۴۸۰
‫بقیه: ۲
‫جمع: ۲٫۶۳۷٫۴۸۲


‫احمدی: ۱٫۵۰۵٫۸۱۰
‫بقیه: ۴
‫جمع: ۱٫۵۰۵٫۸۱۴

‫احمدی: ۹۸۳٫۴۲۰
‫بقیه: ۲
‫جمع: ۹۸۳٫۴۲۲

‫احمدی: ۳٫۱۸۱٫۹۹۰
‫جمع: ارأ احمدی
‫خف و مف بذار کنار.

‫احمدی: ۳۶۸٫۷۰۰
‫بقیه: ۷
‫جمع: ۳۶۸٫۷۰۷


‫احمدی: ۶۱۰٫۷۵۰
‫بقیه: ۷

‫احمدی: ۷۸۵٫۹۶۰
‫بقیه: ۱
‫جمع: ۷۸۵٫۹۶۱

‫احمدی: ۱٫۹۱۹٫۸۳۰
‫بقیه: ۸
‫جمع: ۱٫۹۱۹٫۸۳۸

‫خراسان شمالی

‫احمدی: ۴۶۴٫۰۰۰ (اره یکخورده عجیب شد این...چیز)
‫بقیه: ۱
‫جمع: ۴۶۴٫۰۰۱

‫احمدی: ۶۹۲٫۳۵۰
‫بقیه: ۵
‫جمع: ۶۹۲٫۳۵۵


‫احمدی: ۵۹۹٫۰۴۰
‫بقیه: ۰
‫جمع: ارأ احمدی (همینطور که دوست داریم)

‫احمدی: ۹۸۲۲۹۲۰
‫بقیه: ۰
‫جمع: ارأ احمدی

‫‫احمدی: ۷٫۵۲۱٫۵۴۰
‫بقیه: ۰
‫جمع: ارأ احمدی
تهران مهران ما نداریم

آذربایجان غربی
‫‫احمدی: ۱٫۳۳۴٫۳۵۰



‫دکتر احمدی (ص) با ۹۹٫۹۹۹۹۹٪ رئیس جمهور محبوب ایری

‫چو ایران نباشد، تن من مباد


Dear Jaleho

by minadadvar on

1) I hope you are not suggesting that Ahmadinejad reminds you of Mousadegh.  As an Iranian, I find it insulting. Mousadegh had one thing in his heart, Iranians and their interest. Ahmadinejad seems interested in everybody else, but Iranians.

2) The article in Washington Post is the only one, confirming the accuracy of this pseudo-election. There are numerous articles that find it fraudulent. (You find two or three articles in the same  Washington Post.) 

3)  Even if IRI is being truthful, people have been deceived so many times, that they have completely lost their trust/confidence in this government.  I am sure you know the story of Choopaneh Dorooghgu.

4)  I am not a Mousavi's supporter. I do not even believe in voting as long as there is Velayateh Faghi.  However, I believe those who have voted should be respected.      

5)  Since Ahmadinejad and his supporters are so confident, why do not they agree to a recount ? 

6)  I find the brutality of this regime disgusting and heart breaking


A good article

by Souri on


Killjoy, here's how

by Jaleho on

This is alphabetical data. So, roll down to see Tehran to get your answer. (But, take a look at other parts of Iran to understand even more!!)

Ardabil Province

Total votes: 642,005
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: 325,911
Mehdi Karroubi: 2,319
Mohsen Rezaei: 6, 578
Mir-Hossein Moussavi: 302,825
Spoiled ballots: 4,372

Mir-Hossein Moussavi won over Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in the cities of Ardabil with 140,582 to 137,220, Pilehsavar with 13,186 to 12,310, Pars-Abad with 48,521 to 31,453 and Garmi with 24,192 to 20,020.

Bushehr Province

Total votes: 493,989
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: 299,357
Mehdi Karroubi: 3,563
Mohsen Rezaei: 7,607
Mir-Hossein Moussavi: 177,268
Spoiled ballots: 6,193

Mir-Hossein Moussavi won over Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in the city of Ganaveh with 24,885 to 23,995.

Chaharmahal Bakhtiari Province

Total votes: 495,446
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: 359,578
Mehdi Karroubi: 4,127
Mohsen Rezaei: 22,689
Mir-Hossein Moussavi: 106,099
Spoiled ballots: 2,953


Total votes: 2,010,340
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: 1,131,111
Mehdi Karroubi: 7,246
Mohsen Rezaei: 16,920
Mir-Hossein Moussavi: 837,858
Spoiled ballots: 17,205

Mir-Hossein Moussavi won over Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in the city of Shabestar with 39,182 to 37,099.

Fars Province

Total votes: 2,523,300
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: 1,758,026
Mehdi Karroubi: 16,277
Mohsen Rezaei: 23,871
Mir-Hossein Moussavi: 706,764
Spoiled ballots: 18,359

Gilan Province

Total votes: 1,483,258
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: 998,573
Mehdi Karroubi: 7,183
Mohsen Rezaei: 12,022
Mir-Hossein Moussavi: 453,806
Spoiled ballots: 11,674

Golestan Province

Total votes: 869,453
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: 515,211
Mehdi Karroubi: 10,097
Mohsen Rezaei: 5,987
Mir-Hossein Moussavi: 325,806
Spoiled ballots: 14,266

Mir-Hossein Moussavi won over Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in the cities of Aqqala with 25,144 to 23,303, Bandar Torkaman with 36,794 to 18,577, Kalaleh with 28,740 to 23,894 and Maraveh Tappeh with 14,865 to 5,943.

Hamadan Province

Total votes: 1,019,169
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: 765,723
Mehdi Karroubi: 12,032
Mohsen Rezaei: 13,117
Mir-Hossein Moussavi: 218,481
Spoiled ballots: 9,816

Hormozgan Province

Total votes: 843,024
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: 482,990
Mehdi Karroubi: 5,126
Mohsen Rezaei: 7,237
Mir-Hossein Moussavi: 241,988
Spoiled ballots: 5,683

Mir-Hossein Moussavi won over Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in the cities of
Bastak with 21,607 to 8,407, Parsian with 11,882 to 6,752, Khamir with 14,943 to 8,263 and Qeshm with 27,884 to 23,020.

Ilam Province

Total votes: 312,667
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: 199,654
Mehdi Karroubi: 7,471
Mohsen Rezaei: 5,221
Mir-Hossein Moussavi: 96,826
Spoiled ballots: 3,495

Isfahan Province

Total votes: 2,637,482
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: 1,799,255
Mehdi Karroubi: 14,579
Mohsen Rezaei: 51,788
Mir-Hossein Moussavi: 746,697
Spoiled ballots: 25,162

Kerman Province

Total votes: 1,505,814
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: 1,160,446
Mehdi Karroubi: 4,977
Mohsen Rezaei: 12,016
Mir-Hossein Moussavi: 318,250
Spoiled ballots: 10,125

Kermanshah Province

Total votes: 983,422
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: 573,568
Mehdi Karroubi: 10,798
Mohsen Rezaei: 11,258
Mir-Hossein Moussavi: 374,188
Spoiled ballots: 13610

Mir-Hossein Moussavi won over Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in the cities of Paveh with 12,114 to 8,841, Javanroud with 11,888 to 10,775, Dalaho with 15,104 to 8,384 and Ravansar with 10,662 to 8,544.

Khorasan Razavi Province

Total votes: 3,181,990
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: 2,214,801
Mehdi Karroubi: 13,561
Mohsen Rezaei: 44,809
Mir-Hossein Moussavi: 884,570
Spoiled ballots: 24,240

In the city of Khaf, Moussavi won over Ahmadinejad with 30,835 votes over 28,493.

Khuzestan Province

Total votes: 2,038,845
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: 1,303,129
Mehdi Karroubi: 15,934
Mohsen Rezaei: 139,124
Mir-Hossein Moussavi: 552,636
Spoiled ballots: 28,022

Kohkilouye & Boyerahmad

Total votes: 368,707
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: 253,962
Mehdi Karroubi: 4,274
Mohsen Rezaei: 8,542
Mir-Hossein Moussavi: 98,937
Spoiled ballots: 2,311

Kurdistan Province

Total votes: 610,757
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: 315,689
Mehdi Karroubi: 13,862
Mohsen Rezaei: 7,140
Mir-Hossein Moussavi: 261,772
Spoiled ballots: 12,293

Mir-Hossein Moussavi won over Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in the cities of Baneh with 23,745 to 16,552, Saqqez with 49,519 to 24,523 and Marivan with 29,902 to 20,404.

Markazi Province

Total votes: 785,961
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: 572,988
Mehdi Karroubi: 4,675
Mohsen Rezaei: 10,057
Mir-Hossein Moussavi: 190,349
Spoiled ballots: 7,889

Mazandaran Province

Total votes: 1,919838
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: 1,289,257
Mehdi Karroubi: 10,050
Mohsen Rezaei: 19,587
Mir-Hossein Moussavi: 585,373
Spoiled ballots: 15,571

North Khorasan Province

Total votes: 464,001
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: 341,104
Mehdi Karroubi: 2,478
Mohsen Rezaei: 4,129
Mir-Hossein Moussavi: 113,218
Spoiled ballots: 3,072

Qazvin Province

Total votes: 692,355
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: 498,061
Mehdi Karroubi: 2,690
Mohsen Rezaei: 7,978
Mir-Hossein Moussavi: 177,542
Spoiled ballots: 6,084

Qom Province

Total votes: 599,040
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: 422,457
Mehdi Karroubi: 2,314
Mohsen Rezaei: 16,297
Mir-Hossein Moussavi: 148,467
Spoiled ballots: 9,505

Semnan Province

Total votes: 383,308
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: 295,177
Mehdi Karroubi: 2,147
Mohsen Rezaei: 4,440
Mir-Hossein Moussavi: 77,754
Spoiled ballots: 3,790

Sistan-Baluchistan Province

Total votes: 982,920
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: 450,269
Mehdi Karroubi: 12,504
Mohsen Rezaei: 6,616
Mir-Hossein Moussavi: 507,946
Spoiled ballots: 5,585

Mir-Hossein Moussavi won over Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in the cities of Iranshahr with 50,971 to 33,802, Chabahar with 62,564 to 21,185, Khash with 47,762 to 9,945, Zaboli with 14,869 to 5,897, Zahedan with 140,118 to 120,978, Saravan with 47,620 to 13,258, Sibsouran with 18,314 to 7,456, Konarak with 18,467 to 9,089 and Nikshahr with 47,661 to 25909.

South Khorasan Province

Total votes: 383,157
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: 285,983
Mehdi Karroubi: 928
Mohsen Rezaei: 3,962
Mir-Hossein Moussavi: 90,363
Spoiled ballots: 1,920

Tehran Province

Total votes: 7,521,540
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: 3,819,945
Mehdi Karroubi: 67,334
Mohsen Rezaei: 147,487
Mir-Hossein Moussavi: 3,371,523
Spoiled ballots: 115,701

In the cities of Tehran and Shemiranat, Moussavi beat Ahmadinejad with 2,166,245 votes to 1,809,855 and 200,931 to 102,433 votes respectively.

West-Azerbaijan Province

Total votes: 1,334,356
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: 623,946
Mehdi Karroubi: 21,609
Mohsen Rezaei: 12,199
Mir-Hossein Moussavi: 656,508
Spoiled ballots: 20,094

Mir-Hossein Moussavi won over Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in the cities of Oshnavieh with 12,690 to 8,967, Bukan with 35,833 to 16,481, Piranshahr with 24,486 to 11,270, Sardasht with 18,654 to 16,737, Salmas with 47,276 to 43,652, Showt with 13,872 to 11,130, Mako with 28,451 to 13,884; Mahabad with 38,579 to 19,999, Miandoab with 55,739 to 55,575 and Naghadeh with 32,415 to 26,419.

Yazd Province

Total votes: 609,856
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: 337,178
Mehdi Karroubi: 2,565
Mohsen Rezaei: 8,406
Mir-Hossein Moussavi: 255,799
Spoiled ballots: 5,908

Mir-Hossein Moussavi won over Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in the cities of
Ardakan with 23,675 to 19,389, Sadooq with 11,399 to 10,755 and Yazd with 148,090 to 133,792.

Zanjan Province

Total votes: 585,721
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: 444,480
Mehdi Karroubi: 2,223
Mohsen Rezaei: 7,276
Mir-Hossein Moussavi: 126,561
Spoiled ballots: 5,181



by Killjoy (not verified) on

I didn't want to butt in like this, but reading the piece of news below and watching the crowds, I wondered how in the world Ahmadinejad could have received so many millions of votes!!!

"It was an incredible sight. A huge crowd, hundreds of thousands of people maybe EVEN MILLIONS of people there in defiance of open threats from the government that they should not assemble.
The security forces were staying well away - we were even able to film and usually the secret police come in straight away and stop you.

But the crowds were so enormous they were stepping back."

Reported by: Jon Leyne from Tehran

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Hadi Khorsandi's verdict on the recent s-election

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

بگو رأیم کجا رفت؟


دوباره احمدی تا دسته جا رفت
بگو رأیم کجا رفت؟
به امر رهبری در خیک ما رفت
بگو رأیم کجا رفت؟


پرزيدنت با يک قل هوللا
زده زيرآب آرا
گمانم پيش آقا مجتبا رفت
بگو رأیم کجا رفت؟


تقلب در تقلب در تقلب
نزن جیک و بگو خب
که باتوم های برقی‌شان هوا رفت
بگو رأیم کجا رفت؟


لباس-شخصی ببین با دشنه آمد
به خونم تشنه آمد
به هرکس ضربه‌ای زد در کما رفت
بگو رأیم کجا رفت؟


مهندس موسوی با رأی بسیار
به منزل شد گرفتار
ملاقاتش پزشکی با دوا رفت
بگو رأیم کجا رفت؟


ببین کروبی افتاده به ناله
شده طفلک مچاله
همی‌گوید ببین بر ما چه‌ها رفت
بگو رأیم کجا رفت؟


وقاحت خیمه زد در بیت رهبر
بگو الله اکبر
که راه جعل را تا انتها رفت
بگو رأیم کجا رفت؟


I am not Iranian but I am

by koranist (not verified) on

I am not Iranian but I am wondering what Mousavi is going to do? Is he not an Shia Islamist? Would he be considered a moderate in other country standards?

Anyways I am a Koranist and I don't believe in this whole Shia and Sunni stuff. These are all political groups created by Bani Umayya(Aisha and co.) and Banu hashim(Hussein and co.) for a Qureishi power struggle and they invented Hadiths and Sunnah and other stuff thats not Koranic.

True Islam is only Koran.


Kaveh Nouraee

by MiNeum71 on

I'm sorry, my emotions are facing tough challenges these days. Nevertheless it would be nice to read kind words, I mean they are doing a tremendous job, and I don't think we should discuss about being right or wrong concerning the elections; I wish a bit more support.



other twitters

by capt_ayhab on

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

I always have kind words, but they are reserved only for those who merit them. I have even had them for you. And when I open my mouth, I don't speak from both sides of it, as some others do. I'm sure you have other things to do throughout the course of your day that are more important, but if you ever feel so inclined, read the posts of those you are placing upon a cyber-pedestal at my expense, then you might see what I mean.

Now, to the subject at hand:

Yes, people did get together and voted. And we are indeed seeing the results.

The result is that the hardliners began to detect the "scent of dissent" in the masses. The kind of dissent that can only undermine the stranglehold they (the IR) have on the people. This is the result that stands out for me. I didn't want to be right, but I saw this coming. That's why I abstained from casting a ballot. It's not that Moussavi would make a better president. I think they're all garbage. But a Moussavi "victory" would give the people a sense of empowerment that they haven't felt since 1979.

To think that the IR hardliners won't resort to any length to quash the dissent and eliminate this sense of empowerment is foolish to say the least. They're doing it right now!

Why else would Moussavi, Karroubi, and Rezai be arrested? Why would Mohammad Khatami be arrested? He wasn't even a candidate anymore! What kind of threat could Karroubi or Rezai pose when neither the numbers or public opinion favored them?

Do you get it yet? Or am I writing "silly stuff"?

Let me be clear. I am not suggesting that this "election" justifies the IR, if that is how you are interpreting it. What I am saying is that this is being used by the IR to "justify" the crackdowns that are already taking place and those crackdowns that will inevitably continue for at least the forseeable near future.

Like you, I hope that this is a kind of justification (for the people) for the next revolution. This seems to happen in time cycles that currently average approximately every 28 years or so, so who knows?

1925-1953 (28 years)

1953-1979 (26 years)

1979-? (30 years, therefore the IR is past its expiration date)

Have a great day.



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Mardom Mazloom

‫Votes and Champagne Islamic

by Mardom Mazloom on

‫چرا از اقتصاد حرف میزنی؟ برای شماها اقتصاد ‫مال خر مگه نه؟ توام که دور از جون خر نیستی....

بابا جون, این ۱۳ و ۲۵ میلیون اعداد ساختگی سر قبر خمینیه. امارگیری رو ول کن....

داستان فال ترکی را میدونی؟ بعد از نوشیدن یک فنجون کافه تشو نگاه میکنن، آیندتو میگن؟

‫این داستان انتخابات هم همین بود :مصباح و جنتی رفته بودن سر مقعدامام خیره سری خالی کردند و بعد معلوم شد احمدی ۲۵ میلیون رأی میاره و هم چنین دیگران چقدر .... تازه این کی؟ این وقتیکه همهء اون نکبتها دو سه هفته پیش اونجا جمع بودن

‫حالا چه جوری این شامپاین اسلامی که تو خوردی رو درست کردن؟

‫این جنتی و مصباح بعد از تخلیه اراء، تو چندتا بطری تشر زدن و بعد بردن پیش رهبر تشر آخر را زد و بطریها پر شدن.

‫ این بطری را بعد بردن قم، وسط سهن مطهر گذاشتن زیر آفتاب ظِل حسابی مواد مخلوطه تخمیر و گاز دار ‫شدند. و این معجون رو دادن به شماها زدین تو رَج و حالا هنوز خماری. بهتر بود شامپاین معمولی میخوردی، شاید کمتر هذیون میگفتی! نه اینطور فکر نمیکنی؟

‫دفعه بعد یک شعر دیگه میگم، یکخورده بخندی :)

‫چو ایران نباشد، تن من مباد

Niloufar Parsi


by Niloufar Parsi on

here is an interesting article on the survey in question:

Terror Free Tomorrow Poll Did not Predict Ahmadinejad Win

By Juan Cole of the Americana Institute. this is the main argument:

"The poll did not find that Ahmadinejad had majority support. It found
that the level of support for the incumbent was 34 percent, with
Mousavi at 14 percent.” It also found, crucially, that 60 percent of
respondents favored reform. Even Doherty, at the time of the survey,
didn’t expect Ahmadinejad to win in the first round." 

I also agree with Captain that a poll in mid-May would not be reliable for the situation in mid-June. Moussavi's campaign gained huge momentum closer to the date of the election. We all know that many people changed their mind and registered a protest vote by voting for Moussavi or Karroubi.

what is your take on Makhmalbaf's claims?



Kaveh Nouraee

by MiNeum71 on

You always write silly stuff, but this time you exceeded all expectations. People got together, they voted, they saw the result, and now they are fighting for their rights. You say, these elections were a kind of justification for IRI, I say, these elections are a kind of justification for the next revolution.

And this is typically you, I've never read a kind word written by you. The only thing you can do is Dahaneto Beekhodee Bazkardan.



for the IR supporters !

by capt_ayhab on

"Not knowing the truth is ignorance, but knowing the truth and denying it is a crime"




by capt_ayhab on

Dear Anonym7

I did read the survey, according to people who conducted it[if you read the last paragraph] it was flawed, since 27% of the people surveyed did not answer the question. This large number can easily make the sampling too small to relay on, besides it was conducted back in May 10th and 11th.

I personally as you am not excited either since they both are evils of the same criminal regime, however, it is people of Iran who feel that they have been cheated.

If Ahmaghinajed and his pathetic mouth pieces in this site are so sure of themselves, they should come forth and open up the ballets for an impartial review. Interior ministry being in charge of the results is like putting a fox in charge of hen house my friend. Trust me, I have spent hours on the phone since numbers were announce with Iran, various cities, every where it is unanimous that they feel being cheated.




Jeleho, you seem to have

by Mazdak (not verified) on

blind faith in this regime and your beloved leader. Ask yourself, when Mohsen Rezaie who has solid Hezbolahi credentials questions the validity of the election results, then there is something afoot. Regardless of Mousavi and the so-called reformist camps political bent, the behaviour of the riot police and Basiji thugs is despicable. You're lucky you've never had the misfortune of an encounter with the soldiers of Imam Zaman in your tourist sojourns to Iran. Perhaps one of these days your fellow anti-Imperialist Hussein Derakhshan will be release from Evin and could share his expriences with you. In the meanwhile you may want to look up anyone who particiapted in the anti-G8 demonstarations in Seattle about being clubbered over the head for making noise against power. Most of these guys and women who are being beaten ruthlessly in streets of Tehran are middle class students and youth like yourself, so don't play the defender of the wretched of the earth from afar. Go back to Iran and help regenerate your revolution. Experience life in Iran first hand otherwise don't give lip about the wonders of another four year of AN.

Kaveh Nouraee

Completely Predictable Outcome

by Kaveh Nouraee on

The "election" that never was, is, or ever will be.

Antarinejad the monkey says "the other side lost to me, just like a football match".

Well, the time has come where his head, covered in black and white hair and filled with air, much like a regulation FIFA ball, needs to be kicked in.

Khamenei saw how the people want to be out from under this bullshit regime, and has manipulated the outcome to his exact liking.

To all of you apologists and enablers who have made this possible, I told you so.


Too bad some economist don't know high school math!

by Jaleho on

Or they don't use "their kinda math" to become BILLIONAIRS as I posted in IranDokht's blog :


Dear IRANDokht,

by Jaleho on

Sorry, I just couldn't open that other link. I fisrt opened your other statistics link which thankfuylly had the numbers to show how silly those fraud claims were, both for Iran election and the US election. It took me a while to analyze the data in many different format, in particular the US data for comparison could be plotted in many different similar waves, and I wanted to make sure that I'll get that perfect line of FRAUD any possible way I plot it, to prove how absurd those claims were :-)

Then just for fun,  I wanted to show that if an "ECONOMIST" used that kind of "statistics," he could make $billions in the stock market by being able to predict the next day value of DOW and Nazdaq, so you see I had to load bunch of stock market data....:-) :-)

In short, by the time I came back to your other link, it said it is broken. Maybe it got old and there's a new link you can provide? "


Here's where Captain should have looked to see how ridiculous his "linear argument" and near 1 R^2 were. look at Nate Silver's data and graphs of US and Iran election, "Statistical Report Purporting To Show Rigged Iranian Election is Flawed":

look at this Obama and Ahmadinejad lines and see which one is prettier and more rigged!! Make sure that you click on Nate Silver's complete coment)



Easy Ayhab (maybe Mousavi didn't win)

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

I didn't vote for Ahmadinejad (I voted for Karoubi), but I am not very excited about the "liberal" side (Rafsanjani's corrupt camp) either. Look at this link ( // ) "Survey showed Ahmadinejad was going to win big" ....


Washington Post reveals its study now!

by Jaleho on

I encourage everyone to read the following report that Q provided in a blog:


" but our nationwide public opinion survey of Iranians three weeks before the vote showed Ahmadinejad leading by a more than 2 to 1 margin -- greater than his actual apparent margin of victory in Friday's election. "

Make sure to click on the "public opinion survey" for  thoroug study.



by capt_ayhab on


The best evidence for the validity of the arguments of the three
opponents of the President for rejecting the results declared by the
Interior Ministry is the data the Ministry itself has issued. In the
chart below, compiled based on the data released by the Ministry and
announced by Iran’s national television, a perfect linear relation
between the votes received by the President and Mir Hossein Mousavi has
been maintained, and the President’s vote is always half of the
The vertical axis (y) shows Mr. Mousavi’s votes, and the
horizontal (x) the President’s. R^2 shows the correlation coefficient:
the closer it is to 1.0, the more perfect is the fit, and it is 0.9995,
as close to 1.0 as possible for any type of data.

Statistically and mathematically, it is impossible to maintain such
perfect linear relations between the votes of any two candidates in any
election — and at all stages of vote counting. This is particularly
true about Iran, a large country with a variety of ethnic groups who
usually vote for a candidate who is ethnically one of their own. For
example, in the present elections, Mr. Mousavi is an Azeri and speaks
Turkish. The Azeries make up 1/4 of all the eligible voters in Iran and
in his trips to Azerbaijan province, where most of the Azeri population
lives, Mr. Mousavi had been greeted by huge rallies in support of his
campaign. Likewise, Mr. Karroubi, the other reformist candidate, is a
Lor. But according to the data released by Iran’s Interior Ministry, in
both cases, Mr. Ahmadinejad has far outdone both candidates in their
own provinces of birth and among their own ethnic populations.



Mardom Mazloom

‫یک شعر دیگه یکخورده بخندی

Mardom Mazloom

‫‫‫حامیان احمدی صفا کنین
‫ایرانو به باد دادین حیا کنین؛

‫چادری پیدا شده از اون وسط
‫نکبت حرف میزنه از اون طرف:

‫«همگی حال بکنین با شیطونه
‫آخه اون خبرش یک میمونه»

‫دفعهء دیگه برات داستان چطوری درست کردن شامپاین اسلامی رو میگم. مخصوصاً این آخری رو که نوش جان کردی.

مرگ بر حزب، مرگ بر حزب، مرگ − بر − حزب.... بگو



by capt_ayhab on

This outcome and the way IR discredited its murderous carcass around the world is much better in long run. Every bit of their expensive propaganda, every bit of their miserable shows that they have put on to portray themselves as resemblance of democracy was poo pooed on by themselves.More the Ahmadinejad calls himself as president of entire nation, more in cesspool of Islamic Republic he is going to sink.

This event, this sham, this crime against freedom of Iranians, this mockery of human decency might and SHALL turn out to be the event that solidifies possession against these blood thirsty murderers.
It is time for Iranians all around the world to take advantage of this [Abero rizi] and have their voices heard. They shall not be silenced again.

It has never felt better to call these monkeys[and their malijaks in this sight] all the dirty names in the dictionary. ;-)