Iranians WON BIG!!

by Jaleho

The Iranian people by their massive presence in the election won on many fronts:

1. Internationally, no aggressor can now dream about an Iran attack when millions of brave Iranians showed their solidarity by standing behind a leader who defended their rights. No dreamer can now hope for a division of Iranian people, or hope to create a wedge between people and their overwhelmingly elected government.

2. Completely opposite to what some people feared, now US-Iran rapprochement will speed up under re-election of Ahmadinejad! Now that US can not continue with a futile dream of a leader that they could possibly push around, US HAS TO proceed quickly with a new friendly Iran policy.

3. Internally, the security felt against foreign threats translated into a more open democracy. The debates opened gates that no one can close again. As a result, the student will be charged up for months and even years to come, and the fracture that was introduced in the well protected factionalism inside Iran will only grow deeper. This is the start of a new phase of maturation of Iranian democracy, and it can only get better from here on!

This was a fantastic victory for Iranians. Congratulations to all participants who frustrated the designs of ill-wishers.

PS. With both camps announcing a "quick" and early win, it is now clear who the real "liar"  is :-)

PPS. To find out about real  sore losers though, you'll have to wait until tomorrow. 


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Mardom Mazloom


Mardom Mazloom

‫یک دفعه سرود دو تا دو چند تا اینجا راه انداخته بودی. با تو دار و دستهء نکبتت معلوم شد که ۲ − ۲ تا ۱۰ میشه. با نیرنگ و دروغ یک حرکت مردمی را به قعر چاه جمکران فرستادید. شرم بر شما دروغگوها، شرم.

حالا آومدی اینجا چی میخوای ثابت کنی؟ این مزخرفات را رو برو به میمونهای باغ وحش قم بگو.

‫بروزی که دارودستهء شما نکبتها برداشته شوید.

‫اون روز فرا خواهد رسید.

‫امروز چون برای ملت ایران یک روز عذاست، تو حق دورغ گفتن بیشتر را اینجا نداری. برو چادر چاقچوتو صاف کن و در جمع میمونهایه دیگه خوشی کن. مردم مظلوم اوردوز دروغ هستند.


I think the rig here is

by mio (not verified) on

I think the rig here is simple

they simply flipped the votes.

Swiss intelligence agency already warned of this yesterday:


Fouzul Bashi

آقا دو دو تا چهار تا

Fouzul Bashi

اگر تعداد آرا ۲-۳ میلیون فرق میکرد، میگفتیم تقلب شده. ولی‌ ۱۰ میلیون رای رو که نمیشه عوضی‌ خوند!

باید باور کنیم که مردم ایران فقط شمال شهری‌ها نیستند. چرا به این خانم توهین می‌کنید؟ هر کس میتونه عقیده‌ای داشته باشه و همه نباید با شما هم عقیده باشند.



Join the discussion

by mio (not verified) on

Join the discussion here:



A Sham of an Election!

by Sassan (not verified) on

The IRI-employee, Jaleho, writes:

"This is the start of a new phase of maturation of Iranian democracy, and it can only get better from here on!"

What a disgusting joke!!! To call a fascist theocracy that oppresses minorites, women, children, and political dissidents "Iranian democracy" is not only insulting to all of Iran, but it is an indication of the level of "poroyee" that these IRI liars and con-men possess! This charlatan goes on to say, "it can only get better from here on!"

Are you some sort of a lame comedian or just the most poroo pimp in the history of the IRI? Things will only get better for who??? For the Iranian people or do you really mean that things will only get better for IRI thugs and cronies like yourself?

Pathetic lies!


First- the early numbers

by miio (not verified) on

First- the early numbers showed the incumbent with 69%. Likely these came from
Rural areas. Assuming the urban vote comes in later, the margin should narrow substantially (no one can make me believe MA does as well in the cities as in the rural areas). Yet the margin isn't narrowing much at all. Very inconsistent, unless the cities haven't been counted yet.

Second, Mousavi had monitors throughout the country, he at least had a pretty good idea how he did. He may not have known for sure if he would win, but he at least had a pretty good idea. He annnounced he won by a huge margin (advisers said 65%). Would he really say that is he got crushed? I don't think so. He would say "we did well" or its going to be close or more likely he would say nothing. Can you imagine Walter Mondale in 1984 on election night saying he got 65% of the vote. Don't think so.

Finally, there are NO independent election monitors. Even Venezuela had them. That's how we know Chavez actually won his election. No monitors make election results highly suspect

This reminds me of 1986- Marcos v. Acquino in the Phillipines. Something is seriously wrong with this picture.

But I think it will come out. MA's mistake may have been being too bold in the margin.


The Prince jaan,

by Ghourban Saana (not verified) on

Ghourban Saana, take it easy balaam jaan, che khabreh? Chera bi-ahtarami mikoni?

Mardom tou iran mimiraan az darde bi-navee, shoma zardak rou be ki mikhay Taarouf koni aziz?

Mardoum Taazeh daran Tamreen mikonan taa khodeshoon vase kash-vareshon raees Jomboun Intakhab konan, ka they were not sure who to OR not to support( che Mossavi or Akhmakhi najaad, har 2 vase "Molla Ali kar mikonan".

However, for most Iranians inside and outside the country their only choice is selection between (“bad and worse”),Halaa shoma khone khodetou kasif nakon va be in Jaleh khanom ma ham bi-ahtarami nakon lotfan.

Jaleh khanome mahrabon, shoma inaro ba khobi khodat babakhash.


Khar :)

by Souri on

"Faroukh Negahdar has said it along the same line also."

Then the French are right when they say : Les grand sprits se rencontrent!!! means " the great sprits meet "    looool

good night



by MiNeum71 on

This election was very fair? You proved your own level :)


The Prince

Hey IRI Dogs! You aint seen nothing yet!

by The Prince on

this is just the beginning.  Bark all you want now, and be happy that your master, the stupid Geda Ali mofangi and his monkey were able to cheat and ans steal the election.  You think people are jusy gonna sit on their hand and do nothing?!! You stupid idiots! You just dug your own graves! 

کودتای شبانه علیه انتخاب مردم: وزارت کشور جای موسوی را با احمدی‌نژاد عوض کرد ساعتی پس از پلمب دو طبقه از ستاد اصلاح‌طلبان حامی موسوی با حکم قاضی مرتضوی، پلیس ضد شورش به مردم تجمع‌کننده در محل ستاد مرکزی میرحسین موسوی حمله کرد و به طور ناگهانی با باتوم و گاز اشک‌آور هواداران موسوی را پراکنده کرد.

طبق اخبار رسیده، ستاد مرکزی موسوی در حال حاضر پلمب شده و در خیابان اطراف آن (از میدان ولیعصر تا میدان فاطمی، از میدان فاطمی تا تقاطع خیابان کاج) مقررات منع عبور و مرور و چیزی شبیه حکومت نظامی برقرار است.

این حمله غیرمنتظره چند دقیقه پس از آن صورت گرفت که خبرگزاری فارس (وابسته به سپاه پاسداران) ادعا کرد احمدی‌نژاد 21 میلیون از 31 میلیون رای شمارش شده را کسب کرده است. خبرگزاری فارس با سابقه دهها دروغ در هفته‌های اخیر، این بار در حالی از رای بالای شصت درصدی احمدی‌نژاد خبر می‌داد که در هیچ دوره‌ای از انتخابات تا این ساعت، چنین حجمی از آرا قابل تجمیع و جمع‌بندی نبود؛ چه رسد به اعلام نتایج نهایی.

صاحبنظران سیاسی و وزارت کشوری نیز تصریح می‌کنند که تا ساعتی که خبرگزاری نیمه‌دولتی فارس از نهایی شدن نتایج آرا خبر می‌داد، شمارش صدها صندوق در تهران هنوز به پایان نرسیده بود و در بسیاری از شهرهای بزرگ نیز وضع به همین منوال بود.

بدین ترتیب خبرگزاری فارس، ناخواسته و نفهمیده، پروژه‌ای را لو داد که از روز قبل از انتخابات با قطع سیستم پیامک و ایجاد محدودیت برای ناظران انتخاباتی آغاز شد و از صبح روز 22 خرداد با تخلفات گسترده در هزاران شعب اخذ رای ادامه یافت و در نهایت در عصر همین روز با حمله عناصر ناشناس معلوم‌الحال و حضور عوامل حفاظت اطلاعات ناجا در محل ستاد اصلاح‌طلبان حامی موسوی (قیطریه) و همچنین اعلام برگزاری «مانور اقتدار» در تهران، به مرحله نهایی نزدیک شد.

جالب اینجا بود که عوامل حمله به ساختمان قیطریه با حمایت نیروی انتظامی از ساختمان خارج شدند و سپس از محل گریختند، اما در حالی که هنوز هویت آن افراد و وابستگی ارگانی آنها مشخص نشده، ماموران دادستانی حکم دادستان تهران (سعید مرتضوی) را برای توقیف دو طبقه از ساختمان ستاد اصلاح‌طلبان به محل آوردند و بلافاصله دو طبقه بالایی این ساختمان را پلمب کردند.
هم‌اکنون دوستان احمدی‌نژاد در ستاد انتخابات کشور در حالی نتیجه انتخابات را به نفع او برگردانده‌اند که سیستم پیامک از حدود 30 ساعت قبل به طور سراسری قطع شده، تقریبا تمام سایت‌های اصلاح‌طلبان فیلتر شده‌اند، خبرگزاری ایلنا در اوایل شب تهدید شد و در نهایت از کار افتاد، سیستم اینترنت ایران به شدت کند شده، شنیده‌‌ها حاکی از فشار دادستانی بر روزنامه «کلمه سبز» است که مدیرمسئول آن مهندس موسوی بوده و مجموعه شرایط، زمینه را برای شنیده شدن تنها یک صدا فراهم کرده که هیچ‌کس حق اعلام نظر مخالف با آن را نداشته باشد: وزارت کشور احمدی‌نژاد را رئیس‌جمهور می‌کند و کسی هم حق اعتراض ندارد.

در راستای پیگیری این هدف، ساعتی پیش در شرایطی که افکار عمومی هنوز در شوک اولین نتایج اعلام شده از سوی وزارت کشور دولت احمدی‌نژاد به سر می‌برد و ناباورانه آرای سه میلیونی رئیس دولت از مجموع پنج میلیون رای را به صداوسیما اعلام می‌کرد، رئیس ستاد انتخابات در سه مرحله بعدی نیز آرای احمدی‌نژاد را به هفت، ده، چهارده و پانزده میلیون رساند تا مشخص شود که رئیس‌جمهور منتخب کمیته سه نفره مستقر در وزارت کشور (دانشجو، محصولی، ثمره هاشمی) کیست.

این نتیجه در حالی در ساعات نیمه‌شب در حال اعلام از سوی رئیس ستاد انتخابات دولت احمدی‌نژاد است که همزمان گزارش‌ها حاکی از ایجاد فضایی شبیه کودتای 28 مرداد توسط عناصر لباس شخصی و موتورسواران حامی احمدی‌نژاد در خیابان‌های اصلی شهر تهران است.

ستادهای حامی میرحسین موسوی نیز همگی منتظر تصمیم او پس از جلسه امشبش با کروبی و رایزني‌های در حال انجام با دیگر مسئولان کشور هستند و در حالی که هزاران نفر در اطراف ستادهای مختلف انتخاباتی اصلاح‌طلبان پرسه می‌زنند، هنوز هیچ تصمیم مشخصی از این ستادها بیرون نیامده است.

برخی از اصلاح‌طلبان نیز معتقدند که هنوز باید منتظر نتایج آرای شهرهای بزرگ ماند؛ اما به نظر نمی‌رسد از وزارت کشور دولت نهم نتیجه‌ای کمتر از 60 درصد برای احمدی‌نژاد بیرون بیاید.
در این میان ظاهرا مهندس موسوی معتقد است که یک تقلب تمام‌عیار در انتخابات دهم صورت گرفته است. او این موضوع را ساعتی پس از پایان اخذ رای در یک مصاحبه مطبوعاتی اعلام داشت؛ آنجا که تصریح کرد خود را رئیس‌جمهور منتخب مردم می‌داند و اعلام هر نتیجه‌ای غیر از این را به معنای تقلب برمی‌شمرد.

آقای موسوی در این مصاحبه گفت: «با اطلاعاتی که من از شهرستان‌ها و استان‌ها دارم، بنده برنده قطعی انتخابات با آرای زیادی هستم و مردم به من رای دادند. این پیروزی علی‌رغم این است که در سطح کشور با اخراج ناظران، حمله به ستادها و معطل ماندن مردم جهت دریافت عرفه ها روبه‌رو بودیم. از سوی دیگر خبر رسید مراکزی که برای رای گیری تایین شده بودند و به آنان دستور داده شده بود تا آرای مردم را اخذ کنند، علی‌رغم تمدید مهلت انتخابات تعطیل شدند و هم‌اکنون که ما با هم صحبت می‌کنیم (ساعت 23:30) عده زیادی از مردم پشت در حوزه های رای‌گیری هستند. به شما قول داده بودند که تا ساعت ١٢شب آرای مردم را اخذ کنند اما به طرز شگفت‌انگیزی این وقت به اتمام رسید. قبل از آن هم شبکه اس‌ام‌اس را قطع کردند که وسیله ارتباطی ما بود، در حالی که ما صدا و سیما و روزنامه‌ای هم نداریم. بنده تمام این موارد را تخلف می‌دانم و تخلفات را به پشتیبانی مردم پیگیری خواهم کرد. از این راه که آغاز کرده‌ایم، به عقب برنمی گردیم و بر ما واجب است راهی را که مردم خواسته‌اند ادامه بدهیم و حرکتی به عقب نخواهیم داشت.»

با این حساب اگر جمع‌بندی موسوی و یارانش این باشد، پذیرفتن رای ساختگی زیر ده میلیون برای موسوی و بامزه‌تر از آن رای زیر 200 هزار برای کروبی! با هیچ منطقی سازگار نیست.

مردم نیز در هفته‌های گذشته به قدر کافی برای حمایت از موسوی هزینه داده‌اند و علاوه بر وقت و انرژی و هزینه‌های دیگر مادی و معنوی که برای فراگیر کردن موج سبز صرف کرده‌اند، در روز انتخابات نیز با حضور پرشور و بی‌سابقه، نتیجه را کاملا مشخص کردند.

حال باید دید موضع نهایی مهندس موسوی چیست و او با حامیان خود و میلیون‌ها رای‌دهنده‌ای که منتظر تصمیم وی هستند، چه خواهد کرد؟



you know what is funny Souri...

by Khar on

Faroukh Negahdar has said it along the same line also.

BTW, wow, Thanks for for not going to sleep just to reply to my comment.



by Souri on

Now, I'm very tired and want to go to bed, but quickly I just give you a reply:

You are saying that the votes have been bought, am I getting you right? Then this is a down playing the Iranian voters and an insult to them.  Now, even if this was true, we have to admit it that we have a country which its people are corrupted!!

Then what are you (and others) fighting for? if %65 of %82 of  our people are corrupted, then............. let it be dige baba jan :)


Every single update, the

by mio (not verified) on

Every single update, the figure is the same. Always 60%+ for Ahmadi-Nejad. Legit results are much lumpier.

Wow. Wow. I'm surprised the fix is this blatant.

This really isn't just a stolen election.

It's also a big FU to Obama. Sure, they manipulate around the edges and Ahmadi-Nejad gets 51%, 55%, we can suck it up and still talk to him.

AND it's a preparation for a big crackdown. Invite


If it makes you happy....

by Souri on

Call me names!! When people have nothing logical to say, they do call others names.... Call me sorry or soury or whatever you want. This will show only your own level. Do you have anything intelligent to say about the election? Because if you still didn't get it, this blog's subject is not "me" but the election in Iran.


The Repercussions Of Ahmadinejad Landslide.

by Kurush (not verified) on

The repercussions are twofold external & internal:

Externally, this was a big defeat for the Western crusaders. The Obama Administration had stated that they had no preference. Lies! Liars! Lying liars! They are now very very disappointed. For the past 4 years , the Western thugs have been demonizing Mr. A for a good reason. They know the Iranian leadership well enough to have guessed that they can not ‘buy’ Mr. A. by some sweet deal. But what is the principal cause of anxiety for the West? Iraq & Afghanistan, their newly conquered colonies for which they have spent so much sweat & blood & tears & money. The American embassy in Iraq alone cost them 700 million dollars & is a veritable crusaders’ fortress. You get the point. They need Iran’s cooperation to seal the fate of Iraq & Afghanistan as their own colonies with military bases for future wars against Iran , Russia, China, and, of course, the loot of Iraq's oil reserves. With Mr. A’s landslide, the Western thugs are wringing their hands. Ahmadinejad has attacked & condemned the occupations of our neibouring countries in no uncertain terms. THE CRUSADERS MUST LEAVE NOW!!

Internally, the landslide will give Mr A the commanding authority he never had in his first term to bring about real change in Iran. The moneyed power centers which Rafsanjani & Khatemi & Moussavi represent were eager to make a deal with the West and abandon 30 years of hard-earned revolutionary change which transformed Iran from a front-line Western controlled military bastion ( against the Soviets) to one of full sovereignty . The Iranian plateau is no longer a western military platform, it belongs to the Iranian people now. The West has yet to swallow the bitter pill & is still choking on it A nuclear independent Iran is the bitterest pill indeed. The corrupt power -centers will now have their prerogatives chipped away by Mr A methodically. In the process the equitable distribution of national wealth will be underway. The big enigma is why the Moussavi camp behaved very much in the manner of Western-orchestrated so-called color revolutions by wearing green and making a human chain and turning a normal election into a street protest recalling 1978 street clashes? The alarmed commander of the Revolutionary Guard had to send a stern warning to the Moussavi camp. The big question is this: were these power-centers which Moussavi represent ( the reactionary ones ready to sell out & cut a sweet deal with the West & US) orchestrating a soft coup? Stay posted.


Souri, no one is down playing...

by Khar on

the Iranian voters political sophistication or insulting them , but what is in question here is;  the election was much closer than what it appear and end up to be, what happened? Two factors come to mind; money and  poor rural areas vote. The first one can buy the second easier than you can say fair elections in Iran.


This is no victory for Iranian public, its a victory for Ultra-Right and their Antar.


I am with Sorry Khanom

by Badi19 (not verified) on

I am with you soury khanom.


I don' t think so....

by Souri on

I have been watching the whole program since 5pm until now. People were very relax and happy to be there. The Mousavi's fans were wearing green, they have been interviewed, they express their opinion very easily. Even the journalists of other countries have been interviewed and they said they had never seen so much participation in the election and also they have been surprised by the free atmosphere of the voting board.

The counting were done by the voluntaries of the 4 different group. All the counting were checked 3 times..........everything seemed as normal as it could be in a country in a time of election.

Let see the feedback tomorrow and next week. I for one, think this election was very fair. I have never been a pro-IRI or pro-Ahmadinejad, but as I always said, I am with the people of my country who are living a day to day life inside of Iran. They made a decision for themselves. We have to respect it, even if we don't like it.

Insulting our compatriot, saying that they are uninformed or illiterate is a sign of our own ignorance of the reality. Same thing goes for spreading the rumors like the result are fake, would be an insult to our people who were to the election center and waited long hours in the line with that hot weather or in the rainy time of the evening, only to make their choice known.

Let be respectful to our people. Let them grow in their own rhythm. Believe it or not, they are more informed than us, regarding their own choices.


Wow, what a twisted analogy

by Khar on

The Fuck-Faced-Nejad is BAD for Iran and Iranians especially women rights. This is a pre-orchestrated victory for the Iranian ultra right, pure and simple. On one point I do agree with you though and that is; the “open gate” you spoke of is the Iranian youth Social Revolution which has already begun and will go... the genie is out of the bottle. Just remember what the marchers on Azadi Square where shouting two days ago: "MARG BAR DICTATOR"!.....


what we learned from this

by azadi55 (not verified) on

what we learned from this election was nothing new, election means jack shit in Iran, not that it would really matter even if moussavi had won. as long there is such a figure as supreme leader, it doesn't matter who wins the election. It's a no win situation. However once the results become official and antarinejad is announced president for another 4 years, he has driven such distrust among the people and mullas in high ranks that there will be more chaos in Iran which will follow. This is just another chapter in Iran's black history with lies and religion.



by Iraniandudeee on

Were fake. Set up. Fixed.... You actually believe that people voted for this Ahmedi monkey?


Just wait until the Iranian people riot, HAHA.


Iranians never learn...

by Shirzadiani (not verified) on

This is exactly how khomeini won 98% of the votes in 1979 to throw out Monarchy and establish islamic republic.

This is exactly how IRI leaders' brother saddam won 99.8% of the votes in his last elections.

God bless the shah who kept these thugs in prison so they would not dare being loose on the streets doing thuggery, let alone being Leader or President; and only then the country could progress. Now you know what kind of animals that "khoda biyamorz" had to deal with.



by A B (not verified) on

Just when the Iranain people had a bright future to grasp, they let it go again, and again, and again, for the past 30 years.

I guess if you want to stay in the past, have a repressive "gov't", and lack of freedom, then they did the right thing by voting for this nut case.



Of course

by KouroshS on


Congratulations! to those who won and declared their victory By raiding the voting centers and by beating and intimidating the rivals campaign staff. They deserve a medal. To those who feel so insecure that they have to send out their security forces to make sure there are no more demonstrations and gatherings. This is Act One.

Wait for Act 2. when they are going to block any kind of legal appeals to investigate the violations that took place during the voting process.


You are brain washed

by Anonymous2 (not verified) on

You are dreaming someone especially USA is a "bad" guy, why should we have to speed up our process of "friendly" approch with you? Obama did his job, now is Iran's turn. I strongly believe no matter what USA do, your media always paint USA as bad guy, always wear color glass view the western country.

You leader need to be able to strong enough to admit their false just like Obama did, don't blame USA for your own problem. Long before USA was ever born, middle east has been killing each other for thousands years, still in Darfur today, so stop to blame someone else for your own problem, grow up to take responsibility of your own.

We don't need a "friend" like you. Because you won't let your prejudice go, you won't let go "USA is evil" impression, we don't care to impress you as much as Obama did.



by A.nonymous (not verified) on

The election was rigged. Everybody knows that.


shazdeh, granted

by Jaleho on

that was very funny :-) :-)


Shazde Asdola Mirza

earth to Jaleho: mahmood sucks :O)))

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

شنیدم من که محمود جانم آمد؛

رفیق اسبق تهرانم آمد.

شدم بیحال و گ*زی‌ تازه کردم؛

برای مقدمش، چ*س ناله کردم.

خیال صلح و آرامش ز سر رفت،

امید و خنده با آن بی‌ پدر رفت!

نمی‌ دانسته‌ام  ای  یار ک*نی‌،

که صندوق آوری با کامیونی!

همه آرای ملت را بسوزی،

به ریش کشور ایران بگ*زی‌!

ولی‌ باور کن ‌ای گاو میش لختی،

که زود باشد به دیوثی بیفتی!



have you packed your bags?

by Anonymous irani (not verified) on

So what are you doing in the bad west? You should be in iran near your beloved mahmoud.

Seriously, what are you doing here? Preaching for iranians within what you cannot yourself practice ?