Iranians WON BIG!!

by Jaleho

The Iranian people by their massive presence in the election won on many fronts:

1. Internationally, no aggressor can now dream about an Iran attack when millions of brave Iranians showed their solidarity by standing behind a leader who defended their rights. No dreamer can now hope for a division of Iranian people, or hope to create a wedge between people and their overwhelmingly elected government.

2. Completely opposite to what some people feared, now US-Iran rapprochement will speed up under re-election of Ahmadinejad! Now that US can not continue with a futile dream of a leader that they could possibly push around, US HAS TO proceed quickly with a new friendly Iran policy.

3. Internally, the security felt against foreign threats translated into a more open democracy. The debates opened gates that no one can close again. As a result, the student will be charged up for months and even years to come, and the fracture that was introduced in the well protected factionalism inside Iran will only grow deeper. This is the start of a new phase of maturation of Iranian democracy, and it can only get better from here on!

This was a fantastic victory for Iranians. Congratulations to all participants who frustrated the designs of ill-wishers.

PS. With both camps announcing a "quick" and early win, it is now clear who the real "liar"  is :-)

PPS. To find out about real  sore losers though, you'll have to wait until tomorrow. 


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by NiloufarParsi (not verified) on

thanks for the correction. their posts seem to be removed so i cannot double check. not really important. what's the obsession with spin though?!

Babak Khorramdin


by Babak Khorramdin on

Babak Khorramdin

نه غزه٠نه لبنان٠جانم فدای ایران

Babak Khorramdin

مرگ بر محمود شپشو جانی روانی
مرگ بر علی یه دست
مرگ بر جمهو ری خونخوار اخوندی
مرگ بر طرفداران این ادمکشان

مرگ بر  بسیجی پاپتی بی وجدان بی نام--س ضحاکان  به خون تشنه




In agreement

by brgnchip (not verified) on

Yes, feels like a lot of hatred.

can hear angry voices through words. anonymous47 post appears kind if that is what you are referring to.

sad to see such negative energy. Bad reflection of people posting here.

Like blowing out a candle in a dark room.

David ET

US problem is not Iran is IR

by David ET on

when it comes to nuclear energy for Iran, the people of the world have problem with thugs that run Iran, If they are capable of killing their own youth in cold blood , just imagine what they can  do to the rest of the worls if they have nuclear arms.

The humanity will be in danger with an Ahamdinejad, Khamenei and alike having a finger on a red button.

The rest of nonesense created by IR regime and supporters to distract you, dont fall for their crap! 

Iran has the right to nuclear energy and IR regime has no right to Iran. <----Period



by Anonymous111 on

Rosie and Mina were not talking about the Jesus freak.  They were referring to the resident fascist hezbollahi Jaleho.  You either misunderstood both their posts or you're spinning them.

Artificial Intelligence

Niloufar Aziz

by Artificial Intelligence on

For me the case was closed based on 1) how fast the government announced the results (12 hours); 2) the margin spread between to 4 candidates which was unbelievable based on past voting habits of Iranians and current situation in Iran; 3) Government actions prior to and immediately  after the election (cutting SMS, Cell & Phones);  4) Khamenei's quick announcements the day after which is a clear conflict of interest  and 5) The candidates' responses challenging the government

Also, if you go and see posts from people like Mammad & JJ right before the elections- They clearly stated that if AN won, it would be fraud. I don't know if JJ is an expert in the elections but I do think of  Mammad as an expert (I do not believe in his ideology but I do respect his opinion).

I think there is a more sinister reason for the IRI release of these numbers now after Khamenei's speech on Friday. I think they are planting the seeds of a way out of this mess because they know the cost of suppressing this popular uprising, even if they can do it,  is to much. They want to reach for a compromise and they are testing the waters. I would not compromise with these thugs as they would find other methods in the future to take total control. 

Finally, I really don't care what Ms. Jaleho states here. She is her own worst enemy as anyone with an ounce of Sharaf, logic, respect for liberty and human rights would not go out of their way as she does to protect IRI policies as she does. I am just posting articles here that refute all the outright lies and misrepresentations so readers can actually know the truth of what is happening instead of being fooled by pro IRI propaganda. 


So much hate?

by Souri on

I am really desperate to read so much hateful post, all toward one single person, just for her belief.

Guys, you are doing the same thing that your enemy is doing right now, only you don't have the power!!

What is this? Aren't you ashame of yourself for being so much intolerant of other people's opinion.

She is just saying what she thinks. She did not comit all those attrocities, she didn't kill those children. She didn't do anything that you know of. How dare you to insult and abuse one single person, like this?

Stop it. Think about what you are doing.

Someone has a belief, a wrong one, a bad one, she might be brainwasehd, .........anything you want to think about her, you are free to do it, but for God sake, stop attacking people like this . Isn't it the same thing IRI is doing with our people now?

Niloufar Parsi


by Niloufar Parsi on

I think this is the smoking gun people have been looking for. That is it. Case closed!

Jaleh jan, you must now agree that there was vote

Mina, Rosie, so funny to see these jesus freaks suddenly appear from nowehere! damn! i just succumed to name calling... :)


you kinda proved my point (capt-ayhab)...

by Anonymous47 (not verified) on

What more do I want? It would be really nice if everyone could drop the 'religion' part of everything. My beliefs don't revolve around 'religion' my spiritual understanding comes from something much greater. That is what I say about not looking with human eyes.

The venom and anger and hatred spewed toward me through your words are for what reason? Because you THINK you know what my heart is like.

I agree there may be tons of blood on the hands of Christianity, Islam, and whatever other 'religion' that can be named that has ever murdered another person in the name of their religion.

Perhaps I should clarify that I am a follower of Christ - his words and his teachings, not the 'church' of the Christian flesh and blood world; which, my friend, are two very, very different entities all together.

I am not Catholic and have nothing to do with nor am I familiar with altar boys and (so-called) holy fathers, of which there are none on earth. I have only one Holy Father and He does not walk this earth in a human body.

See these are prime examples of misunderstanding and lumping everyone/everything into one big 'religion', which stops dialog and understanding... and eventually acceptance and love toward one another.

I guess as long as there is hate in the heart, that is what will flow from the mouth. As long as there is fear, violence - then defensiveness will follow.

I am sorry to have provoked such anger in you, may God Almighty bless you on your journey and I hope that everyone on this board finds peace and love in their life and freedom as human beings sharing the earth.

Once our spiritual selves move on from this realm we will all most likely be very surprised as how blind we are/were here.


Dear Bijan,

by Jaleho on

Of course this is not about Mousavi, otherwise I woudn't call the 13 million who voted for him also winners! Yet, that doesn't mean that Mousavi is not acting as a sore loser who is abusing the youngsters in Iran for his own injured ego, and for protection of a certain faction within the political establishment against the other. Iranin youth who are shouting for Mousavi, really don't care for either of these factions!! But, thanks to them, Iranian democracy will have a new and more evolved phase. And, that's why all Iranians will come out as winners, in particular if...

If Mousavi was not such a delusional loser who thinks he can be a Victor Youshchenko, he could actually use this mobilzation to try a coalition which would force the government to put some demands of his followers into law. He could actually work for the cause these youngsters are risking themselves for, such as a limit of supreme leader's power or women rights...this opposition with a wiser leader could work for those goals. Instead we got a sore loser in the person of Mousavi who is inciting a civil war or a military intervention a la  Tiananmen Square which could wipe out a large amount of freedom that Iranians gained epsilon by epsilon!!



by capt_ayhab on

Read my comment to anonymous47.

Or do you want me to clean your clock[so to speak] too you religious freak?

Christ[PBUH] did not die for your stupidity, nor did he die for NEDA. He died because his treacherous friend YAHODA[JUDAS] betrayed him and sold him out to Romans so he could save his miserable skin. Do you even know that??

Ina kian dige?????





by capt_ayhab on

you noted[All the problems in the world, every last one of them is due to humankind acting in fear, hatred and following other than the true
Creator Christ Jesus and the Holy Spirit (which is ONE BEING)

Your Christians have committed more genocide and murder in name of your holy spirits that can last mankind 1000's of years. So for love of God tune to some evangelical tv station and send them some money off of your retirement plan or go to church or something, its Sunday after all.

All the CRIMES against humanity is being committed under the Holy SH!T name of religion, Christianity, Judaism and Islam, in that exact order . So do not try make God in 3 and 3 in God. You go change what ever you like to change and leave rest of the world alone. Your religion and mine have enough blood on their hands to last 100's of generation.

WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT you religious freak????????????????????????


P/S do something about your holy fathers[my foot] who RAPE little alter boys day in and out.

rosie is roxy is roshan

Blood from a stone...sometimes I don't get you people...

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

I don't get it. 46 million posts later and the unbudgeable has not budged. The Rock of Gibraltar will never move.

So many important things to do. reading, feeding the news, blogging, discussing things with reasonable people to share ideas, with people with very different ideas to find the common ground..cheering up the people who are upset, encouraging thepeople for the good work they are posting.Going to a Chinese restaurant,getting a massage,playing foozball...

Can't you see she's getting off on this? Starved for attention.

Why keep feeding the beast?


Bijan A M

Mr. Jaleho

by Bijan A M on

The more you write, the more I’m convinced you can’t be serious about what you write…..There is no question you are intelligent, definitely misguided nationalist and for sure sworn enemy of the west who still lives in the colonial era, but nonetheless intelligent.  Therefore, when you write:

“Mousavi however seems to have no problem sacrificing the yougnsters in Iran for his own injured ego!!”


“Unfortunately Mousavi seesm to be not smart enough to recognize that neither he is a Victor Yushchenko, neither Iran is Ukraine, nor is the US capable financilly anymore to carry succcessful "color revolutions!" 

You can’t be really serious. Do you really believe what’s going on in Iran is about Mousavi? How can you be so blind not to see the rage for freedom, the screams for end of Islamic dictatorship? This is not about Mousavi, you know it, I know it and so does the regime. So please stop your nonsense of portraying this movement as reaction of a sore loser.

I bet you that even if there was a re-election and Ahmadinejad won fair and square you would still see this outrage. Be it 34 milion, 13 million or even 1 million, they have reached the boiling point and would stand up for freedom at the risk of losing their lives. It will only be a matter of short time for the remaining millions of oppressed men and women to build the courage to join the fight. Let’s hope the pioneers of this combat become well organized to more effectively conduct the battle and minimize loss of freedom fighters’ lives.

The end is near, I can feel it. I may not live long enough to see it, but I can feel it….


ژاله کوماندو÷)


ایران شده فلسطین ..مهدی بیا..مهدی بیا..

rosie is roxy is roshan

Well hey folks what is there really left to say at this

by rosie is roxy is roshan on


Jaleho- who is this?

by 1 Hamvatan (not verified) on

People please, before you post another comment here,
just Google the name jaleho. You will find the name in places you never want to be. this person must be an active agent, a sleeper, who at moment notice will strike an ungodly acts. people like Jaleho are dangerous and possibly armed.

JALEHO- You are Not Fooling anyone. Islamic Terrorist regime is dead and gone. Find a new job.


Of course THEY WON Shazdeh!!

by Jaleho on

Not only the 24 millions who voted for Ahmadinejad, but also 13 million who voted for Mousavi!

Thanks to them, you can see the maturation of Iranian democracy in ONE important phase that resulted in an 85% turnout. Too bad that many of the Iranian.comers were not part of that victorious turnout and are still living in 30 years ago when their Shah was kicked out collecively by this very Iranian people!!


Spin2 & Evil Jaleho

by Anonymous111 on

Spin2: Your analysis is wrong.  Hitler was also firm in his beliefs and did not waiver.  One should NEVER admire evil people such as Jaleho.

Jaleho: STFU!!!!!! Murderer supporting hezbollahi virus!!


Shazde Asdola Mirza

ژاله، شیخی، ورد نیکو گفته ای؛ لیک سوراخ دعا گم کرده ای!

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Iranians Won BIG !!! 


Good Analysis Kurush

by Jaleho on

Too bad that Mousavi did not even have the character of Rodney King, who after 92 riots of LA when 53 apeople got killed and over 2000 got injured, came out to say:

"can we all get along"

Mousavi however seems to have no problem sacrificing the yougnsters in Iran for his own injured ego!!

Unfortunately Mousavi seesm to be not smart enough to recognize that neither he is a Victor Yushchenko, neither Iran is Ukraine, nor is the US capable financilly anymore to carry succcessful "color revolutions!"

Hell, US doesn't even have the finacial strength to keep lackeys like Saakashvili to the jobs they put them in with good investment!!

 Meanwhile, watch the Iranian cheer leaders outside Iran who from afar are asking for more blooshed,  as if their Reza Pahlavi led it, not Mousavi who for many practical purposes has identical policies to Ahmadinejad!!


I am a Christian

by Anonymous47 (not verified) on

I am a Christian and I spoke of the freedom I have in loving my fellow man because the God I worship is of love not hatred and fear.

All the problems in the world, every last one of them is due to humankind acting in fear, hatred and following other than the true Creator Christ Jesus and the Holy Spirit (which is ONE BEING) just as we have a body, mind and spirit in the image of God we are made. Period, end of discussion. There is not one word of Yeshua's teaching that is negative when fully understood. He loved everyone and everyone was equal.

We have to look through spiritual eyes, not human eyes. That is the problem.

A mighty God does not need any man to kill another man to 'follow' him. Nor does he need or want governments to control people. Humankind has chose this path - so human nature prevails. Until we change our hearts this will be the outcome - violence, death, hatred, fear, oppression.


I am the only Christian on

by cezare on

I am the only Christian on this Blog? God I hope not! If you are it is
time to speak up for Him. These young people should know that they
don't have to die in cold blood when Christ died for them. Those who
mock their own creator have a thing coming to them. And I am not
ralking about the moon god "Allah." There is a grave waiting for
everyman. Some will go earlier than others and those who encourage
death instead of life are the real enemy. 

The Iranian peopel are not aquainted with the true and only God
their savior; all they know is the fake God Allah! It is our duty as
Christians who are in the land of the free to impart this knowledge of
truth to these young people. Human beings by nature love the smell of
blood including Mossavi and all who favor the protests. There will be
more blood shed. I hope you all will take a good look at the mirror to
see the reflection of evil those who went to sleep after seeing the
death of that young woman live on TV.

Wisdom belongs to the humble man. The most precious asset of a human
being. Are you humble those of you who call for another bloody
revolution? First make a revolution in your heart then you will see the
power you will be imparted from above. Those of you unbelievers may
scoff and laugh it off. But you won't laugh when your grave will call
you. Mosavi, be a man and defend the truth if you dare. Proclaim jesus
Christ as your savior. Your call to martyrdom is only good for your own
cause and not the cause of souls.  You want to be a true friend and
advocate of the oppressed, call upon all to embrace the Great Savior
God who has shown favor to you in the first place.



by curly on

i guess the grand prise winner in your opinion is our Neda the beautiful Neda  shot in the heart. shame on you  shame on you fatee bassiji lets make this blog a shame blog for jaleho.



by Anonymous47 (not verified) on

I am thankful I have a loving God and believe in peace and freedom and am afforded all of this in the United States of America. I am FREE to believe in a God that does not require me to kill another person, I am free to love my neighbors as myself and give to them and show love instead of fear and hatred.

I am sorry Iran still lives in ancient times clinging to a God that requires death and promotes leaders to be 'mighty and powerful' they are nothing but mortal men.

Human kind needs to evolve and we are watching (hopefully) Iran stepping up a notch on the human conscious scale.


Ebi Jaan

by Fatollah (not verified) on

I am so proud of my Hamvatans and You my friend, thank you for taking time to write such a beautiful poem in memory of brave Irandokht- Neda.



Treasonous islamists attacking iranians, again.

by AnonymousH (not verified) on

I am so glad that I am not Jaleh; she is a heartless nationless ideologue fanatic islamist reincarnation of the devil with no humanity. This is what she and the rest of islamist traitors are:


To kaz mehnate digaraan bi-ghami,
Nashaayad keh naamat nehand aadami.

I am sure islamists are celebrating the death of yet another beautiful flower of iran, Neda, for their beloved Ayatollah Zahhak and his ugly pet Monkey Ahmadinejad.

ebi amirhosseini

For Neda....

by ebi amirhosseini on


بخواب اي خواهر نازم ندايم

 كه روح پاك تو گردد صدايم

 ندا دادي تو ما را با صداقت

 قسم بر آن نگاه بي گناهت

 كه رايت را بگيريم از سياهي

 كه همره ما نگرديم با تباهي

 كه همواره به ظالم ما بتازي

 كه دائم جاودان راهت بسازيم

 بخواب اي خواهرم آرام آرام

 بخواب اي نو شكفته اي دلارام-

 شهيد راه پاكي ها تو بودي

 مبارز با تباهي ها تو بودي

 تو كه هرگز نبودي خاك و خاشاك

 چرا افتاده اي اينگونه در خاك؟

ندايم اي نداي سرزمينم

 صداي جاودان اين زمينم

 صداي تو شود داد دليران

 نداي تو شود فرياد ايران




Get a grip on your senses.

by cezare on

Get a grip on your senses. Iranians are losing! I call for all Iranians to come to your senses. Get off the streets and tend to your lives and thank the almighty for what you got. Only God has the power to remove this fascist regime. Stop breaking your parents hearts. Mosavi does not represent you. He has a grave waiting for him just like all man. He just called for his own martyrdom and a national strike so more people would het killed for HIS CAUSE which brings him to the level of the mullas. This is not your revolution. First  make a revolution in your heart then you'll realize the power you got. Trust your Savior Jesus  and he'll take care of you.This fight is not for the humble citizen!